YMC #25: President and Vice-President

This next manga comes from the mangaka that brought to the yuri nation If This Wish Comes True + All You

It’s President and Vice-President.

President and Vice-President Cover


Number of Volumes: 1. 10 chapters + 2 extras.

Genres: Angst, Drama, Romance, School-Life, Yuri, Student Council.

Plot Summary: The story of a vice-president of a student council slowly coming to terms with her emotions and falling in love with the president of said council and learning that there is more to her cheerfulness than meets the eye.

Big scene

The story is pretty straightforward, or rather, imo, it feels like a poor person’s “Girl Friends”. While that is not entirely true, I did get those vibes as the vice-president came to terms with her ever-growing love for the president. The doubt and pain she felt all that time was believable for a high school girl to feel, especially one in love with another girl.

The president herself is an…initially straightforward carefree and optimistic role model but deep down there is much more to her. It is initially hinted that she really likes hanging out with the VP, but were here feelings for VP the same prior to the “confession chapter”?

Third WheelThe third noticeable character is the “third wheel”, because that is all she really was. Sure, she takes action but…was her addition to the story worth it? It could have been in terms of dramatic effect. The mangaka seems to like love triangles.

There is one semi-spoiler comment I want to make before concluding this one. One of the characters’ motives for being who she is is somewhat confusing, rather, how she explained the way she is was confusing. Even though it was eventually settled, it still left me scratching my head a bit. That was a weird way of coping with the emotions the girl felt. Her issue is nothing unheard of, but again, her approach to dealing with said issue was both understandable and questionable at the same time. I know this explanation is vague but I am to spoil as little as possible. Readers who have read this one and know what I am talking about are welcome to post their thoughts.

Overall, a decent read. While I still consider All You to be this mangaka’s best work, this one was not bad. The story is easy to follow, the main couple is decent and the third wheel is…there. Not much else to the manga than that. Like I said, it is a poor person’s Girl Friends. Give it a read. The chapters are short and readers can get through the manga quickly.

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10 Responses to YMC #25: President and Vice-President

  1. Speaking of Girl Friends, I had no idea that Gomanga was planning to release another one of Milk Morinaga’s works: http://www.gomanga.com/manga/kissessighs.php


    • Overlord-G says:

      Oh, it’s cool that a manga company picked up the Nana and Hitomi, aka “Kisses, Sighs and Cherry Blossom Pink” series. Reviewed it. Awesome manga. Hopefully this manga site won’t suffer the same fate as JManga.


      • Despite its size, I think Gomanga is doing good for itself. Jmanga, on the other hand, they largely seemed like a experimental business. They could of done a whole LOT better if they picked up more “desired” titles and did their research.


    • Overlord-G says:

      The yuri manga they picked were pretty good. It’s the other manga in their library that were questionable choices.


      • The selection did looked varied, but shame I will never get know, since I did not sign up. Guess it is back to Dynasty scans for me. Speaking of which, what did you think of Gokujou Drops? Searched to see if you reviewed it, but you did have it on a list.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Sneak preview on my upcoming review of GD: it’s like a more erotic Maria-sam ga Miteru, which is a good thing. I’ll review it very soon.
      Anyway, it’s on both my top 10 fav manga list and (I think) my list of manga I would like to see get animated list that I posted a while back.


      • Looking forward to the review then. Think I might actually like the manga, since I did like Maria, even though it was somewhat conservative and glided. Three volumes is also very nice, since it is short.


    • Overlord-G says:

      I bet you will like it.


  2. JC says:

    Read this one a long, long time ago. I feel there’s no need to re read it, it was a “meh” reading /: i agree with you, the If This Wish Comes True + All You combo was better.
    Yes, the President is weird. I find a little amusing the “fourth wheel” if that’s even possible.
    Loved the VP, though. Long haired megane gurls are my kind of gurls.


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