YMC #10: Girl x Girl x Boy

Yuri love triangles don’t exactly differ from hetero ones but there’s a hint of mysticism seeing two girls vying for the affections of another girl. Life’s interesting like that sometimes. While the next manga isn’t a 100% all-girl love triangle, the object of affection is a girl…sort of. Let’s take a quick look at Girl X Girl X Boy.

Girl X Girl X Boy Cover Page

Number of volumes: 1, 7 chapters.

Genres: Drama, angst, school life, yuri, love triangle

Plot Summary: High school story about the a love triangle between 2 girls and a boy.
Fuuka (Girl A) likes Riri (Girl B). Riri (Girl B) likes Itta (Boy). Itta (Boy) likes Fuuka (Girl A).
This isn’t a typical love triangle, though!

This is a love triangle build around past connections, personal emotions and discomfort. One person likes the other but cannot like the person back due to initially unknown reasons. The third person is a different person than what he used to be and the ending has some pretty interesting depth to it.

Girl A’s the innocent, lovestruck puppy who deeply loves Girl B. Girl B’s kind of a tomboy who likes the Boy for some reason. Boy’s a chipper dude who has a loose tongue (Not a dirty one) and likes being a spaz. All three participants show discomfort in their situation and sometimes make…questionable decisions.

The story is split between some flashbacks, present day antics with Girl A desperately trying to get Girl B’s attention, Girl B doing the same with Boy, Girl A snarling at Boy and Boy flirting with Girl A and scratching his head around Girl B.

What else can I say without spoiling what it is that makes this story more than a typical love triangle? Let’s just the public plays an integral role near the climax.

Overall, a short, yet amusing read. I can’t say for sure who would like or dislike this one because the characters are neither annoying or super duper mushy. Their triangle is believable (for the most part) and may keep casual readers interested in seeing how their tale ends.

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6 Responses to YMC #10: Girl x Girl x Boy

  1. MarkS00N says:

    I kinda like this one, in a strange way…
    I mean I kinda feel unsafe for sometime about what will happen next, but after that chapter I want to go inside the manga and tell the boy, “Comrade!!!”…


    • Overlord-G says:

      Sure, why not. I mean, not ALL yuri shows have to be infested with only women, there can be some dudes lurking here and there…as long as they’re interesting and likable. Boy, imo, is okay.


  2. sayuri says:

    I read this a few years back :3
    kinda made me not wanna read it at first but somehow i couldn’t let it go
    the ending was pretty good ^~^

    random question.
    Og have you read “Sunstone” by shiniez on DA? It’s quite awesome. :3


  3. JC says:

    Yeah, first boy i like in a story like this 😀 good pal, i would like to have a beer with him and discuss some “one-side feelings” issues!
    Not a manga i would call a favorite but definitly a good example to the saying that goes “there’s always an exception to the rule”: Not every guy portrayed in a yuri manga have to be a rude jerk.


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