A Kiss for the Petals 4: Beloved Photograph

The time has finally come for The OG-Man to take a crack at some of the Hanabira sequels. For the time being, I will only be covering episodes 4 to 6, as 9 and 10 have yet to receive an English patch. While the first game of each couple tells the story of how the girls met and fell in love, the sequels serve to show preaders how the girls are doing in their relationship and give an idea of their future plans together as the story delves deeper (but not too deep) into their ongoing love lives. With that in mind, let’s take a look at Sono Hanabira ni Kichizuke wo: Beloved Photograph.

As usual, when delving into Sono Hanabira posts, NSFW images await.

Kaede and Sara doing their thing

There will be spoilers ahead so make sure you’ve played the prequel game, My Dear Prince. Here’s my review of said game.

Sono Hanabira 2: My Dear Prince

Plot Summary: After the events of My Dear Prince’s climax, Kaede and Sara’s love live has been on max mode. It is clear that both girls love each other very much but there are some minor nuisances that will get in our ladies’ way, such as repeating past mistakes, overcoming personal issues, jealousy, Sara’s job as a model and of course, using all available willpower to hold back from pouncing on the loved one (usually failing to hold back). An item that plays a pivotal role in the story is the titular photograph. The role it plays is a familiar one to those who have “pread” My Dear Prince.

While the plot in this sequel is a simple one, it definitely has more substance to it.

Kaede and Sara Nekomimi

A neat addition to episode 4’s narrative is that for the first time in the series, both girls get a chance to narrate the story. Basically, while the story continues to narrated by Kaede, there are times where the story shifts to Sara’s perspective, where she graces fans with her cuteness.

Kaede feastingWhile there are not many changes to Kaede and Sara’s personalities, it is still great seeing how much their relationship has progressed. While Kaede had gained more ccourage, she still lacked confidence when being the center of attention but was determined to be there for Sara no matter what happened. Oh, and the beast that had been dormant within her until the climax of My Dear Prince, had been unleashed in full force. Basically, Kaede’s primal instincts had greatly increased and her need to feast on adorable Sara’s flesh had become difficult to control.

Sara strikes backSara continues being the most adorable girl in the series and still has the best butt as well. I cannot stress this fact enough. Sara’s butt is PERFECT! Anyway, now that she and Kaede are an official couple, she takes full advantage of Kaede’s trust and pulls out plenty of fun, private cosplay parties she had planned for her dear prince. These scenes are the highlight of the episode. Other than that, like Kaede, Sara too has her own personal trials she must overcome, including her job as model.

MemoriesAs I mentioned in episode 2, Kaede and Sara are the most balanced couple in the series. Despite Kaede becoming more feral than before, Sara is quick enough to take the initiative on her busty girlfriend as well. Even when they’re not making love, neither girl feels more dominant than the other. I applaud Fuguriya (now, Yurin Yurin) for this.

This game is also the first game to introduce an Ending theme for the series. The first 3 games ended abruptly with a reused song in the credits, but that came to an end after this game.

Lastly, the true end CG for this game defines why I am a yuri fan. That image is what I look forward to seeing or reading in anything related to real and fictional lesbian couples. That image reminded me why I’ll support yuri for the rest of my life.

Overall, Beloved Photograph gave fans a glimpse of what’s to come and how a sequel featuring a couple that had already been previously seen, could still work and (possibly) surpass its predecessor, as it should have. Kaede had become a more likable character and Sara…remained Sara, for better or worse (Depending on whether you like her or not). Will episodes 5 and 6 also be worthy sequels for the other two couples? Tune in next time to find out.

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