A Kiss for the Petals 2: My Dear Prince

In the last episode you got to see who I think is the funniest girl in the series. Now it’s time to meet my pick for the cutest. Also, a girl I proclaimed as being one of the most powerful and influential girls in the school makes a brief, yet very effective cameo.

Gather round and listen to the tale of an insecure, self demoting emo who has absolutely no reason to be doubt herself, but does regardless. She is admired by many yet lives in her own world where she’s nothing. “Seriously woman, do you own a mirror back home? Have you seen yourself? How could other girls NOT be turned on by you?” One day, something happened that would change her life, or rather her outlook on it, forever. A crowd gathers around what appears to be a well known species loved by many otakus: plushies. This particular plushie immediately notices the emo from a distance and thus begins said plushie’s mission to restore the confidence emo once had. however, it won’t be easy since emo feels a greater lack of confidence now that her cousin, a popular model, is hanging out with a person who sees herself as a loser not worthy of being loved by this being of adorable beauty.

You can tell from this couple that while the plot is still basic, the amount of depth in the relationships is expanding little by little.It shows that not only in this couple but later ones, it won’t be all about falling in love but rather establishing the relationship and accepting your new lives together, flaws and all.While Nanami and Yuuna also has these elements, Kaede and Sara go a bit deeper.

Kaede Kitagawa…my best guess is that the reason Kaede turned emo was because after Sara left, there was no longer any reason to be as cool as she used to be when she was around. As time passed and her cherished memories with Sara were buried in the deepest regions of her heart, so were her bravery and self-confidence. It wasn’t until Sara’s return that her inner badass slowly resurfaced…slowly. It all came up like a raging volcano ready to erupt and Kaede could deny her hunger for chocolate chip cookies no longer as she went all Cookie Monster on Sara’s perfect tooshie.

Ah yes. Sara Kitagawa. Funny thing about her and myself. She is she the epitome of omega-kawaii in this series. Not only that but her origin story is really interesting.

She’s a hybrid between and adorable teenager and a plushie who was raised by care bears in the ways of cuteness in Caralot . It is from them she developed her tendencies of often addressing herself in the 3rd person and her signature “ehehe” laugh. She also comes equipped with the world’s best drawn tooshie, which the OG-Man has an unhealthy fixation with. Her derriere truly is mystifying. How such a cute girl could have such a nice butt continues puzzling me every time I see it. As mentioned above, she learned much from her furry and adorable foster family as she became an awesome super model, especially to show her childhood heroine and one true love how much stronger she’s become.

There’s something I noticed about Kaede and Sara that makes them unique from the other couples in the series. You see, unlike the others where you can clearly tell who is wearing the pants, it isn’t as simple with this couple. They are equals with Kaede’s strength and Sara’s speed.

Update time. A wise nation member brought a very important subject to my attention in regards to the title. See, a running theme was Sara referring to Kaede as her “prince” due to her past actions. Sara believes so strongly in this image that it felt like she was forcing Kaede to become exactly the lover Sara wants her to be and not give Kaede any time to think things through. You could say Sara’s lucky Kaede reciprocated her feelings. Still, this fact further proves my point of Kaede and Sara being the most balanced couple in the series.

In conclusion: Some fans may dislike Kaede for her unnecessary moping and all will adore Sara’s cuteness. Even though this couple is considered the least popular in the series, they are definitely the most balanced.

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18 Responses to A Kiss for the Petals 2: My Dear Prince

  1. ArcaJ says:

    Not my favorite couple, mainly because of Sara’s initiation of intimacy. While I appreciate her feelings, her actions were over the top. I liked their second game a lot better since they were on more equal footing, emotionally. (plus, that photograph was EPIC!)


    Arca Jeth


    • Overlord-G says:

      Indeed. I have plenty to say about the 4th episode, especially in regards to how their relationship evolved, when I get there.

      Oho, so you actually disliked Sara, eh? should have seen that coming. Ah well, childhood crushes can lead people to do crazy things after reuniting with their loved one.


      • ArcaJ says:

        Sara is a little too precious for my taste, but I don’t hate her. Just how she started things with Kaede. Some people like forceful lovers, but not usually when it’s their first time and a complete surprise.

        I didn’t like how things started, but I loved how things ended up between them.


        Arca Jeth


    • Overlord-G says:

      It’s her cuteness that I like so much about her. Still, you do have a point. Sara was pretty forceful, especially since she had an image of what she wanted Kaede to be and Kaede didn’t exactly have any desire to be what Sara wanted her to become until they came to an agreement of sorts.

      Thanks for pointing out this detail. I updated the review accordingly.


    • AXYPB says:

      I believe that Sara’s most defining characteristic is her impulsiveness, fueled largely by her resolution to win Kaede’s exclusive affection. On multiple occasions per visual novel, she makes significant choices on impulse, thinking it’s what Kaede wants or is best for her, only to regret it immediately after: she pleasures her in the clinic shortly after meeting her, only to break down in tears seconds later; she gives her a makeover and undoes it when Kaede starts getting too much attention; and she authorizes the publication of a telling photograph that ends the same way. Her spontaneous personality is directly at odds with Kaede’s apprehensiveness. Kaede, who takes care to be as uninvolved with others as possible, is forced by Sara’s presence and actions to change that, and Sara is taught restraint by Kaede’s example. Each of them possesses a crucial social component that the other lacks, and by providing that, their relationship grows.


      • Overlord-G says:

        That’s pretty much the essential details of their relationship. A not so accurate, but close enough comparison is that Sara’s a member of the Zhang Tribe and Kaede’s of the Gan Jin. It’s a stretch but Sokka and Katara’s ways of doing things are split the same way.


  2. Subarashikun says:

    Ooo this is the one I played from before, i remember downloading tons of Eroge, and this was one of em. It game me a hard time looking for English patches before, and when i do get an english patch it was incomplete. 😀


  3. MAR-KLAC-VELOUS says:

    what the ?! & don’t tell me there is anime version of this yet?


  4. SnippetTee says:

    This pair is still my favourite. I like the idea of transformation and how Kaede used it to reciprocate Sara’s feelings. I enjoy the fact that she’s only transforming only when needed and only when Sara demanded. They have thiis deeper form of intimacy and reservation–something that I didn’t really see in the other couples.

    Also, I don’t really like girls in braids but the hot chick form of Kaede is just …omg! My only complaint is her ridiculous breast size but that’s forgiveable. At least Sara has the best body figure (without considering the new couple).


    • Overlord-G says:

      Yet another fan who supports my “balanced” theory on this couple. The Care Bears salute you miss Snippy. You could say the braids represent Kaede’s “ugly duckling” shell she hides behind. At least, that’s how I see it.

      I look forward to more “ehehe” very soon in both my replay of episode 4 and the upcoming 11th episode.


  5. Elizabeth says:

    I just started this game (after just finishing the first game) and somehow I can’t really seem to get into it. Maybe its because I’m not giving it my undivided attention but for some reason I just can’t get into them as a couple. I mean in the first game (just my opinion) the passion between Yuuna and Nanami was just.. I just loved it. But here, I get that they knew each other as kids and were separated, but why did it turn into a sexual relationship?
    I actually thought I this one was gonna be my favorite since there wasn’t a blonde involved (that’s a different story) and I think that Sara absolutely gorgeous, but I don’t know. Like I said, I just started it so I’ll just have to wait and see.
    Again, sorry for the long post.


    • Overlord-G says:

      It’s best to reserve all judgment till you finish the game…and their sequel (Sono Hanabira 4, which I WILL review soon) before deciding whether they’re sweet or not. If they got you to squee by the end of this game, all that’s left is to play the fourth one and see how they’re doing and what will happen next.


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