YMC #29: Honey Crush

Honey Crush

“How far would one go in the name of love?”

I mentioned this manga a while back in my AnoHana review and how that show reminded me of both the movie Ghost and this manga. This next YMC episode will be a VERY spoiler filled one. I’ll just say right now that I highly recommend picking this one up. For those who have already read it, check out my thoughts on the visually adorable yet surprisingly deep and touching rom-com, Honey Crush.


Kyouko and Tsubaki, rivals

Genres: Supernatural, Yuri, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Love Triangle.

Number of Volumes: 1. 13 chapters + 1 extra.

Plot Summary: Mitsu is a clumsy lesbian stalker who was deeply in love with a girl named Madoka. For the longest time, she was too scared to confess her feelings. However, on the day Mitsu had finally decided to go for broke, she was run over by a truck. Now a Yurei (A ghost trapped in the mortal world because of an unfulfilled emotion, or something like that.), she spent as much time as she could continuing to stalk Madoka and scaring off male interference douches. One day, a transfer student named Kyoko, showed up, confessed her feelings for Madoka immediately AND was the only person who could see Mitsu. Hi-jinx ensued.

Hidden behind the He Is My Master artwork, is a bittersweet tale of unrequited love, a truce formed from common ground that would become a friendship and eventually an even greater emotion would blossom. An emotion so powerful, it would take over both rivals and slowly change their perspectives entirely: Love.

I said this was a bittersweet tale for many reasons.

Signs of having a shot

Mitsu was a girl who already had it rough with her not initially having the courage to step up. When she finally does, she dies. Now she is trapped as an ethereal existence, invisible to all but a select few. However, despite her even greater disadvantage, Mistu, knowing full well how hopeless it seemed, never gave up and continued hoping that someday, somehow, she would be able to tell Madoka how much she (initially) loved her. I could not help but both feel for and admire the girl at the same time because she refused to give up, no matter how impossible the situation was. Well, her determination does make her come off as a somewhat annoying tsundere, SOMEWHAT.

Kyoko's dilemmaKyoko’s dilemma was that of an unrequited love. Despite both her and Madoka having made a childhood promise to get married in the future, as soon as Kyoko got her chance to be reunited with Madoka, not only was Madoka shocked to learn that Kyoko was a girl and not a boy as she thought when they were kids (Kyoko’s flat before getting a major growth spurt.), but she also rejected Kyoko. It was hard for Kyoko to accept, but she did. It was only through Mitsu’s “encouragement” to join forces and break up Madoka’s current relationship with a guy (Who sneaked right under Mitsu’s nose) that Kyoko somewhat continued hoping Madoka would eventually accept her feelings.

Kyoko’s also a cool character because she was in love with another girl and she didn’t give a damn what others thought. The fact she somehow kept her composure despite being labeled a freak and an outcast because of her ability to talk with ghosts, AND getting shot down, was truly admirable. Heck, when two exorcists were prepared to send Mitsu to heaven without giving her a chance to decide what she wanted to do, Kyoko stepped in and showed just how much Mitsu meant to her. This is the moment Mitsu and Kyoko were bound together…until…

I cried while reading the final chapterThis story is primarily about the blossoming of Kyoko and Mitsu’s seemingly impossible love. Madoka (Who is nothing more than a sexy airhead), the second ghost girl (Who was 95% pointless and only served to develop Mitsu’s character.), the male interference (A generic nice guy), the rival exorcist duo, even the adorable Zashiki-Warashi, were all there to help Mitsu and Kyoko have a change of heart, give up on Madoka and instead focus on each other.

Mitsu is a ghost who was bound to this world because of an unfulfilled love. Once the love had been fulfilled, there would no longer be a reason to stay. Both Mitsu and Kyoko realized this and tried as hard as they could to hold back their feelings for the sake of staying together, while being apart from one another. For a while, they endured that pain until neither one could hold back.

It made me wonder, should Mitsu and Kyoko had let out their love for each other, knowing full well what would have happened, or kept being distant from one another and living a painful lie for the sake of both girls’ continued existence on the same plain? How far would people go in the name of love? We have seen many examples throughout fictional history of the lengths people would go through for love. Honey Crush is another well told example of this kind of love story in action.


Moe girls and lolis rule Japan. Their cuteness is inescapableThere is no escape from cuteness if you’re an animeniac, mangaholic, visual novelist or anything related to Japanese fiction. Embrace the moe!

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5 Responses to YMC #29: Honey Crush

  1. Yurimylove says:

    Thanks to your well written review, I have picked up this manga and really enjoyed reading it. Yes the art work is super moe and there’re a lot of funny moments. Admist the laughs there is also a very touching story underneath. The ending is quite sad but also very satisfying at the same time — kinda gives the same feel as Blue Drop’s ending, to me.

    By the way, I’ve also caught up with AKB0048 and just recently finished both seasons, so now I’m ready to tackle Octave which comes highly recommended by you. I expect to greatly enjoy this reading experience ^^


  2. Overlord-G says:

    Blue Drop’s ending wasn’t as bittersweet as Honey Crush’s for one major reason. I think you know what that reason is.

    Hope you enjoy Octave as much as I still do. I still have to review Next Stage. Hopefully soon.


  3. JC says:

    “How far would people go in the name of love?” this sole question made my heart struggle the whole time i read this, but yeah, the ending left me with a fulfilment sensation not much manga endings give me… It has been quite a long time, i should probably reread it soon.


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