Questioning Idol fandom (or worshipping), again

Long and serious post coming up. Do not read if you dislike walls of text, AKB48 or repetitious rambling.

This would be classified as a follow-up post to a post I made last year about Aki Toyosaki being bashed for singing a beloved Beatles song badly in Engrish. In short, I thought the fans overreacted. This time, I am once again given a reason to question the sanity of “devoted fans”, mostly male. I say male because the majority of fanbases, sans tween romance media diehards, are infested with men living in their own little fantasy worlds and few of them having any intention of leaving said construct of their minds.

Here’s the post. Special thanks to SGCafe and Foxy Neko for bringing this news to my attention. Oh, and here’s the Japan News article.

AKB48 member’spenanceshows flaws in idol culture

I recently thought about what Nico said in episode 5 of “Love Live!”, regarding what idols needed to have and be in order to become popular with idol fans. I was somewhat disgusted by it after thinking things through. It’s like Nico told the girls they had to market themselves as people they weren’t. Yes, this works for pro-wrestling because it’s their job, but…really? You have to become fakers when working as pro idols as well, just to satiate slobs’ thirst for fetishes, stereotypes and fantasies that could make them single for life?

The worst part? Just like the above article and this post by a Moar Powah “employee”, little to nothing will change. Concerned fans can backlash all they want…but in the end, the “more devoted” fans have more control over the fates of these idols…who have chosen this dream, knowing full well what are the consequences should they break the mold.

Look. I make remarks in blogs, anime sites, Facebook (some friends of mine) about how I “embraced the moe” or have been “moefied”. Allow me to explain what I mean by this. I watch moe stuff along with every other anime genre that piques my interest because it has things that amuse me. I can’t help but be amused by the cuteness. Sure, sometimes they tend to go overboard with the moe and make it downright insulting, but whining at Japanese animators and mangaka to end moe is a losing battle, as the moe “obsessed” outnumber the casual moe watchers who watch it because it’s funny and cute…or other sane reasons. Besides, moe, past and present, has always equaled profit. You can either live with it or ignore it. I like Mio Akiyama, but dating a real life woman similar to her…would be incredibly disturbing, let alone a woman similar to Yui Hirasawa or Tamako.

As for the whole boyfriend thing…of course it’s dumb, but hey, some guys refuse to get their heads out of the gutter. I know I usually am against male romantic interests in shows that don’t have serious plots, but the main reason is because…most male love interests (emphasis on most) suck. I think there were only 2 occasions, one anime and one manga, where I cut the victorious guy some slack.

I would continue typing about how Western media (especially in pop culture where they judge pop stars’ appearances like slabs of meat among some questionable things to obsess over.) is no better than Eastern media, but I think I made my point.

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2 Responses to Questioning Idol fandom (or worshipping), again

  1. chikorita157 says:

    I have wrote a rant about this on my sideblog and it’s ridiculous. Sure, there are reasons why I don’t like AKB48, mostly because the lack of real talent as the songs feel manufactured, but the main reason why I dislike them is of course the no dating policy just for the sake of having the girls perceived as pure so they can rake in more money from fans. Considering that Minami is 20 years old, she is already considered an adult and shouldn’t be told that you can’t go out with a boy. Considering that Japan already has a birthrate problem, I think this scandal sends the wrong message to young girls. To me, that policy needs to go as I feel that girls should make their own decisions when it comes to their private lifes, not have the producer dictate what she can or cannot do.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Now it makes perfect sense why there are fewer anime girls past the age of 20 in anime…unless the anime these 20-something girls are in…are meant to be taken seriously.

      I don’t follow idol groups, rock bands, pop stars or any celebrities for that matter because I don’t care about their personal lives or what they should become. It’s their choice what they want to do, for better or worse. The fact that AKB48 members’ fates are in the hands of their “fans”, is really lame. No amount of yuri subtext is going to make me listen to their singing.


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