YMC #17: Marriage Black

The next manga up for a read in my dark little corner with a fireplace will seem familiar to fans of a certain legendary playwright whose initials are W.S. It is Marriage Black.

Marriage Black Cover

Genres: Drama, Romance, Yuri.

Number of volumes: 1. 4 chapters. They’re minimally long.

Plot summary: Lilithia and Lu Die are childhood friends born from feuding mafia families. When Lilithia turned sixteen, she was arranged to marry Lu Die’s older brother. However…some marriages do not go according to plan. Short version, it is Romeo and Juliet with lesbians and a touch of tween action.

Juliet is not fooling around

It is another retelling of the classic roma-gedy. It is a tale of love, sadness, loyalty, honor, deception, seduction, family ties, breaking said ties, coming to terms with your true feelings, understanding the feelings of your fated other, guns and swords, sexual tension, and breasts; big, small, young and old. So yeah, Romeo and Juliet approved by the Nation of Domination.

There is little I can add to the timeless tale that I have not already done in the above paragraph. The “tween” action scenes came right out of a comic book and it is magnificent. Adam West’s Batman would be proud. Oh, and the “Juliet” of this version is no pushover as she will do whatever it takes to protect her Romeo…even if it means turning heel.

As for the “Romeo”, she’s a young lass who believes in the code of honor, yet is torn between her initially assumed dormant feelings for the busty belle with a wedding dress and white panties.

Oh yes, this manga has its share of fanservice, though no nipples are present, just skin and touching. That brings me to another highlight I simply must address, the dress code. It is not subtle in the least that “Juliet”‘s family is fully aware of  which weapon is the strongest in their arsenal…and it ain’t their blades. Let’s just say even Mama “Montague” still thinks she has got it based on the way she dresses…or maybe I am thinking too hard. We cannot deny the “Capulet”‘s sexy china dresses either. Rawr.

Familiar scene

Overall, a fun adaptation of a timeless tale. It has everything you would expect from a Romeo and Juliet retelling and then some. It also has its own minor twists without straying from the original. It is worth a look if you do not mind the additional elements. Just do not expect any rhyming.

P.S.: Poor Xiao Ling.

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4 Responses to YMC #17: Marriage Black

  1. glothelegend says:

    Read this a while back and thought it was really good. That’s all I got.


  2. MarkS00N says:

    I wish for a happy end! Though I can accept the open end in here…
    And it probably just me and my hatred for drama…


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