Yuri Talk: Comedic Yuri or Yuri as Comedy Relief

As the title implies, this edition of Yuri Talk focuses on all nation members’ opinions on the use of yuri as comedy relief in both yuri and non-yuri themed anime and manga.

A couple of examples include:

-Satire of well known yuri shows, such as Marimite and Strike Witches. How many times have you seen Yumi and Sachiko “Onee-sama” jokes back when Marimite (especially the 1st season) was big?

-Misunderstood romantic confessions, meaning when a girl misinterprets another girl’s words as a”proclamation of love”.

-A lesbian as a comedic foil for the male protagonist (One of my least favorite due to this kind of girl almost never winning.). Kuuko from Haiyoru Nyaruko-san fits the bill here.

-Yurirific mental orgasms. For example, Chitose and Chizuru from Yuru Yuri. Basically when (usually) a girl is imagining either herself with her female crush, or other girls she’s shipping, engaging in lovey dovey action with her reactions meant to make the viewers laugh.

This topic is aimed for all nation members to share their thoughts and fav comedic yuri moments. You can also include comedic yuri moments, or overall shows, that upset you. Another question is whether you all think comedic yuri is a good thing or do you prefer more serious, dramatic (sometimes melodramatic) yuri. In short, do you enjoy rom-com yuri or do you prefer dramatic, no nonsense yuri?

In my opinion, comedic yuri is fine as long as it’s used right and it does not make the lesbian(s) look like complete morons or idiots who lack any and all common sense. The girls have to both be amusing yet not make lesbians look like “unlikable” escaped mental patients, unless they can pull off being awesome mental patients.

Let me share an example of comedic yuri I personally enjoyed quite a bit.

Kosame having her way with Kirie

Kosame from Girls Bravo. The episode in question is Season 2, episode 2. First of all, a summary.

Kosame is a professional bodyguard for the Fukuyama family (Particularly, the female sibling, Lisa Fukuyama). In one mission she stumbles upon her immediate love interest, Kirie at school. They have a short bout and Kosame becomes so impressed by Kirie’s skills that she becomes infatuated with her, eventually growing into being smitten. Since that bout, Kosame’s few appearances in later episodes had her desiring Kirie or almost succeeding in fulfilling her urges but comically failing.

That brings us to the episode 14, where the male sibling engages in one of Kazuharu Fukuyama’s favorite hobbies, harassing Kirie. This time he blackmails Kirie into competing in an all-girl martial arts tournament. Kosame’s obviously also a participant. At the semi-finals, Kazu once again messes with Kirie by changing her match with Kosame into a mud wrestling match. Kosame FINALLY gets her chance to let out all her sexual frustrations and is only defeated by a fluke.

Kirie faces the champ in a cage match…and is decimated. An injured Kosame watches in her locker room and leaps into action, bruises and all, just in time to protect Kirie from a powerful elbow drop. Kirie, touched by Kosame’s “sacrifice”, goes for broke. After the match, she tends to the fallen Kosame and desperately hopes she’s alright. Kosame slowly awakens and “takes Kirie’s first” from her.

She would occasionally appear in later episodes doing the same thing she does whenever she isn’t busy following Lisa’s orders.

Some animeniacs label Tenchi Muyo as their favorite hetero harem, mine is Girls Bravo.

Anyway, to wrap things up, I repeat the following two questions to all fellow nation members:

1: Are you okay with yuri as a comedy? Yes or no, and why?

2: If you answered yes, can you share one of your favorite comedic yuri moments/episode/pairing?

P.S.: For those who would like to answer question 2, try to wow me by giving a non Yuru Yuri related answer.

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10 Responses to Yuri Talk: Comedic Yuri or Yuri as Comedy Relief

  1. Foxy Lady Ayame says:

    Well, comedy is a tough genre for me; it’s difficult to find sth that I find truly and cleverly funny. In yuri, as well as in yaoi, there’s plenty of comedy used as central element even. In hetero anime/manga the yuri yaoi are 99% percent played for either laughs or fanservice. Personally, I can’t find jokes that make lgbt people caricatures funny. And especially in BL and GL the tropes used are often ridiculous rather than hilarious in my eyes. I’m more of a serious person that seeks genuine drama or slice-of-life. I can recognise though that fiction and humor are associated with personal taste, so I understand that other people read them especially to get a laugh. The exception is meta-humor where the tropes are made fun of. But still there are many other parameters that make a series good or bad (eg I don’t like Mariaholic at all).


    • Overlord-G says:

      I figured you’d side with seriousness and you made valid points here and in your own posts as to why.

      I seek happiness as much I’m lenient to most humor…except when it is not cheesy or trying too hard to be funny…or not trying at all. However, I’m easily amused. Ironically, I have become slightly pickier with humor in Western media.

      I haven’t seen Maria + Holic yet. I need to get myself into the right mindset for it. Years have passed and I am still not ready to pick it up.


  2. MAR-KLAC_VELOUS says:

    hmm quite the difficult to answer for having yuri mix in comedy anime besides known yuru yuri anime.

    besides it can work in both ways like mention girls bravo sure a bit give saw that series i know especially dub version indeed fukuyama really he steal whole show.

    yet bit yuri joke indeed like kirie wonder is like cat-nip those lesbian female want kirie?

    either way it can work in both ways.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Maybe the thing about Kirie being a chick magnet is a sort of hidden message on how lesbians are attracted to other strong and sexy women…or something.

      Yup. Comedy’s good when done right and not intended to demean the lesbians to laughing stocks.


  3. MarkS00N says:

    I like comedy, I like comedy yuri but I HATE yuri as joke, as fanservice only to be defeated by lump-weak-good-for-nothing male MC because, he is the MC and nothing else or because the writer think girl on girl is hot but can’t go beyond that…

    Also, it is very painful when a yuri couple turn into an enemy/rival for MC’s love or you-know-what…
    It is really, really, hurt me…

    I like Girs Bravo, back when I still not realize that I am a fan of yuri, I unconsiously scream victory when Kirie seems to build her own harem (though only consist of two thus far, and because the anime or series already end, can’t be the first yuri-harem show for that title hold by ika-musume 2nd season)…

    Though my favorite harem is Negima…
    It get a canon yuri couple! With a kiss! French Kiss! XD


    • Overlord-G says:

      Ah yes, Negima’s own KonoSetsu. Some hardcore fans were so fickle, they cried foul after the manga’s official ending. Selfish pricks.

      Yup. Yuri characters losing to the male lead or becoming villains is a real drag.


  4. yurimylove says:

    coincidently Girls Bravo is also one of the few harem series I really like, and Kirie x Kosame is definitely one of the main factors.

    1. I’m okay with yuri as a comedy, because… I like yuri anyway I can get! Although, like most nation memebers I’d prefer a good end for our yuri comedy and not “fire and forget” if i had any say about it

    2. In High School Girls there’s a canon yuri couple Nao Koshiba x Sayaka Mouri (but unfortunately very minor characters) that are the Xtreme yuri parody but nevertheless I really like them whenever they “profess their love to each other” on-screen


    • Overlord-G says:

      Ah yes, Nao and Sayaka from HSG. They’re so over the top (They dress like a prince and princess after all, ala Utena) that you can’t help but clap for their awesomeness, as rare as their appearances were on the show.
      I still fondly remember the OP of HSG.


  5. Elizabeth says:

    I don’t know if you would consider this a correct response, but in Azumanga Daioh, when Kaori is in a situation where she wants to be around Sakaki, it doesn’t really end up how she wants it; and when she did get a chance, by being in a three-legged race with her, it seems like maybe they make it so she seems a little.. creepy if you will. I haven’t finished watching the show, but to me it kinda seems like maybe a gag (although that might not be the correct word) for Kaori to attempt to be around Sakaki and something not in her power wants to stop that interaction from happening.
    I guess I should’ve answered this first, but I like yuri better when it has comedic aspects to it. But that’s just me. I liked Strawberry Panic’s romance and seriousness, but I also really liked Sasameki Koto’s comedic yuri moments better.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Your example’s a good one. Sure, Kaori does not win but it’s fun to see her try. No guy is in her way and all she wants is to be with Sakaki. No harm done and it’s both funny and sweet.


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