Hanabira 11 Update: New release date and Rena

“Copied from Petals’ Garden because all is fair when it comes to promoting yuri.”

Includes a “special” pic near the end. Warning, you know what kind it is.

  • The release date has been delayed to 30 November 2012.
  • New character information has been added. Risa and Miya’s voice actresses are to be determined.
  • A diagram illustrating character relations has been added. This chart makes a number of implications that affect the current visual novel continuity:All characters have been redrawn from head to toe.
    • Nanami, Sara, and Risa are grouped together as friends. This implies that Nanami and Sara are in the same class, which is not explicitly stated in any of Fuguriya’s works.
    • Rena is a homeroom teacher for the first-year class, presumably Nanami, Sara, and Risa’s class, which would give Takako and Runa a tenuous connection with the rest of the campus.
    • Mai is grouped with Yuuna and Kaede as class representatives. In Joined In Love With You, Mai states that she is treated like a representative by her classmates, but she never actually was one.

  • Rena now has a visual. Her voice actress is to be determined.
  • Haruna Yumi (春奈有美) returns as Nanami’s voice actress after a hiatus of three years.
  • Promotional banners in various sizes have been added. Hotlink HTML code is provided to advertise the new release.
  • Six new preview images have been added, none of which are safe for work. All characters are with their respective partners.
  • The download section has been opened with 13 Twitter icons, one for each character, and 16 new wallpapers, three for each extant couple and one for Rena.

Besides the neat tidbits of who is in which class and other stuff we’re already familiar with, I’ll just comment on some minor details.

-The girls look like they have more meat in their bones, or to be blunt, pudgier, especially in the cheeks. that doesn’t stop Sara from being the most adorable and the “College Queens” from being the sexiest pair.

I like this banner featuring Risa and Miya, or MadoMura 2.0 as most fans see them. So the release date’s been delayed. Just as well since it’ll probably be a long while before I’ll understand what’s being said.

Now let’s get to the most important update of all, Rena’s revelation. It’s been revealed earlier that Rena would make her in-game debut in this mega cross-over but now we know what she looks like. Now if I were the head writer of this story, I’d have the perfect scheme planned. I don’t want to ruin most of the other established couples or the MadoMura 2.0’s, but Runa and Takako on the other hand…I haven’t completed episode 7 nor have a clue what will happen in 9 (I won’t read Yi-san’s review just yet) but my plan would have been to add an alternate route where Takako is given the option of dumping Runa’s shrimpy butt and dating her first. After all, Rena is somehow the catalyst of their relationship. That would be pretty epic if you ask me. Maybe my mind will change after finishing episode 7 and eventually 9 but for now, I vote this alternate route be added alongside MadoMura 2.0’s developing romance.

At least we now have an idea of who will probably be the “hunter”.

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2 Responses to Hanabira 11 Update: New release date and Rena

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Do you know if there is an English patch download for this game?


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