Vividred Operation Episode 5: Shadow Bow

First scene

I don’t remember Strike Witches’ use of crotch/panty shots very well, but I think they at least waited a bit before shoving the lack of pants down our throats. VO wastes no time in showing us why the Otaku Hive mind will eat this show up…in the 1st screen, no less. Anyway, here’s episode 5.

Akane's requestSo, after Akane and Rei (The Shadow Ranger) meet during the intro, our heroines discuss Summer Camp plans and obviously agree to form a group. Akane wants to invite Rei into the group but Rei declines.

Quick saveWhile heading home and secretly being followed by Akane (Because Akane’s got main character syndrome, meaning she won’t take no for an answer), she notices Rei rescuing a kid from a conveniently falling pillar.

Telekinectic  CrowSo they replaced Kyuubei with a crow in this show, nice touch of dark symbolism.

Contract and Pain triggerBack at Rei’s apartment, we notice her only friend is a parrot named Bisque Suddenly, a crow appears..The crow, being the messenger of doom that (apparently) she is, warns Rei not to go soft ever again and punishes her with its “contract power”.

Rei also has a keyBesides this shower scene being hive mind bait, we see Rei also has a key, though it’s design is dated. We’ll see whether it is in fact, her Shadow Ranger key or something else. Oh, and Rei mentions needing 7 more steroid arrow shots to accomplish something.

Homura CosplayerRei, being the big time Homura Akemi fangirl she is, raids a military base…because anime girls are omnipotent beings that are stronger than the local military.

AW C'MON!Okay, this is overkill. Not even “Strike Witches: The Movie” was this crude. “Insert sex joke here.” You better make it a good one “yurimylove” because I KNOW you can’t resist.

Haah, fine.

I can’t be the only Westerner who thought of this during Reimura’s infiltration scene. Yes, I pushed the mute button and played this song the 2nd time I watched the scene.

iPad grenadeiPad grenade, another reason for me to NOT get one…Seriously.

Kid Rei having a nightmareTwo things. first of all, the key was the one to Reimura’s old home. Second, her parents died in a fire. How much you want to bet Reimura wants to turn back time to change that day?

Shorts are not an acceptible substituteNo, writers, shorts are not better than briefs. You want to prove you’re Strike Witches’ successor, pants are the way to go.

I knew itDo I even need to say anything here? Oh, she lost her special key.

This week's AloneThis looks like some sort of generator.

Seeds of doubt being sownI think you know what I mean.

AkaMamaIf I were to use my goggles, I’d say Mama gave Akane her blessings and encouraged her to continue courting Reimura.

I can’t decide which ED’s the best yet.

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13 Responses to Vividred Operation Episode 5: Shadow Bow

  1. Winter says:

    Wait, isn`t this the girl that killed hundreds of soldiers by powering the Alones?Im guessing saving a kid is gonna make her an angel.Stupid writing.Anyway this show doesn`t have the charm of Strike Witches at least for me.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Actually, all she’s done so far is fire steroid arrows. It has yet to be proven that she summoned the Alone.

      I do agree that this show is currently inferior to Strike Witches…but that’s because SW has made a greater impact in its two seasons, plus the movie. VO still has plenty of episodes to go before reaching a definitive conclusion as to judge its quality.


  2. shewolfvonbielefeld says:

    All I know is there are hints of yuri in it… then it will be worth watching. Even Yurikai is interested, so let’s still wait and see more of the development. The anime is still young. :3


  3. SunnyPanda says:

    For me, the best ED was with Aoi and Akane. For some reason it’s super catchy to me plus they sound great singing it. I also really liked Rei’s ED too.


  4. MAR-KLAC_VELOUS says:

    well give at least some of rei story & reason for doing it give indeed feather neck tattoo is like damage curse.

    of course give follow order by crow-kyuubey so that rei can her world & family back but can you really that crow?

    7eps to go i think still chance rei might pull in join vivid black?


  5. ArcaJ says:

    The service…it burns!

    Yup, I got Homura vibes as well. Rei seemed guilty about hurting people just to restore her world. At least we know there’s a good girl in there.

    Heh, the hospital scene was a total rip of My Neighbor Totoro.

    Reimura seems interesting enough. Although, every time she has a dramatic scene, it’s undercut by service. This isn’t me complaining, it’s a flaw in the show. I can’t empathize with a character’s plight if I’m forced to stare at her crotch. Just sayin’.

    I may skip the next episode unless something significant happens, Yuri or story-wise.


    Arca Jeth


  6. Stevie Nix says:

    Hmm, I said before I was getting Fate vibes from Rei, now it seems to be more a combination of Fate from Lyrical Nanoha and Vita and company from A’s. Doing something they know will cause wide spread chaos and destruction to save their loved ones because in the end they were manipulated into that situation in the first place. If I am correct then Akane and Rei are going to form Vivid Purple (or will it be Vivid Black like MAR-KLAC_VELOUS wondered) in the final episode to defeat the Alone.

    I wonder, so far the only power Rei has is to power up the Alone, so will she receive something like the Palette Suit to fight Akane and the others? Or is Akane and Rei’s main fights going to be without using the suits? That would explain why Akane and Rei have crazy combat skills without using magic.

    I wonder, is Rei from an alternative universe from Akane? Was the crow in her dream being metaphorical when it said Rei’s world was “annihilated,” or was Rei’s Earth actually destroyed somehow and the Alone sent her to Akane’s world.

    So even though next week’s PV focused on the beach episode aspects, I’m convinced Akane and Rei will truly find out about each other by the end of the next episode and probably episode 7 will start out with their first direct fight.

    I rather liked all the ED so far, though I had to pick a favorite, right now I would say Rei’s.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Good questions. Was Rei’s family, her figurative world, destroyed, or was it literally the world Rei came from? We shall see.

      I want it to be a purple fusion rather than black,


  7. yurimylove says:

    *resisting, resisting…* ah what the heck, here goes

    Akane to Rei, “Is there something in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

    *dodges rotten tomatoes* ^_^;


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