Overlord-G, a proud Animeniac

Another carnival to participate in. Well, it’s being hosted by a Nation Member, so it’s all good. That host is Kaio-sama of deluscar. The topic in question: Why do people watch anime? Here are the OG-Man’s reasons. Don’t expect any thought provoking analogies or depth in anime from me though.

I’ve been an animeniac for over a decade now and like many of my fellow anibloggers, anime has played a role in the making of Overlord-G.Technically, both Eastern and Western animation had a hand in molding me.


Emperor-G was a premature fool who did not understand that the digital world can be just as cruel of a world as the real one. When I got the promotion to Overlord, my mind was clear and everything was set. I knew what kind of anime catered to me, I knew who I could trust and who I could not and lastly, I knew what I wanted to blog about.

Anime, in my eyes, is a superior alternative to Western animation, or cartoons. Granted, I believe both deliver equal amounts of inspiration, epiphany inducing material and entertainment. It’s just that anime has more of what I look for in entertainment.


Real life does not suck, it is merely a difficult existence that is difficult by default. How else are you going to get your anime fix without working hard to buy a computer to download or watch anime, read manga or buy stuff? That being said, the anime universe is an intriguing one to be a part of if it were possible. I firmly believe that anime breaks more boundaries than cartoons do when it comes to what can and can’t be shown and discussed. Even in kids shows anime can have some serious themes…sometimes. Mostly they’re pretty kid friendly, I suppose. Anime didn’t start off as my escapist world until recently. Video games were my ultimate source of escapism for the longest time. Eventually, I became more invested in anime…but video games come in close second.


Sometimes I get absorbed in an anime world. So much so that I imagine myself as part of that world, either as a “face” or a “heel”. I get the motivation to write poems because of certain shows. I haven’t written a poem in a long time but I would like to write one again soon.

Ume laying the smackdown on Satou

I watch anime to have fun, not because I am looking for thought provoking storylines or epic tales of souls and swords, eternally foretold. I rarely write editorials and I do not consider myself to be a philosopher. I am still a young adult (as of this post anyway) but I already feel like I have seen and read enough stories to satisfy my thirst for deep plots…meaning that I don’t NEED or demand life changing stories anymore. If one just so happens to pop up out of nowhere…cool. I’ll watch it, judge it and move on. I mean, if I were to create a top 10 anime list (Which I will never do), chances are pretty high that…3 of the 10 shows would probably qualify as “deep” and they would not even be in my top 3. If you made a show that I enjoyed a lot and it happened to be deep or loved by millions…good for you, show.

Anime storylines aren’t that much different than the one of a cartoon when it comes to the messages and morals they want to convey…it’s just that cartoons mostly focus on depth in action shows rather than slice of life or comedies. There are some non-action cartoons with deep messages but they are far and few…or aimed at adults.

Anime can also be educational while still applying a gimmick to keep the viewers’ attention, be it breasts or moe. While Moyashimon doesn’t have a lot of fanservice, it’s still there. Sadly, when it comes to shows like Seikon no Quaser, biology classes aren’t enough to make me watch it again, no sir. Besides, shounen also have the tendency of pausing the action to lecture the audience and opponent (During the fight, mind you) about how they pulled off an extraordinary technique or strategy. How nice of the opponent to stand still during these expositions.

In case I haven’t mentioned it before, if I were to compare myself to an anime character, it would have to be a hybrid “Wien” and Taichi from Tari Tari.

Last but not least, the question everyone wants me to answer: What does all of this have to do with yuri? As mentioned in this post I didn’t really get into lesbian romance media until after I discovered yuri. Howard Stern, 1-3 AM Spanish dubbed movies and dad’s secret porn stash were my access to lesbianism. It wasn’t until I saw Strawberry Panic when I began seeing yuri as more than “raging otaku boner” material and more as another layer of human romance. Then I found yuri manga and those went deeper still in the art of lesbian. It’s so hard finding Live-Action lesbian romance movies without torrenting them online. Good luck seeing one on my home turf.

As for slice of life, I got tired of shounen and decided to take a break with shows that have simpler settings and less ridiculously overpowered teenage boys with brains as big as cashews. One day, I realized SoL shows were more to my liking and…the rest is history.

Himawari bikini

Last but not least, I watch anime more than cartoons because there are more humans and less anthropomorphic animals or walking/talking appliances in anime. Like ecchi fanservice or not, you can’t help but stare at those curves when they grab your attention…as long as they look like they’re teenagers and not little brats.

Here are some other participants, besides Kaio-sama:

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Yuri and Slice of Life are my anime passion.
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9 Responses to Overlord-G, a proud Animeniac

  1. Nopy says:

    You make some good points in your post. It’s not that western media is bad in any way, anime just offers some things that you normally don’t find, like yuri. Your last point is also probably why a lot of people watch anime too, those curves are very good at grabbing attention.


    • Overlord-G says:

      We live in a world where the fan following of an entertainment medium is dominated by testosterone that are influenced by curves and water balloons. Not that there’s anything wrong with curves and water balloons…it’s just that sometimes they seem to be the dominant force of a show, when they shouldn’t be.


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  3. Kai says:

    It’s all about the balance for me, “fight” in reality and obtain my “battle spoils” in the form of money, figures, games, technological gadgets, etc.. And enjoy them when I’m “escaping” xD

    One thing I like about anime is it’s execution indeed, while I agree there are indeed some Western shows with the similar themes, anime’s way of exploring such themes are more deep, and at times, more creative.

    Never saw that you actually had a “origin of yuri” post. It’s written way back before I even started blogging myself, lol. Likewise, it was only after I watch anime and found out about yuri that I’m into the art of lesbianism xD


    • Overlord-G says:

      There are many posts fans didn’t notice back when I started blogging. Maybe I’ll dig them up again and sort them out when I feel like doing so…although they’ll probably continue gathering dust as usual.

      Yup. I’ve liked lesbian media before yuri solidified what kind of lesbian media I like watching most, that being the romantic kind, of course.

      Yup. Money, when there are no important responsibilities getting in your way in real life, is meant to be spent own needs.


  4. yurimylove says:

    nice post, gman! I especially empathize with the paragraph about “…but I already feel like I have seen and read enough stories to satisfy my thirst for deep plots”. Being slightly *ahem* older than you myself, I also feel similarly not just about anime, but entertainment media in general such as Hollywood movies. Therefore, I just look for show that I like, that makes me feel relax and happy. Hence maybe that’s also why I really like SoL shows as well as moe! Not to mention yuri my love of course XD


    • yurimylove says:

      Nice photo, by the way. I had no idea that’s what you look like, and I’m insanely jealous of that 2 hot babes sitting beside you. I think it’s time I look for my own promotion to yurioverlord or something…


    • Overlord-G says:

      There’s a reason why I call you The Elder One. That’s pretty much my take on most shows these days. It’s more of a search for joy than enlightenment.

      Hehehe…sadly that picture was taken three years ago. I still have the armor, but not the babes.


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