Vividred Operation First Impressions

Change of plans. Instead of focusing solely on the Fall lineup, I will also go for the Winter schedule since I am in no rush to finish any shows at the moment. With that being said, let’s take a look at the first two episode of the show I think will be Strike Witches’ potential successor if done right, Vividred Operation.

Aoi and Akane

The first episode was more of a setup so there isn’t much to explain that the plot summary does not. In short, the show takes place in a futuristic world where the fuel problem was finally solved and world peace has been achieved. However, as we all know, there will always be people who oppose the idea of world peace. It’s a bitter truth we must all accept.

Akane's Naked Rang

Akane is an optimistically energetic youth, which means she’s a ditzy, heroic airhead. Akane’s weapon is a boomerang, which is badass because I rarely see boomerang wielding girls…or guys for that matter.

Aoi Futaba

Aoi’s a somewhat timid girl and Akane’s #1 broski who is still willing to fight for justice despite her shyness. She has super strength and her weapon is a hammer.

Akane, Imouto and Gramps

Since Akane is an airhead, naturally her little sister is the more dependent and domestically capable of the two…like so many other fluffy anime sisters, As for Gramps, you’ll have to see for yourself.

As I mentioned above, a futuristic setting where there is world peace.

A Neu, I mean AloneEnter the Neu- I mean Alone. Seriously, it looks like a Neuroi. Anyway, the Alone are a threat Gramps predicted would become a major threat if not dealt with but nobody believed him then…and this is the result. Like all Mahou Shoujo shows and manga in existence, the military is powerless against this alien mech. That’s where our two heroines come in, complete with transformation sequences and panty shots. After that, teenage girls doing what the army cannot do…oh, and yuri subtext goodness.

Fusion sequenceTurns out the Alone’s too powerful for our heroines to take down by themselves, so…fusion time! However, after an EXTREMELY moe reason as to why they couldn’t merge the first time, they get it right the second time, complete with our first couple on the show. With the power of love, our blossoming lovers combine and transform intooooo…

AkanOi or AoiNe,

A KOS-MOS or Mega Man cosplayer.

Akanoi/Aoine finish off the super Alone (More on that in a bit) with more “Naked” attacks and the day is saved, until the next Alone shows up.

So there you have it, a very interesting Mahou Shoujo anime whose only similarities to Strike Witches are the enemies (provided the Alone are all black and red) and panty shots. The show gave us a flashback interesting enough to make us want to learn more about where the Alone came from and why they want to cause pain and suffering to all.

Future ally or permanent foeLastly, this girl showed up out of nowhere and blasted a Lance Armstrong arrow to juice up the Alone after being temporarily weakened. My best guess is she’ll either be a recurring rival or the future fifth Ranger. As we saw in the opening credits, there are two more Rangers who will join Akane and Aoi. I wonder if they will also go through the same ritual and Akane will get a harem?

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15 Responses to Vividred Operation First Impressions

  1. alexvoda says:

    That girls doesn’t know how to use a bow and arrow. Or at least those who drew her never used a bow.


  2. Jay says:

    No, Akane HAS her harem in the first place. Fate has arranged for it.


  3. MarkS00N says:

    Hopefully this will turn into a yuri harem series with female interest more than three…
    Afterall, Mouretsu Pirates can pull it, why can’t this one? XD


  4. MAR-KLAC_VELOUS says:

    give watching it yea whole march band outfit for battle does it remind a bit of mao-chan anime?

    series it seem going bit like strike witches set in future with look like closer bit remind whole make a monster grow part arrow blast remind of bit PR?

    & whole combine part yea now that bit so what “docking” means?


  5. Yurimylove says:

    I like this series so far, and I really, REALLY hope that Akane gets to kiss Aoi on the lips (as she clearly wants to do in ep. 2) before the season is over — and not for “gattai” purpose either ^^


  6. The forehead kiss and moe reasoning are cute.

    The choice of english is questionable. Naked makes the attacks sound weaker than they are.


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