St. Michael’s Couples Invitational fighting tournament. A SonoHana dream fighter

My favorite Hanabira sponsoring android, AXYPB, gave me an idea after he checked out my list of fighting game ladies. Basically it’s just another one of the many great doujin game ideas involving our merry group of adorable lesbian lovers. This post will basically be my idea of what I’d like this fighter to be like if it were ever green lit for production.

The plot to kick things off is this. A mysterious high ranking employee at St Michael’s School for Girls wants to organize a special “couples only” event where the winning couple will get one special wish. Of course, like every other fighting game plot known to man, there’s an ulterior motive behind the tournament. Our heroines will be forced to compete against each other. How, I’m not sure yet. This is a synopsis, not the complete plot.

You can pretty much guess who is the final boss.

The roster will consist of 20+ characters (The Hanahira girls and Nanami’s posse are unlockable), depending on how many guest characters to invite. Personally I’d like to see guest couples from Maria-Sama ga Miteru and Strawberry Panic. Two pairs from each would be fine. Heck, if the budget is high enough ,throw in some Yuru Yuri DLC.

Gameplay, if it were like any of these games, it’d be fine. See, I can only imagine a Sono Hanabira fighter as Tag Team based for obvious reasons. Anyway, Eris and Shizuku pulling off tag combos like the ones below would give me a raging gaming boner.

As for how each girl fights? Simple.

Big breasts=Power

Medium breasts=varied


Reo=god tier (pffft!)

Speaking of Reo…this news post from Fuguriya published on 9 October.

talking about a yuri themed beat-em up, will include Reo as a guest character. The site has a special prize for anyone who can come up with a great moves list for Reo. However, it can’t be accessed by the West, apparently. So, just for fun, I’ll make up a moves list for her.


Tombstone Piledriver

Lion Fangs

Lion Tamer

Special moves:

Flying Spear

Rising Tsundere

Scary Face

Leaping Fangs

Hunger Game

Super Specials:

Fangs of Fear.

Blush Brush

Ultra Tsun-tsun

Ultimate Move:


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22 Responses to St. Michael’s Couples Invitational fighting tournament. A SonoHana dream fighter

  1. coldenic says:

    when will be ready? I want already play :3


    • Overlord-G says:

      If only it were real. This is a fantasy doujin game I’d like to become a reality, but I’ll need to find people who are good at manufacturing games, that like the idea first.


  2. Ralen says:

    The contest isn’t for submitting a moves list, but rather submitting a suggestion for Reo’s special move. The game maker’s site may not be accessible to people outside of Japan, but you can still submit your suggestion for Reo’s special move using the email address and subject line included in the news post. Just include the move’s name and a brief description of it. Of course it will probably have to be submitted in Japanese.


  3. k01 says:

    Hello. I’m coming from AXYPB’s introduction.
    >Big breasts=Power
    >Medium breasts=varied
    >Reo=god tier (pffft!)

    It is pitiful. I must report to Lady Reo. 🙂
    (これはひどい。玲緒さまに言いつけますわよwww )


  4. AXYPB says:

    On the subject of Reo in a fighting game, in lieu of designing a special attack for her in a single game, I present this.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Well, I based my moves list on the fact I can easily imagine Reo’s fighting style revolve around biting and headbutts. She would rarely use her fists. If we were to go supernatural, a fighting style similar to Filia’s would make sense.

      “MAI’S MINE!” would have Reo unleash her feral rage after imagining her opponent wanting to take Mai away from her so she pounces her opponent and begins tearing her to shreds like a caged lion, unlike her other bite moves where she bites and then throws her opponents afterward.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Yes. I noticed. Mai’s eyes are purple-ish.


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  6. TehdEn says:


    Actually this sounds like funny idea, but instead of taking characters from other series why we dont add some original couples, like bookworm-sports girl or cheery girl-cold girl, etc


    • Overlord-G says:

      Hmm. Technically those stereotypes are already in the game (except cold girl). I get what you’re saying though. sounds like a good idea to me. Exclusive characters that could hint at future couples in Hanabira 12 and up.


  7. AXYPB says:

    I created another palette for Skullgirls: Rena → Parasoul


    • Overlord-G says:

      Ah yes. I can easily picture Rena having a fighting style revolved around summoning cohorts during battle like Parasoul does. In fact, if the rumors (meaning Wiki) of her 100 “adventures” are true, that gives me an idea.


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