A Kiss for the Petals 3: Joined in Love with You

Next up is unarguably the most popular couple in the series as far as fans of the series are concerned.

There’s also a Remake of this game available. The only differences are an updated soundtrack and some new backgrounds used in later episodes. Other than that, the story remains unchanged.

This time the story is narrated by one Mai Sawaguchi, a girl some would label a Mary-Sue but I prefer the term hard working role model. Her life changes forever upon meeting a short, adorable grouch in Reo Kawamura. Despite Reo being mean to her and telling her to buzz off, Mai has an initial maternal/”I can’t leave this poor, adorable stray cub” instinct inside her that won’t allow her to ignore Reo. Eventually Reo’s true feelings are revealed and an initially shocked Mai required the influence of one “omnipotent being” to push her in the right direction. Yes, one again, SHE brings joy to confused lesbians because SHE’S that damn marvelous. All hail the blonde squeaky voiced hunter!

As mentioned in the intro, Mai and Reo are the most popular couple in the series. So much so that besides the default features all the other couples have, they have their own OVA, a mini web-series and even a currently ongoing radio show. Yet despite all this fame…they…aren’t…my…favorite. Not even close. To put it simply, while they do have their cute moments, got me to chuckle and their love scenes get the job done, they just don’t have the “OOMPH” the other couples have. I can’t quite explain what it is. Maybe it has something to do with my natural instinct to defy the mainstream or maybe it’s because I think Reo’s overrated. While I consider those reasons petty, the fact remains these two don’t make me “squee” all that much. don’t get me wrong, I don’t HATE this couple at all, they just aren’t my #1. Without asking a single fan out there why they like this couple so much…my best guess is because of how laid back and cute the two are together, especially during a certain phone call scene, which I do admit was adorable.

With that out of the way, let’s get back to the discussion:

The main aspect I like about Mai, besides her hair, is that she’s the very first “HUNTER” type narrator in a series where we’re usually told the story from the “PREY”‘s perspective. It’s cool that we get to see how the dominant female becomes infatuated with her more submissive lover and how it feels when the prey finally gets the urge to push her hunter down for once. As I mentioned earlier, Mai has an uncontrollable urge inside her to watch over Reo and guide her. What is initially seen as pity becomes infatuation and finally true love. It’s cute enough to keep you wanting to see how her brain and muscle tone develop. Maybe it had something to do with her position as a role model for others that Mai felt she HAD to help Reo find her way back on the right path in life.

Reo is the hybrid of a lion and Tasmanian Devil who has about as much common sense as Taz does. Being born and raised in a mansion on the isle of Tasmania, Reo is a spoiled ojou-sama who is obviously socially inept and lacks any knowledge of the most menial of tasks. Because of this, like every other tsundere born in the anime universe, she hides her true feelings behind a wall of spits, growls and sharp fangs. However, one bodacious maiden who refused to leave her alone, slowly taught Reo the power of friendship and the gnarly god’s most radical skill of how to chill out. It is this determination and affection that made Reo’s secretly fragile heart grow three sizes one Easter morning.

The love scenes: Let’s just say despite it being in Reo’s nature to be grumpily submissive, I was very glad when Reo finally took the big girl down. I will admit Mai’s mastery of the slurp is raging otaku boner worthy.

In conclusion: While I’m not as impressed by this couple as many others, I won’t call this an overrated bust at all. It’s still just as good as all the other episodes in this series and has a charm that may I just can’t see in them. For the few of you there who have yet to “play” this one, go for it so you can at least see for yourself whether this couple is worthy of their popularity or not.

P.S.: As of this writing, I have yet to play episode 5 so I don’t know how their relationship will develop. Maybe my opinion on them will change for the better.

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7 Responses to A Kiss for the Petals 3: Joined in Love with You

  1. …These two are from a game? Weird. I thought they were just from some fluff hentai video I saw once.


  2. ArcaJ says:

    I think the big appeal with Mai and Reo is how they actually got to like each other before jumping into bed. And, we, the audience got to witness them breaking down walls to better understanding.

    But, let it be known, no actual human being is capable of being as tsundere as Reo.


    Arca Jeth


  3. Zackery Danh says:

    I personally feel they are my favorite couple. I like their back and forths, it’s not overly romantic like with some, not overly perverted like others, neither is trying hard to please the other, it’s just nice and simple. They both love each other, but neither go out their way to say it because they both already know, they treat each other like real couples should.

    They are sweet in a way that’s not too over the top, and while they do have their romantic/perverted moments most of the time, they just banter back and forth, and I find that nice. Most couples do that too, just talk and banter with each other, and I feel most people forget that nowadays.

    It’s the same reason I really like Miya and Risa, who are BTW, my second favorite, would be my first, but I don’t really know much about them compared to these two.


    • Zackery Danh says:

      Should’ve said this earlier, but case and point, the ending of The Joy of Loving You. This is my favorite ending of any of the games for one reason, how simple it was. The ending of the second game (spoiler alert since you haven’t reviewed it yet), ends with our two mains sitting in their school classroom to the sunset, talking about their future. Not their far future, like marriage, children, college, home, etc. but their near future. Building snowmen in the coming winter, playing Mahjong with the family, etc.

      It’s such a nice and simple scene, but because of that, it is so heartwarming and calming, it always manages to put me in a good mood. Overall, I just love the couple, and see how they are the most popular.

      Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      They are the series mascots for good reason as you described in full detail.


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