Yuri Talk: I’m a Yuri Fan, Foo!

This next topic will be a short and sweet one tackling an easy question to answer. Basically: What do the people who know that you are a fan of yuri, think about the genre and you for being a “Yuri Nation Member?”

I'm a yuri fan, foo!

To get the topic started, my family does not know about my support for lesbian romance media and homosexuals in general. I say, if you’re gay, have a strong relationship with someone of the same sex, REALLY want to get hitched with said person and can in your country, go for it. As for friends that I have told about this because I trust them, some are cool with it and others don’t think about it too much.

Some replies I got were:

-Yuri and lesbian movies are better than real life lesbians because real life ones are bizarre.

-It’s really sweet.


-Whatever. Everyone has their own tastes.

-Last, but not least, from my ex-girlfriend: “Cool.” She also said something along the lines of my own opinion on gay marriage but “Cool” was enough for me.

I already explained my passion for yuri in full detail in a previous post and many others afterward, so there’s no need to repeat myself. You all know what to do by now. Go for it.

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10 Responses to Yuri Talk: I’m a Yuri Fan, Foo!

  1. Elizabeth says:

    While at school the other day, my newest buddy asked me if I watched anime. I said that I recently started watching some shows. She asked me which ones, and I was somewhat reluctant to mention them. I told her a few, but she didn’t seem to know them, and I was even more reluctant to mention that they were yuri animes, or that I was watching them because I heard there was some yuri in them. I feel like if I mention it, she (or whoever I might mention it) will see me in a different way. And not a ‘good’ kind of different.


    • Overlord-G says:

      I know that feeling. It’s safe to say that not everyone understands yuri. Another factor that plays a role is who you hang out with. Make sure the person is trustworthy before telling them…and if they think you’re weird after that…I dunno. I have yet to find anyone I’ve revealed this secret to that shunned me, but I would probably not talk to those people again…or rather, not talk about yuri stuff around them.


    • IrenaBright says:

      I understand how you feel….from our school (which is an all-girls school) most of the anime fans are yaoi-fangirls, so it’s quite hard for me to mention yuri related anime/manga. Once i heard them mention yuri however it didn’t turn out very positive, they just stated biased opinions about how “disgusting” they found the genre to be, it’s not like I expect them to like it but at least be more respectful towards the people who do…it really saddens me that this society puts a stigma on anything they have less knowledge about.


      • Elizabeth says:

        I know what you mean. It’s difficult liking something that others might not be into. In my case, I am just barely getting to know my new buddy, and I’d rather not push her away by being too specific in the anime I like to watch or other hobbies that are yuri related. For now, I’ll just stick to being a comedy fan and, unless the topic comes up, I wont mention the yuri aspect of it.


  2. MisakiRiku says:

    I feel weird too in school cuz im a girl and i like watching Yuri which makes my friends call me a les. Idk this feeling inside but im sure i dont hold feeling for other girls ( i hope ) BUT i wish everything was normal , everyone should just accept yuri , they can accept yaoi , but why not yuri ? 😀


    • Overlord-G says:

      Whatever the truth inside is, it has little to do with what kinds of sows you like to watch. I hope you find the peace of mind you seek and get to watch whatever you want without being misjudged for it.


  3. yurifeels says:

    My prob ain’t really too big a prob, lol. Its hard to make real anime friends, cause i’m really just a yuri fan. Whenever someone recommends an anime i say i’ll check it out (usually i do), but what i’m thinking is, how exactly am i supposed to tell them that i really just watch one genre and that genre is about girl x girl relationships. LOL so on the inside i really do just wanna say “I’m a Yuri Fan, Foo. So its really more like i can’t be other people’s real anime friend cause i only watch one genre. LOL

    And i can empathize with the ^^ first comment. But for me its more that i’m just way too embarrassed to say it. (i’v been sheltered to an enviro where most people don’t discriminate so i really don’t have any direct discrimination problems, but i mean its not like i’m really out out and i’m bi so its not viewed as strangely. I”M JUST A SHELTERED PUPPY that doesn’t know anything bout the world of gay rights/discrimination)


  4. ah-me? says:

    I love reading yuri’s. . . . . .
    Tho’ characters are 1 dimentional in personalities…. maybe thats what making it great to read.. personas in yuris are very rare in real life.


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