YMC: OG’s Cross Heart English draft

UPDATE: I noticed I forgot to translate chapters 29 and 30. Fixed.

Well, being Aruban and all, we’re known to speak a minimum of four languages, Spanish being one of them. So, I offered my services to a person who requested a Spanish speaker to translate two of the three chapters in the Cross Heart trilogy (At least I think it’s a trilogy.). Here’s the 1st chapter. The 2nd chapter will be uploaded in the next post and the 3rd’s already translated.

The 1st one’s right here. The other two entitled Someday and Breakdown can be found on Anakris’ Deviantart Gallery here.

I;m no expert on editing and that kind of stuff when it comes to manga or fansubs so if anyone likes my draft, knock yourselves out. I did this for free to prove to myself I can.

Some parts have more than one option. Use the one that suits you best. I’ll be back later with “Someday”.

Dont move. This wont hurt.
That night I woke up sobbing (Or in tears) screaming
Like every night since that (it) happened.
I can never forgetthat which had opened a wound in my heart.
A wound that can never heal.
Edged in a torn heart.
You appeared
Another day, like every other.
Always the same things, same places/the usual things and places/same old things and places.
The same
There she is, like every day.
What a beautiful scene
And sosad
Hey Haru! What are you doing there?
Whoa! What a shock!
How many times do I have to tell you it is dangerous? One day youll fall and give me a heart attack (Maybe it should be chagrin or mortify
GeezHaru-chan, youre hopeless
Yoko-chan, Im not going to fall or anythingthe only thing that could happenis Id die of a heart attack from one of your appearances/pop-ups/unexpected appearances.
You do exaggerate! Its not my fault youre daydreaming. Besides, Im telling you for your own good.
By the way, mind telling me what youre looking at so attentively?
Oh, I see!
Youre spying on Kotomi again. Youve been doing the same lately.
What are you talking about? Im not spying on anybody? Its justcuriosity.

YeahI was just wondering why she always looks so lonelyso sad
Youre right about that. Despite her being the most popular girl in the institute, she wont let anyone so much as come near her/approach her, sentimentally/emotionally I mean.
Though thats exactly what radiates her charm/her radiating charm
Everyone admires her, she gets the best grades, and shes even good at sports.
Boys and girls get in line to ask her out/go out with her, but she never accepted anyone.
Thats right. Shes one weird girl.
I wouldnt say that. Weird isnt the right word. I mean, shes a charming and beautiful girl after all, dont you think?
I knew it!
Knew what?
That you like Kotomi-chan Am I right?
Hai, hai.
Kotomi-chan, Id like to know who or what is the cause of your despair.
Wah! What a great idea!
Shes really kind. I dont think she would mind a moment of her time
Today Ill talk to her. Ill approach her with the excuse to help me withmath, for example
Ah, Im sorry!
That hurt.
Im sorry
No, forgive me. I was distracted and didnt see you.
Are you hurt? Are you all right?
Im glad.
As always, her usual false/fake smile

At that moment, I wished more than anything to see a real smile on her lips.
Rather than the one she often showedfull of sadness.
Well, I have to go now. See you later Haru-chan.
Whoa, she knows me name!
Ah wait! Actually, I was looking for you.
Me? What for?
Its justlately I havent been doing well in math, and Im having doubts.
I didnt know who I could ask for help, soI was wondering
I hope this works.
If you could help me?
Sure. Its no trouble at all. Im glad you asked me.
Wow. How nice.
Right now Im kinda happy.
Well. Did you understand/get it?
Id likefor her to feel some of this happiness.
YeahI think so.
I wish this moment would never end.
Maaaan/Whoaaaaa! Am I hungry! Ive got the munchies.
You look tired.
Aaah, I am!
Right, lets leave it here for today, then
Wowthanks a lot for your time. No wonder youre the most popular girl in the institute. Youre really smart and kind
What am I saying?
Sothats the image the whole world/everyone has of me.
ActuallyI dont see myself that way, at all. Butif thinking that makes all of you happy
I will continue being that way, then.
Idont like seeing youlike that, butId like to know one thing
Are you
Are you happy?
Im fine this way
Stop smiling like that.
I see it your eyes. Youre absolutely not fine, at all.
Whatare yousaying?
Ive been watching you for a long time and I noticed you neverever smile sincerely. Its likeyou spend your life acting in front of others. Your eyes are full of sadness and somehow youve given me a shard of that unhappiness
The same way Id like to be happy and give a shard of my happiness to you
Why? Why are you saying these things?
BecauseI want to see you smile for real. I want you to be happy, and help you
No! I dont
I dont need anyone!
Is something wrong? You dont have a clear face.
Its nothing
Im fine
My pain cant be expressed with words
That day it rained.
The sky changed from a happy blue to a sad grey.
As sad as my soul.
My unhappiness is so greatthat even the sky noticed?
How could she have known how I feel by only looking into my eyes?
Haru-chanI let you/allowed you to enter my heart without noticingIn one moment/instantwith only/just a few words
She managed to shatter the barrier that, for so long, Id been fortifying around my heartand as alwaysI ran away/ran
And now?
I need youHaru.
Shes hare
She came
She came to rescue me/save me.
Haru-chanforgive me
What bad weather were having today. A small storm brewed all of a sudden, raining heavily/Its raining heavily.
Lucky were near my house. Im glad you accepted to come.
You live a bit far, dont you?
The lights gone.
Wellanyway, youd better stay here till it stops raining.
WowShe hasnt said a word since we got here.
I canttake it anymore.
I hate this. I hate everyone/the worldand I hate feeling this way. I cant/ am not able to/unable to trust anyone.
Its horribleI wish everyone would
disappear. Being aloneis the only way Ill be alright.
Actually, I already feel this wayand it isnt nice.
Are you surethats…
what you want?
Waitthis isnt right?
It isnt right?/What isnt right?
Why? I l-
PleaseI can never be happy. I can never forget that, and this pain will never go away/disappear.
You cant want to be with someonelike me.
Why? Tell me whats troubling/torturing you. I can help you.
It all happenedsix years go. I was barely nine years old.
It was at nightI had just arrived at the city so I didnt know anything, or anyone.
I had a quarrel with my parents over something silly, and I ran off. We got separated and before I knew it, I was lost.
I didnt know what to do. I was so scaredso I decided to ask someone for help.
And then
Hey little girl/kid. Whats wrong, are you lost?
I had asked the wrong person for help. That man promised to help me find my parents.
Well then, come with me.
Ill take you to your parents.
Howeverinstead, took me to a dark alley.
And that was when
I had nightmares every night about that!
He raped meyou dont know how many times Ive wishedto die.
After that, I went into a state of shock and was in the hospital for weeks.
Only my parents knew of this, althoughthey didnt seem to care very much.
This is the first timeIve dared talk of this with another.
Ive made you cry again.
Forgive me for having hurt you.
Iunderstand now.
I dont disgust you?
Of course not. Theres no way you could disgust me. Besidesit wasnt your fault. AndI understand it isnt something you can forget. All these years must have been horrible for you. Butyou have to try to put it behind you/leave it behindand move on.
Allow/let others approach you. You have to regain the peoples trust.
I dont know if I can.
Of course you can. I trust you.
For someone to have hurt you so much in the past doesnt mean everyone else will. Many sad things can happen in lifebut also happy things and most beautiful of all is being able to share these moments with others.
Thank you.
Then you appeared
You heard me an understood me.
You spoke the words I wanted to hear for so long
And healed my pain.
I don’t want to run away from my feelings anymore.


Haru-chan, I won’t look back into the past…

“Sadness no longer exists next to you”

“I want to be with you”

“I want you, who suffered greatly due to my sorrow as if it were your own…

“…to be the happiest person on Earth.”


I don’t know if it’ll go well…

But even so, I want to try

“Because there’s only one thing I’m sure of right now, and that’s…”

“I love you”

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