The Yuri Couples Festival 2012

Update: Here are the results: Yuri Couples Festival 2012 Results

Let me share what my went through my head while planning this:

First I wanted to make an elimination tournament, culminating with one couple being voted as the best of yuri couple of 2012. Then I changed my mind due to 1 show in particular. You’ll easily figure out which one it is.


The following program is brought to you by the underrated rare PS3 game, Folklore. Folklore, it’s what you get when you combine Pokemon, Ghostbusters, Silent Hill, Ireland and Tim Burton (in his heyday).

I thought it was a little unfair to pick only 1 couple to epitomize all of yuridom this year. Instead I’ll do the following. Read on to find out:

Warning: There will be A LOT of shows so let me know if this is a bad idea or not. Don’t blame me, blame all the good shows with yuri in them.

This one has a January 7th results due date as well.

Azu-Nyan and Yui

I’ll name off several shows, including the ones that were nominated in the yuri awards, and mention the couples within them. Again, some shows with worthwhile content will be left out because of one following three reasons:

1: Only one yuri couple in it.

2: The yuri is meaningless fanservice and contributes nothing.

3: I didn’t see the show before writing this post.

Let’s get started.

Black Rock Shooter TV

Mato and YomiA: Mato and Yomi

Saya and Yuu

B: Saya and Yuu

Mato and Yuu

C: Mato and Yuu

Kagari and Yomi

D: Kagari and Yomi (Because there are crazy people out there)

Senki Zesshou Symphogear

Hibiki and Miku

A: Hibiki and Miku

Kanade and Tsubasa

B: Kanade and Tsubasa.

Rinne no Lagrange

While Madoka Kyouno is a chick magnet, there are two girls in her life she has actively slept with in bed (Both as friends and lovers). Whether you like it or not (and I know there are those who don’t), Madoka is dating two other women, who have quarreled a few times to decide who loves Madoka the most.  The question is, who do you all think is the better girlfriend for the sexy defender of justice? OOOOOORRRR…

Madoka and Lan

A: Madoka and Lan

Madoka and Muginami

B: Madoka and Muginami

Lan and Muginami

C: Muginami and Lan

Can't decide

D: Can’t decide or threesomes FTW!

Mouretsu Pirates

Like Lagrange, Marika Kato is also a chick magnet. However, unlike RnL, the following two cuties have absolutely no intention of sharing the badass space pirate captain for they went all out in their battles. Oh, and in case you’re wondering why I didn’t include Jenny and Lynn, it’s because this battle is more personal.

Marika and Chiaki, space pirate idolsA: Marika and Chiaki.

Marika and Gruier

B: Marika and Gruier

Hidamari Sketch

Yuno and Miyako

A: Yuno and Miyako

Nori and Nazuna 2

B: Nori and Nazuna


C: Hiro and Sae

Strike Witches

Yoshika and Lynette

A: Yoshika and Lynette

Eila and Sanya

B: Eila and Sanya

Mio and Minna

C: Mio and Minna

(While I only see the following two teams as partners rather than lovers, I’ll include them because they have their fans)

Francesca and Charlotte

D: Francesca and Charlotte

Erica and Gertrud

E: Erica and Gertrud

AKB0048. I do hope these pairings will develop further in season 2.

Nagisa and Chieri

A: Nagisa and Chieri

Kanata and Minami

B: Kanata and Minami

Sonata and Suzuko

C: Sonata and Suzuko (My crack pairing)

And now, for the main events. The following polls all belong to two shows and the main reasons why I had to cancel my original plans for a yuri couples tournament.

Saki Achiga-hen; episode of Side-A

The reason Saki and Nodoka weren’t nominated was because they hardly had any screen time TOGETHER.

Toki and Ryuuka

A: Toki and Ryuuka

Kuro and Yuu

B: Kuro and Yuu

Yumi and Momo

C: Yumi and Momo

Harue and Arata

D: Harue and Arata

A very special thanks goes to the Yuri Nation’s Chairperson, Arca J/Miss AJ for helping with the following selections. She has nothing for me to promote for her unfortunately. (site, blog, product etc.)

Yuru Yuri.

Best Potential Girlfriend for Akari~n.

A: Chinatsu.

B: Chitose.

C: Sakurako.

D: She who shan’t be named.

Best Potential Girlfriend for TOSHINO KYOUKO!

A: Chinatsu

B: Yui

C: Ayano

D: The girl who keeps buying TOSHINO KYOUKO’S Mirakurun doujins.

Best Secondary Couple. You’re all going to hate me after this next one.

Himawari and Sakurako

A: Himawari and Sakurako

Ayano and Chitose

B: Chitose and Ayano

Rise and Nana-sensei

C: Dr Boom-Boom and Cute Mute

Chitose and Chizuru 3

D: Chitose and Chizuru


E: The Dark Lord and her #1 Worshiper.

BONUS: Crossover Brawl.

At the last minute, my ingeniously twisted mind went to work. Behold!

Jenny and Lynn

A: Jenny and Lynn


Malga and Margot

B: Malga and Margot

There you have it doods and peeps. I hope this will make up for the lack of a best couple 2012 category in the yuri awards. There were simply too many great couples this year. Comments, complaints, omissions, whatever you want to tell me and the rest of the nation, go for it.

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7 Responses to The Yuri Couples Festival 2012

  1. yurimylove says:

    somehow, i care about these results more than the presidential election…


  2. MAR-KLAC_VELOUS says:

    among those hey give hmm just if who what next expect spin-off series for Himawari and Sakurako?

    or better a spinoff focus on “her” aka The Dark Lord so we more doing & plans on what her name again?


  3. Stevie Nix says:

    Love how there is so much support for Sakurako X Himawari. Also Jenny X Lynn all the way!

    Merry Christmas Overlord-G!


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