174th G-View: Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon II

The G-Views are back in quicker succession now that my holiday vacation has started. That means it;s finally time to start catching up with several Summer and Fall 2012 on my schedule. where better to begin than with the 2nd season of one of my fav shows of 2011, Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon.

Fair warning. It is HIGHLY recommended to watch the first season before proceeding as the 2nd season starts IMMEDIATELY after the cliffhanger-ish season finale.

As always, here’s the link to my review of the first season: 147th G-View: Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon

Chibi goodness

Alternate Title: Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere II
Number of episodes: 13
G-Rating: 7/10 (Only because not much has changed)

I won’t spoil the plot summary. All you need to know is after S1, the gang ends up in England

How do I sum up my thoughts on the 2nd season? Let’s see: It’s the 1st season with a coat of paint. Seriously, the main plot feels like a rehash of the 1st season. Sure, progress is made but the setup feels incredibly familiar. Other than that, if you enjoyed everything S1 had to offer, odds are you’ll enjoy S2 just as much as I did, though I’ll admit it wasn’t as glorious as S1.

I honestly can’t say much else that I haven’t said in my S1 review. The hero team faces off against rival countries for usually contrived circumstances, political disputes have contrived conclusions and contracts are made in a convoluted manner. Believe me, you still require to visit a KSnH viewing guide (like Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon Wiki ) as the political system and basis of making progress in life after the 1st apocalypse by reenacting historical events, continues to be confusing. Still, I stand by what I said in my previous review on how interesting the world is from top to bottom. It may not make sense, but the world and its inhabitants are still pretty cool.

Half-Lycan and Priestess

The action scenes still kick ass and the fanservice delivers…though you’ll need to be very wary of a nudist culture embracing Aoi Toori. I know he did that in S1 as well but here it’s become one his most well known characteristic. Oh well, at least the amount of water balloons and other fine female bods makes up for major dork chowder. I wonder if the ladies would have preferred seeing the other dudes showing off their pecks instead of dorky Aoi? The animation and music quality remains the same, which is fine by me.

How to treat a bumbling nudist

Ninjas can do anything, except fight against pirates like all geeks want them toThe characters I enjoyed in the previous season are still just as awesome in S2, but the secondary character who got the most important role this season is Tenzou, the Ero-Cap Ninja Man as I like to call him. He even gets his own Zelda/Sheik. Too bad his equally perverted mecha dragon buddy hardly got screen time, along with the incubus, slime, chubby boy and Hindu stereotype guy. My fav characters are still the half-lycan, the Honda cousins, Toori’s older sister Kimi, Suzu and of course…

The long awaited reunion

Now let’s be honest here. While all the show’s pros are fine and dandy, there’s only ONE reason any Nation member would give two licks about this show, the further adventures of The badass lesbian “Teknohexen”, Malga Naruze and Margot Knight. So, their story this time. After the now legendary battle in episode 10, Malga’s broom had been destroyed and she’s forced to go on missions away from Margot. The majority of their subplot follows Malga interacting with others and fighting solo as she grows stronger as a character to eventually return to where she belongs, by her lover’s side in and out of the battlefield. The best part (Besides Malga in combat) is that no matter how rough things got, the most important priority in both their minds was each other.

amazing what being trapped inside an old school tank can accomplish

Hmm, I also noticed some closeness between Suzu and megane girl, who got a big time promotion and more important role this season.

Malga getting a scolding from Kimi

In conclusion: This is yet another one of those “if you didn’t like the 1st season, this one won’t change your mind” kind of anime so I can’t make it any simpler than that. For fans of the series who haven’t picked this one up yet, while very little has changed, overall it’s still a great watch and I can’t wait for the inevitable 3rd season.

Toori and Horizon

Bonus character development opinion. I forgot to mention an important character development in the show, which is Horizon’s. See, Horizon’s an android named P01-s that was created with Horizon’s human soul after the original Horizon died. However, due to circumstances beyond her control, Horizon’s emotions were sealed. Now, Toori, who’s been in love with Horizon since childhood, wants to help her reclaim all her emotions, not just to save the world, but to start over. What’s interesting in this “robot with feelings-ish” storyline is seeing how Horizon debates common sense, law, values and human logic in order to understand what it is like to feel. In short, several debates on what it is like to “feel”. while Toori’s obligatorily annoying that was explained in the 1st season, when it comes to Horizon and backing up his friends, he can be a surprisingly profound person.

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12 Responses to 174th G-View: Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon II

  1. MAR-KLAC_VELOUS says:

    hmm well give seen pics & mention of it looking seem could if watch but just saw the dub version this year of s1 Horizon.

    just wait on s2 dub to give full hmm on it,


    • Overlord-G says:

      You speak KLAC-nese and yet you favor Dubs over Subs. You’re one strange Asian-American or whatever nationality you are. Either that or you just don’t like reading subtitles.


      • MAR-KLAC_VELOUS says:

        well give i’ve not heard of horizon anime until this year besides i did not even notice til this year give i bit late came to subs but hey dub are shown up.

        besides i do watch subs as mostly those are anime with 13eps or less with few over 13+ like toradora & mirai nikki.

        yea so find right interest to seek but at least saw this anime it’s bit ok now hold in s2 dub,


    • Overlord-G says:

      Umm…you said the first season was decent…or something like that and now you want the Dub Blu-Ray…I think.
      You also said you like watching subs of short shows (12-13)…but the rest is blurry.


      • MAR-KLAC_VELOUS says:

        give it watch through online stream places for dub on it besides still hmm if buy dvd-blu of it give this show a lot of f-service on it oh my so much doobi on it.


  2. SilverFox says:

    I love this series. Have to say Kimi and werewolf girl are awesome along with Malga and Margot. But the one that is my absolute favorite for the female cast is Suzu. Her pillow finding ability is something else. For male leads I adore Tenzou. There’s just something about his character that I love.

    I also noticed the closeness between Suzu and megane girl. Their tactics in that armor suit were something else. I also have to say I appreciated how they did he male werewolf but then again most anime dont screw up werewolves in their true form badly.


    • Overlord-G says:

      We have similar fav characters then (Besides the obvious seraphic lesbian techno witches). I wonder what your thoughts are on the Honda cousins? You know, Futayo and Masazumi.

      Tenzou’s a lovable badass pervy ninja with a cap that shows us how he’s feeling before he speaks. Also his seiyuu’s awesome.

      I also added a bonus opinion on Horizon…and a minor compliment for Toori. This show’s cast rocks so much that it makes up for the difficult to follow, yet enjoyable story but you read my S1 review so you can kinda understand what I mean.

      Ah the male werewolf. He’s one mean dude and he sure gave Malga a whoopin’. You’re right about anime treating supernatural creatures more respectable than tween sitcoms and movies with sparkling vampires…or any supernatural teen sitcom for that matter, American or European.


      • SilverFox says:

        The Hondas didn’t catch my interest as much but I give kudos to the political one for standing with her classmates. The priestess is cute though with her little spirit god. I liked the attempts at slapstick the political one made. Ill need to give this a second watch to really form a better opinion on them. I think s2 showed a bigger light on them both. I also did want to see more development with the dragon hybrid friend but maybe next season whenever that gets announced.
        All the tween American vamp and werewolf stuff I’ve seen is really mediocre, and I’m a huge Buffy fan. But vamp diaries and the like are just meh. Give me vamps and my Lycans As vicious as the underworld ones but make the wolves look like the van Helsing movie ones and I’m sold.


    • Overlord-G says:

      I thought you’d enjoy Futayo’s adorably clueless face and badassery on the battlefield but I can see why you were more interested in other characters.
      Hmm, no. Both got the same amount of screen time as in S1, which was quite a bit.
      The dragon hybrid is still treated like an extra so we’ll have to wait a while to see if he’ll get a bigger role next season.

      A movie with vampires and werewolves as cool as in the Underworld series but furry like the Van Helsing ones. Good idea madame.


      • SilverFox says:

        Like i said I’ll have to rewatch it so I can pay more attention to the other characters. Specific ones caught my sites first and this series is definitely one to watch a couple times to grasp everything that goes on. Futayo is pretty awesome with her fighting style, I do admit that.


  3. cirno9fan says:

    I would say it’s actually completely different than the first season, but I might be one of the few that didn’t read any supplementary anything when watching the show and didn’t feel completely lost. Especially once the second season got going. Things really began to come together then.

    Anyway, I’d say it was a huge improvement over Season 1, but I just loved how actually sci fi it was. Most sci fi works still make everything largely work like it does now. It’s like they just won’t let their imagination take them beyond what is the “obvious” or “known” in the world we live in now. They will on some aspects, but many will still not.

    And this world was full of things that wouldn’t make any sense with the “known” of our world, but created such a wonderful and interesting place.

    There were so many ships/flat out couples….

    And I take offense to “Now let’s be honest here. While all the show’s pros are fine and dandy, there’s only ONE reason any Nation member would give two licks about this show, the further adventures of The badass lesbian “Teknohexen””
    I disagree greatly. There was so much about this show that was amazing even outside those two.

    But I’m keeping things short and just saying this was such an amazing experience that I hope something similar will pop up again in the future~


    • OG-Man says:

      Has it already been 7 years since I last saw this show and wrote the review?

      Anyway glad you were able to get so much without needing to look anything up. I only remember stuff on the surface level myself.


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