Yuri Couples Festival 2012 Results

Here’s the 2nd half of the New Year’s G-Empire Special Award Ceremony. Ah, so many great couples last year that I couldn’t pick only one winner. Let’s see whether this competition will have equally surprising results as the 1st one.

2013 fireworks

Best couple in Black Rock Shooter TV is…



Mato and Yomi with 84.49%, Saya and Yuu come in 2nd with 12.07% and 2 sadists voted for Kagari and Yuu to take 3rd.

Best couple in Senki Zesshou Symphogear goes to…

Kanade and TsubasaKanaBasa by 1 vote!

Best girlfriend for Madoka is…

Madoka, Lan and Muginami, till death do them part

While it is not surprising the nation would rather see the three together forever (Which is the best choice), I was more curious as to who would come in 2nd. the result to this was also no surprise.

Madoka and Lan, the truth

Why? You see, Madoka and Lan just have an undeniable chemistry together. Every time you see them, they click. Muginami on the other hand, rarely has close moments with Madoka, let alone with Lan. She feels more like a 3rd wheel. While this would make Lan the superior wife, it just wouldn’t be the same without Muginami. Thus, it’s better that Madoka Kyouno has two girlfriends instead of one. This also isn’t a harem because Madoka would need more than 2 girls clinging to her. While Onee-chan, Thunder-sensei and even Chairloli (to some extent) show interest in Madoka, only two truly have a special place in her heart. Oh, and the results are 57% for the bigamy, 35.19% for Lan and 5.56% for Muginami.

Best girlfriend for Captain Marika is…

Chiaki just can't hide her joyChiaki with 81.67%

Best Couple in Hidamari Sketch is…

Getting ready to celebrate before the cameras caught up with them

Sae and Hiro with 51.22%, the other two couples tied with 24.39% each.

Best couple in Strike Witches is…

Eila and Sanya

Eila and Sanya with 43.14%, YoshiNette and MinnO tie for 2nd with 21.57% and EricHorn come in 3rd with 9.8%

Best Couple in AKB0048 is…wow, there are even ties in this Festival as well…or very few people have seen this show. I think it’s the latter.

Both NagiEri and KanAmi won. Thank you to the one person who gave my crack pairing a pity vote.

Best couple in Saki Achiga-hen is…

Toki's last wish before collapsing

Toki and Ryuuka with 51.06%, Yumi and Momo come in 2nd with 21.28% and Kuro and Yuu take 3rd with 17.02%

The best girlfriend for Akari~n is…

Akane's reaction to winning

I’d like to see what Miss AJ will have to say about this one.

So Akane wins with 55.1%, Chinatsu takes 2nd with 24.49% and Chitose in 3rd with 18.37%. Sakurako gets a pity vote. Hurray!

Best girlfriend for TOSHINO KYOUKO is…

Do I even need to say it? She wins with 69.81%, Yui comes in 2nd with 22.64% and the Comiket Fangirl is 3rd with 7.55%. No pity vote for Chinatsu here.

Best secondary couple in Yuru Yuri is…

Himawari and SakurakoHimawari and Sakurako with 64.71%, Dr Boom Boom and Cute Mute beat Akane and Tomobo by 1 vote for 2nd.

Last but not least, the Crossover Brawl winners are…

Malga and MargotMalga and Margot beating Lynn and Jenny with 54.72%. I agree with this one because despite Jenny and Lynn making a huge impact this year, their relationship came as a complete surprise and research had to be done to discover that they’re secretly lovers. Malga and Margot on the other hand, held nothing back. the viewers knew from the get-go that they were lovers. In fact, as the show progressed, whenever they’re on screen, they were always top priority to each other. Even casual conversations between them were sweet.

There you have it folks. Oh…one last thing. I made yet another boo boo.

Saki and NatsumiRin and YuukaI underestimated the specialness of Natsuiro Kiseki and didn’t mention neither of these two couples at all. So for all of you who saw this show, let me know which of these two couples best represents the show, Saki and Natsumi or Rin and Yuka.

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13 Responses to Yuri Couples Festival 2012 Results

  1. ArcaJ says:

    I don’t mind the whole Akane/Akari thing, since Akane seems like the only person who actually cares for her. Plis, Akane knows how to keep her hands off the loli, so she’s already 90% more respectable than Haruka (grrrrr).

    I still think Miku got the shaft.


    Arca Jeth


    • Overlord-G says:

      Well said Miss AJ. It’s better to have someone who cares about you a lot than someone who’s REALLY nice to you, but doesn’t have strong feelings for you.

      Kanamemo’s Haruka sure doesn’t have many friends.

      Poor Miku was so unlucky. Maybe she’ll have better luck this year.


  2. Stevie Nix says:

    Heh Go SakuHima!

    Also I second ArcaJ, poor Miku. Hopefully next year.

    Also while I voted Jersey Club, if Madoka had to pick just one, it would be Lan, though I disagree Muginami being a third wheel. Before the bath she was more interested in the Vox than Madoka so she wasn’t to me a third wheel. After the bath it was definitely everyone’s favorite hero of justice that was on her mind. Which of course made Lan step up her game too, which resulted in the Jersey Club we know and love. By the way, that is a rather adorable picture of Madoka and Lan you posted

    Happy New Year once again!

    P.S. Unless the manga/anime ever goes into detail about the start of Akane’s love/obsession with Akari, “Bakyu~~n!!” is a good of a reason as any.


    • Overlord-G says:

      I bet (If done right) Miku will have her redemption in season 2.

      Hmm, I suppose I should cut Muginami some slack, but Lan’s still the better lover. Still, Muginami’s greatest after her eyes were opened to how little Villa mattered was when she fought Lan (The 2nd time) over Madoka.


  3. yurimylove says:

    Very informative, It’s good to know how the Nation views each of these adorable yuri couples nominated in your awards. There’re a couple of series I really need to catch up on, like BRS and Flower of Rin-ne. Basically any shows that have received a nomination here will automatcially go on my to-watch list, that is if I hadn’t watched it already.


  4. MAR-KLAC_VELOUS says:

    oh all yuru yuri love is still same yea especially lots of Himawari and Sakurako during s2 of it.

    & yea “HER” with akarin together oh my if day come that akarin find out “HER” secret yea i can see this will happen to akarin someday http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNJI0vW69yE


  5. SilverFox says:

    Some of the choices were a bit difficult to make on these questions. But the majority of the couples I voted for won.

    For Natsuiro Kiseki it’s a tough one. Saki and Natsume have a more active relationship and would make a cute couple. early on the series, especially when Saki and Natsume get stuck together, there is definitely skmething there. However Rin and Yuka are shown in a couple of touching scenes, like when Yuka goes to take care of Rin when she’s sick and of course the scene you have the screen shot of. I would ship both pairings but if I have to pick it’s Rin and Yuka. They’re cuteness wins out. This show was adorable and worth the time to watch.


  6. Mato and Yomi really is the best couple, but you can’t deny the fact that Kagari loves Yomi even if she is mentally unstable.

    All 3 in Rinne is a great choice, but the picture of just Madoka and Lan is adorable. Orca is also necessary. Without Orca, the picture wouldn’t be as good.

    Yuru Yuri was a given. Ayano is best for Kyouko and there’s no one other than Akari’s sister to love her.


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