Hyperdimension Idol PP Trailers (Plus a rant)

I like idol anime, but I do not like Idol video games. However, since this is Neptunia related…you know the rest.


Gameplay Features.

Game Intro.

So basically this game wants to prove it’s better than the Idolm@ster games. I do not know, nor do I care whether it’ll succeed or not. Speaking of other things I do not care about…JP PSV games that give players the ability to “stimulate” the girls on screen by touching different parts of their body. I am not THAT desperate for a woman’s body.

This reminds of a post on NIS Forums, talking about a “what if” Neptunia Dating-sim. My response: As long as the player avatar is female. Otherwise, no thanks. The Neptunia series does not need a male harem lead. I do not know how many times I need to hammer this fact down. Leave the Neptunia series the way it should be and do not turn it into “just another generic hetero harem series”. Besides, doesn’t Compile Heart already have that kind of crap with their other franchises, especially the “Conception” and “Agarest War” series?

As an added bonus, in the upcoming sequel to Mugen Souls, entitled Mugen Souls Z, some of the in-game accessories will allow you to dress your characters like the CPUs and CPU Candidates. Pretty cool extra. I also heard Purple Heart will make a cameo. I have a feeling that despite Mugen Souls supposedly not selling as well in the West compared to their other games, Mugen Souls Z will somehow get a Western port.

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2 Responses to Hyperdimension Idol PP Trailers (Plus a rant)

  1. EvilDevil says:

    if they decide to make it into a dating sim, the better option would be if they allow the MC to select his/her gender, but we all know that wont happen.


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