Yuri Anime Awards 2012 Results

For everyone in the East, Happy New Year to you all! For those living in the West, just a few more hours to go.


The Yuri Anime Award Results Ceremony is brought to you by Snowflame: The Fancomic. Snowflame, the first and only cocaine powered super villain.



This year, I made some mistakes as well. Allow me to explain a certain exclusion. Nobara Yukinokouji was not a Best co-star nominee due to not exactly making a huge impact to make her worthy of notice. While she does have her “Maniac” catchphrase and a few delicious moments, they weren’t enough to nominate her. As for Sengoku Collection…I made the mistake of dropping the show after the unimpressive first episode. I was later told the show got more fun from there. I’ll review it eventually as it may end up becoming the Koihime Musou 4 alternative I wished for after all. We’ll see.

Now then, on to the results, which I believe some of them may surprise the voters.

First of all, Best Animation goes to…

BRS TVBlack Rock Shooter TV with  29.17% of the votes, Rinne no Lagrange with in 2nd with 25% and Mouretsu Pirates in 3rd with 16.67%

Next up we have the Best Soundtrack, which goes to…

Symphogear music cover

Senki Zesshou Symphogear with 37.5%, BRS TV in 2nd with 19.44% and Mouretsu Pirates comes in 3rd with 12.5%

Best OP goes to…wow, not many people liked the Jormungand OP.

Mugen no Ai with 21.62%, Black Rock Shooter in 2nd with 18.92% and Synchrogazer in 3rd with 16.22%

Best ED goes to…

Lost Child with 30.43%, Meteor Light in 2nd with 17.39% and Hello! with 14.49%

Now for the bonus awards.

I wanted to try something different this year. I’ll come up with some other bonus awards next year as well…if the shows inspire me to create diverse awards.

Best Symphogear Armor goes to…oh…wow…this is a surprise.

Chris Yukine's Major Gunns ArmorTsubasa's torn tight swordswoman armorIt’s a draw between Chris’ Major Gunns Armor and Tsubasa’s Tight Swordswoman Armor with 32.65% each, Kanade’s Pre-Piston Armor comes in 2nd with 18.37% and Hibiki’s Piston Armor 3rd with 14.29%

The Best Warrior in the BRS universe is…

BRS Omega Cannon

Black Rock Shooter herself with 48.08%, Dead Master in 2nd with 23.08% and Black Gold Saw with 11.54%

Up next, the big time awards. No special music this time.

Best Villain goes to…

Black Gold Saw with 37.5%, Kagari Izuriha (notice I didn’t mention her Warrior ego) with 26.56%, and Sparkly Snugglebutt with 18.75%

Best Co-Star goes to…again!? Holy cow!

A happy girl hugging her victorious loverA victorious Akane Akaza slumbers peacefullyChiaki Kurihara and Akane Akaza (Yes, I’m done with Voldemort jokes) both take the gold with 30.43%, Kuuko SURPRISINGLY gets a Silver with 13.04% and Valmet breaks a person’s neck, chops them up and stuffs his remains in her bronze trophy with 11.59%

Best protagonist goes to…

Yes hun, we both got more gold bootyCaptain Marika Kato adds more gold to her collection with 35%, Madoka Kyouno (by one vote) takes the silver with 20% and Akari Akaza takes bronze with 18.75%

The Iono-sama award goes to…

Just another night in Captain Marika's private chamberCaptain Marika Kato with 38.46%, Madoka Kyouno’s 2nd with 32.05% and Akari Akaza’s 3rd with 20.51%

The Twincest Award goes to…

Chitose and Chizuru kissingkuro-and-yuu

Yup, 3 in a row. The Ikeda twins wanted competition, they got it, as both ChiChi and YuuRo take the gold with 39.19%, GruGru come in 2nd with 14.86% and the Misfortune Twins get bronze with 6.76%

Best yuri moment goes to…

The “Prince and her Bride” with 36.05%, the marriage contract comes in 2nd with 26.74% and In Our own World gets the Bronze with 11.63%

And there you have it doods and peeps. Your winners My Final thoughts. 2012 was definitely a better year than 2011 for the Nation. Here’s to an equally yurirific 2013.

Stay tuned later on for the Yuri Couples Festival results. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!

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12 Responses to Yuri Anime Awards 2012 Results

  1. hoshiko says:

    It’s shame to say but I didn’t watch a lot of the series voted. I agree though that BRS has one of the best animation last year.

    Happy New Year, OG!


  2. ArcaJ says:

    Great awards G. I still think there should have been a Best Waifu award. (you know why)


    Arca Jeth


  3. Stevie Nix says:

    Even though in most of the polls the girls I voted for didn’t win, I’m perfectly fine how the polls turned out due to the shear quality of the contestants. Hopefully there will be even more choices in next year’s poll.

    Biggest surprise for me was that KuroXYuu tied with ChitoseXChizuru. I was certain that kiss would allow ChiChi to run away again with it. Still I voted YuuRo so I’m happy about that.


  4. Kai says:

    Mouretsu Pirates struck gold, lol.


  5. yurimylove says:

    That’s a great awards ceremony and the results are all good. I was listening to the winning OP and ED as I read and it was fun.

    Regarding Sengoku Collection, I watched the entire series and overall I enjoyed it, however IMHO it’s nowhere near the GREATNESS of Koihime Musou. And my personal recommendation, for anyone who don’t want to watch all 26 episodes but don’t want to miss out on the more yuri-licious ones, would be: ep. 1, 3, 5, 7, 9-13, 16-20, 22, 25-26.


    • yurimylove says:

      sorry, episode 1 can be skipped due to non-yuri, but it does help establish the story background… a little bit. The truth is though, most episodes are so disjointed and unrelated to any overall plot, that it doesn’t really matter.

      Therefore, I’m still eagerly wishing for Koihime Musou S4 nanoda!!


    • Overlord-G says:

      Very well. I’ll keep those episodes in mind when giving it a go.


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