YMC #15+16 Double Header: If This Wish Comes True + All You

this next episode of the Yuri Manga Corner is a double presentation of a love triangle story and its surprising sequel, in the sense of what romance subgenre it is about. Let’s begin with the first series, If This Wish Comes True, followed by its sequel, All You.

If This Wish Come True Main cast

Genres: Drama, School Life, Yuri

Number of chapters: 4+ 5 specials. “Magical Incantation” is the epilogue of the main story.

You can read the manga by following this link:


Plot Summary: There are three girls, Umi, Tsukiko and You (Yo). T likes Y, U likes T, U confesses to T while T secretly still likes Y. Drama ensues.

Magical Incantation preview

The story is more about Umi and Tsukiko and how they deal with being a couple while Umi quickly discovering who Tsukiko’s real love interest is. You’s pretty much the supporting friend/third wheel and nothing more.

The plot is pretty straightforward as there will not be any surprises and it becomes only a matter of when the girls reach their final resolution rather than the triangle becoming extremely chaotic. One noticeable aspect of the story is that the days in it fly by rather quickly, so do not be surprised by the somewhat rushed feeling the story has. I mean, it’s only 5 chapters long. The couple already went passed 2nd base for Pete’s sake. Also the art style is obviously cute.

Overall, a short and simple yuri drama that gets to the point, but is also nothing spectacular. It’s really there to introduce readers to the girl who does not get a girlfriend in the end because her time came later.

All You chapter 6 cover

This brings us to All You, which if you pay attention, reveals who “lost” in the prequel without having to Google the main cover image.

Genres: Age-Gap, Drama, Romance, Angst, Yuri.

Number of volumes: 1. 7 chapters.

Plot Summary: Amane and Yuki were high school lovers and seemed to be destined to be together forever. Now at age 26, Amane is a single librarian who just so happens to meet a high school girl at the train station, who coincidentally has a similar appearance to her ex-girlfriend, Yuki. Drama ensues, again.

This sequel is less about the age-gap difference and more about Amane’s struggles to move on with her life and put Yuki behind her once and for all. The girl, for some reason, wants to do everything she can to cheer Amane up, while slowly (or instantly) falling in love with this adult woman in the process. Deja-Vu is also present, or that’s how I saw it. Like the prequel, time flies in the story world and only the important moments are covered. Speaking of the prequel, the “winners” make cameo appearances to help out their friend…probably because of how familiar her problem is. I also noticed some inconsistency in the one of the guest stars’ mannerisms.

I mentioned angst as one of the genres because both Amane and the girl mope a lot, thankfully the moping somewhat makes sense.

Overall, I say All you is superior to If This Wish Comes True because it’s both longer and the plot is more serious. Weird, I know. Pick both up to find out whether I am right or wrong.

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3 Responses to YMC #15+16 Double Header: If This Wish Comes True + All You

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  2. JC says:

    Read them a long time ago, i agree with you. I liked “All You” more. It’s my prefered work from Hakamada Mera up to date. Maybe i should mention age-gap yuri is one of my favorite genres and that may be affecting my decision.
    I liked it the most, yet i can’t say this is one of my all time favorites. I like the art but Mera’s works haven’t had a real impact in me, i wonder why?


    • Overlord-G says:

      I’m not much of an expert when it comes to authors. I just point out things made by the same person if I recognize the art style. Whether I like the art style or not is irrelevant to my opinion, most of the time.


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