YMC #23: Sky-Colored Girlfriend

JManga had closed its doors and I figured I would review the most popular yuri manga on the site before Girl Friends was picked up. This is Sky-Colored Girlfriend or Sorairo Girlfriend.

sky-colored_girlfriend cover

Genres: School Life, Yuri, Romance, Drama.

Volumes: 1. 9 chapters + 1 Extra.

Plot Summary: A girl named Hiromi dreams to become a prince. One day a cute girl named Juli transfers into Hiromi’s class. Due to Juli’s’s cute looks she is bothered by Hiromi’s classmates. Juri blatantly rejects Hiromi’s classmates’ invitation to join their group and she earns some scorn from Hiromi’s friend, Maki, but Hiromi doesn’t wish to bother Juri.
After Hiromi takes initiative to speak to Juri, Juri becomes attached to Hiromi and nicknames her Romeo.
Thus the story between Juli and Romeo/Hiromi begins.


One word I would use to describe this manga is, cute. This manga was really cute, all thanks to Juli. My word, this girl was adorable. She was a delight to see in action. I cannot explain in words what her appeal was but, suffice to say, I can understand why Hiromi immediately became interested in her. I was simply delighted by her “Yeah, I know I’m cute. Stop drooling, you moronic sheep” attitude towards people she knows do not care for her as a person. What REALLY got me was how much she wanted to be Hiromi’s friend…and eventually more than that. Yes, to some she may be a stereotypical fluffy girl but DAMN IT she’s so much fun!


I would bet my readers a million dollars that the anime that inspired Hiromi’s wish to become a prince was the old-school classic, “Princess Knight”. I would like to find it online sometime. Anyway, Hiromi as a character is pretty much a standard girl who cares very little for gossip and does not make a big deal about being popular for being boyish. This is what initially attracted Juli to her. From then on it is a classic “I am slowly developing romantic feelings for this cutie, who really likes hanging out with me for some reason, but I do not have the courage to confess” type of character. Their relationship, like Juli herself, is cute. However, the manga does tackle some serious issues in spite of its short length.


You see, (This is the only spoiler here) but Juli is quickly scoffed at after trying to become really friendly with Hiromi and it gets worse later on. I can easily see kids getting bullied for being homosexuals in real life middle schools. Heck, adult homosexuals are still being bullied and discriminated against today, despite them being granted more rights (That they should have already had) as human beings. This does not last long but it does play a big role in some chapters. It was also the one that caught my attention of the 5 topics that played a part in the story.

As for the “Romeo and Juliet” vibes…they’re there but like the discrimination, it plays a role yet does not dominate to story.

Simplicity can be just as effective as complexity and when a story can balance both, it is worth the time of the readers that picked it up. So, SG being the top yuri manga of JManga for a while was well-deserved.

PS: Poor Maki.

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4 Responses to YMC #23: Sky-Colored Girlfriend

  1. Yurimylove says:

    With the passing of May so did JManga. Apparently all the accounts have been obliterated, and there’s no more login screen for users. The last thing I did on JManga was to finish up Sky-Colored Girlfriend. An entertaining read, well summarized in your review here. Well, if you’re keeping count, I’m now down to 99 on my to-read list. Nah just kidding.


  2. yurimylove says:

    “Poor Maki,” you said. Well I’ve got good news for you dood. As it turned out Maki’s story is far from over. If you haven’t already done so, check out Tears of Thorn (Ibara no Namida) when you have a chance. You will find out what happened both before and after events in Sky-Colored Girlfriend, and I promise you it’ll be time well spent.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Well I’ll be darn. I honestly didn’t know Sorairo Girlfriend had a spin-off starring Maki in college. Nice! It looks like “Only You.” I’ll pick it up and review it later on. Dang. How could I have missed this one?


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