Lonely Yuri Review

This next visual novel review should be a short and sweet one, which is appropriate since the VN is exactly that, short and sweet. Here’s Lonely Yuri, or Kodoku ni Kiku Yuri.

Lonely Yuri Cover

Genres: Romance, Visual Novel, Angst, Yuri

Themes: Hikkikomori/Shut-in

Length: 2-3 hours

G-Rating: Okay

Short summary: Fusa Konno, shy girl, goes to the house of a girl who has been absent from school since the opening ceremony. For some reason (Which is kinda explained eventually), she falls asleep for a long time and when she finally wakes up, is engaged in a liplock with the slender, yet still beautiful, Seri.

“She gave her love, and tenderness.
First with a kiss…

It was first year in high school. The budding of summer.
Fusa Konno met a shut-in girl named Seri.
Persecuted by her yearning eyes, her heart opened…”

Fusa (Left) and Seri (Right)

There you go, simple as that. The rest of the story revolves around Fusa trying to understand her own feelings and why she’s this inexplicable attraction to Seri, while Seri herself grows hungrier and hungrier for Fusa pie.

e_sugarsdelight_02In a sense, LY kinda reminds me of another short and sweet yuri eroge,  Sugar’s Delight.The obvious main difference is SD has love scenes while LY doesn’t (Although LY does have some lighthearted erotic moments).

The animation and music both scream average. Even more so than Amaranto. The backgrounds are clearly blurry real life photos and the characters look average as well. The CG’s are decent. Even so the girls have an adorable charm to them.

On a personal note: Some of Seri’s actions kinda confuse me. For some reason, I am reminded of Takako and Runa’s relationship in a way. It has a shy girl getting paired up with an energetic girl (who is secretly “spoiler”.). What makes this one more acceptable is both have brains and have a somewhat reasonable reason for being the way they are.

In conclusion, it’s a short and enjoyable read. It obviously won’t win any awards for historic writing but it’s still worth a look.

The game is available on DLSite and Steam.

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14 Responses to Lonely Yuri Review

  1. Idiot Game Freak says:

    Why can’t I play it!!
    There’s like a Syntax Error!!!!


  2. Gisei says:

    OH!!! I knew it I knew you already played this. Haha anyway just finished playing it and I thought maybe OG-san hasn’t checked this out yet. I’m about to write a post when i thought i’d check if you have… and you did! well that’s too bad for me. You are 2 years ahead of me on this one. I’ll try again xD


  3. I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!! As you say it the story is so simple and yet so wonderfull

    Liked by 1 person

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