YMC #22: Green

Alright, let me see. Which color should I pick first? Green, Blue or Orange? Hmm…okay, let’s go with…

Green Cover

Number of Volumes: 1. 6 chapters + 1 extra, Love Letter.

Genres: Drama, School-Life, Yuri, Romance.

Plot Summary: Tsugumi has just been dumped by her boyfriend. Walking around while deep in irate thoughts about his attitude towards her, she suddenly bumps into the gorgeous, calm and confident brunette Shiraishi Megumi. Megumi taunts and embarrasses her, but leaves behind these words as well; “You’re cute”…

This should be a brief review because, to be honest, this manga was underwhelming. I could not get myself to care for than one girl in the entire cast. Tsugumi is dull, Megumi has a cliche past and starts off as a sadist, who backs off immediately when things are not going her way, the adult women suck, and the third wheel girl who secretly loves Tsugumi is no Tamao Suzumi.

That leaves the ONLY character I gave a damn about during the entire story, Sidekick Girl.

Sidekick Girl hugging the Tamao wannabeSidekick Girl is an adorable girl whose only crimes are stating the obvious, being devilishly clever and wanting to fill the void in Tamao Wannabe’s heart, whether Miss Wannabe likes it or not.

I will give the story a little bit of credit, the dilemma Megumi faces throughout the entire story, even in the epilogue Love Letter, is justified. It is nothing new, but it is justified.

Overall, this is possibly one of the lamest manga I have read in a while. It is not a bad manga, just nothing special. Not all yuri manga have to be cheerful and fluffy to be good, they just need to find a way to keep the reader interested and involved by having likable characters. When the only likable character hardly gets any screen time and her victory is bittersweet, something is not right with your story.

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