Yuyushiki Episode 7: Classy Chocolate Bean Gorillas

Sacred ArrowLet’s see how our adorable 3 stooges and their friends spent their new year.

Yuzu the masochistYuzu the masochist 2

Should have known that’s what she really wanted.

Yuzu's  deepest desireYui possibly sensing the truthYui may deny it, but deep down, she knows Yuzu is hungry for Yui pie…or perhaps it is she who craves Yuzu souffle.

Yukari returns from her vacationYukari missed Yui a lotI want a girlfriend like her…maybe someday.

I can’t decide which visit to Yui’s place was funnier. Oh, and…

Classy Bean in StereoClassy Bean in Stereo 2I am busting my gut again.

Anyway, more fun stuff as the girls are walking and went back to Yui’s room. I will patiently await Miss AJ’s explanation of the “white” thing.

OG's love interest of the Spring seasonIf only you were a real person…if only.

Yuzu and Yukari's favorite expressionMaybe Miss AJ’s right. Maybe Yui is a masochist…nah, it’s definitely Yuzu.

Yuzu and Yukari are weirdSeriously, what is wrong with Yuzu and Yukari.

3rd Girl3rd Girl 2I wonder what 3rd Girl is up to? Does she want to convince 2nd Girl to confess to Ai-chan or does she simply enjoy messing with her? Judging by next week’s preview…it’s probably the latter.

You know, instead of HooYa, they could have gone with the obvious.

Lastly, Pikachurin.

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10 Responses to Yuyushiki Episode 7: Classy Chocolate Bean Gorillas

  1. mutopis says:

    I lost it at little bean.

    How can Okasaan’s butt be sore? I would think it would be big enough like a cushion. See for yourself:


  2. ArcaJ says:

    This episode was too much! I laughed so hard! Adding the Bean to the Yuri Lexicon. (we always called it a “pearl”)

    Poor Yui got assaulted by cuteness from all sides. Heck, the last third of the episode featured Yuzu and Yukari saying they wanted to “eat” Yui in every way possible. The doujin will be epic.


    Arca Jeth


    • Overlord-G says:

      Why do you think I ALWAYS comment about how lesbians love to “eat” each other? How many times have I talked about pie, cake, or many other pastries? In my mind, a lesbian’s favorite desert is pie. This episode pretty much confirms that all my pastry references up to this point have all been true.

      Hmm, I thought they were called “cherries”, but “pearls” do sound fancier.

      Speaking of doujins, I am still waiting for the conclusion of your Mami X Blaster Ririka doujin Miss AJ.


      • ArcaJ says:

        I had some ideas, mainly having to do with Ririka trying to explain why she’s dating her daughter’s best friend.

        Somehow I think Marika will be OK with it. What with her dating a princess and another pirate.


        Arca Jeth


    • Overlord-G says:

      Excellent. That is exactly the kind of writing I am eagerly anticipating from you Miss AJ. For now, I will continue waiting till its official release, or at least a draft.


  3. Yurimylove says:

    This episode is finger-lickin’ good… even without actually showing the chocolate-covered finger licking part XP


  4. hgeronimo says:

    Dat butt poking. xD
    great episode. still good as beginning of the show.


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