Yuri Talk: Worst Yuri Trends Results

The nation members who both follow and occasionally stumble upon my blog have spoken. After posting this discussion (Yuri Talk: Worst Yuri Trends) in November 2012, I was patiently awaiting the results. Anyone who has yet to vote can still do so so as not fell left out. As for my research, I now have sufficient votes to come to a proper conclusion.

The results are in and the winner is:

Interfering Male Character with 46.6% of the votes. Bad End comes in 2nd with 15.53% and Lack of shows “Crossing the Line” in 3rd with 12.62%

This means yuri fans cannot stand when male characters get in the way of a blossoming lesbian’s quest to win the heart of her fair maiden. I don’t know how many will agree with me on this statement, but rarely is the lesbian crusader in the wrong as it’s usually either due to the maiden lusting over a guy who has hardly done anything to be deserving of her heart, or, when the lesbian is in the wrong, it’s usually due to the lesbian being a pervert with legitimate love for the maiden. When there are moments the guy would do something to help the maiden, they are usually obligatory or coincidental as the guy is left with no other choice but to help the maiden in distress, with no initial amoral motives involved. Most of these guys for the girl because they all give in and roll with it, not because they truly desire cake and milk. Either that or the guy is interested in someone else.

As for the crusader…finding anime where the crusader is victorious over the guy is like finding a needle in a haystack. In manga they have better luck, at least.

As for the runner ups. Nobody likes sad endings for crusaders and/or their maidens. Then 3rd one, is it too much to ask for shows that take place outside of high school and starring post-college graduates or adult women?

There you have it doods and peeps. Stay tuned tomorrow for the long awaited Yuri Anime and Yuri Couples Festival results ceremony. how many categories did your picks win and did your fav couples come out on top?

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4 Responses to Yuri Talk: Worst Yuri Trends Results

  1. yurimylove says:

    and the one that takes the cake, in my book, would be Yoshiki Kusanagi from Venus Versus Virus anime. ***spoiler alert***

    Of course that idoit had to act all heroic and get killed BY Lucia — in front of Sumire no less — which practically rules out any possible future for the Lucia x Sumire pairing I was rooting for >.<


    • Overlord-G says:

      Venus Versus Virus was a show with a ton of potential for the Nation, but no, Sumire just HAD to want Hostess cakes over a glorious Cleopatra Salad. Sheesh.
      It also made the final battle beyond sour.


  2. NemoPrime says:

    Am I the only one who finds it weird that 47% of the people here would prefer to see one of the girls dying over one of them having a male love interest? I mean, a male love interest can always be removed in fanon, with no conflict with canon: just say they broke up after the end of the series, or that the guy died. but having a character killed off is kinda a hard thing to get around without doing a DBZ crossover.


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