Atelier Ayesha Coming to the US March 5th

Atelier Ayesha Title Screen

NIS had announced a couple of months back that the latest game in the Atelier series “Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk” would be localized in the West soon and we had to wait for the announcement for the release date. the wait is finally over and the official release date will be March 5th, the same month as Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory. Good grief. I already had plans to order both Neptunia V and Meruru, but Ayesha is here. GAH, Decisions, decisions. So many great games. Seriously developers, give me a break.

Ayesha Mizugi 1

Ayesha Mizugi 2

Oh, and if you want to increase sales, include the swimsuit DLC for both the playable and the inevitable DLC girls.

I also find it interesting that Tecmo Koei, the makers of the Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden series acquired Gust last year. I wonder what this will mean in regards to the future of the franchise. According to TK, they want to make the series more popular by turning future games in the series into more social ones while still maintaining the series’ classic RPG, synthesizing and recently introduced world building elements.

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12 Responses to Atelier Ayesha Coming to the US March 5th

  1. Moonlitasteria says:

    Amazon had this listed for preorders three weeks ago. Should of trusted them and saved my money. Well, I was not planning on getting it day one anyway, so waiting until after or on May is good enough. Already have other games that demand my attention. But, Linica in a swimsuit?! Do want =_=


  2. Fiers says:

    I wonder if Ayesha is in line with the Arland series of Atelier games. I have Rorona and Meruru, but the gaming store I go to didn’t have Totori.


  3. SilverFox says:

    This is so tempting but I have to resist any game purchases until after May. As pu said there are quite a few good games coming out close together, it’s a bit unfair. Meruru has gotten me really wanting to get Rorona and Totori though.


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