OG’s answers to Yumeka’s questions

Yumeka of AnimeYume made a questionnaire for each of us to know more about our favorite anime, characters and and so on within our anime fandom. It is similar to Ace Railgun’s 50 questions but only that all of these questions will be anime-related. I don’t know how many of these I’ll be able to answer but let’s find out anyway.

1. What anime have you seen? If you’ve seen too many to type out here, link to any list you may have, such as MAL.

Note to self, update my MAL.

2. Out of those, which ones would you consider favorites?

From the top of my head: Elfen Lied, Red Garden, Hidamari Sketch, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Maze: the Megaburst Space, Strawberry Panic, Mouretsu Pirates, Senki Zesshou Symphogear, Dance in the Vampire Bund,  School Rumble, Magic Knight Rayearth season 1, Angel Beats, Aria. Girls Bravo, Seitokai no Ichizon, Sasameki Koto.

3. What was the first anime you ever watched and what was your first impression?

Sailor Moon, English Dub. I kinda liked the theme song. I didn’t know what “anime” was till I turned 6. My first impression, it was just another type of cartoon. It took me a while before I finally realized how different anime were from cartoons.

4. In what year would you say you became an anime fan?

Around 1999 when I met others who also liked anime and they showed me the differences between anime and cartoons. Time passed and in 2006 or so, Strawberry Panic. The yuri nation and my eternal devotion to anime as the preferred animation began.

5. Do you read manga as well as watch anime?


6. What genre of anime usually interests you?

Primarily yuri and slice of life. Otherwise, almost any other genre.

7. What genre of anime least interests you?

Mecha, unless the emo-crap is toned down. Yaoi, unless there’s more to it than meets the eye.

8. For your own personal enjoyment, what do you think is the most important factor in an anime?

The less chances of the show being an otaku mainstream favorite, the better. For example, I didn’t expect either Madoka Magica or Hanasaku Iroha to be global phenomena. H.I. not so much but you get the point. Basically the more popular a show is before I watch it, the less interested I’ll be to pick it up. I’m turned off by many things enjoyed by the masses. To illustrate my point, I haven’t finished either Fate/Zero or Steins;Gate yet.

Also, if a show can make me laugh out loud or squeal with absolute joy, 10000 bonus points.

9. Which do you prefer, dub or sub?

Depends which language can capture the characters they portray more effectively. Examples, I love the Mexican version of the Dragonball trilogy and the English version of Girls Bravo more than the Japanese ones. However, subs mostly.

10. Who are some of your favorite Japanese seiyuu?

Female: Aoi Yuuki…I am in love with this woman. Mina Tepes (Dance in the Vampire Bund), Victorique (GOSICK), Sunako Kirishiki (Shiki), Hibiki Tachibana (Symphogear), Shizuno (Saki Achiga Hen) just to name a few of my favorite characters she’s voiced.

Kana Hanazawa: Let’s see. Kuroneko (Oreimo), Tittyko (Binbougami-ga), Mato (Black Rock Shooter), Mayu Morita (Morita-san wa Mukuchi), Yuki Miyata (Moshidora), Chiaki Kurihara (Mouretsu Pirates), Kuro Matsumi (Saki Achiga Hen).

Aki Toyosaki: Yui (K-ON), Nako (Hanasaku Iroha), Chitose (Yuruyuri), Fam Fan Fan (Last Exile 2), Rinko (Natsuiro Kiseki).

Mamiko Noto: she’s voiced many adorably elegant young ladies and voluptuous MILFs. Nuff said.

Male: Hiroshi Kamiya. It was his role as Zetsubou-sensei and the show itself that made me a long time fan of SHAFT animation studio. Unfortunately it seems that with the “Cringes”…success of Nisemonogatari…they may eventually sell-out to the otaku mainstream. I will remain loyal to them regardless…

Hiro Shimono: Akihisa Yohii (Baka Test), Momoo (Binbougami-ga), Sato Yo (Ben-To). While he’s voiced admirable heroes, his main purpose is to voice characters that amuse me through their pain and misery.

Jouji Nakata, because whenever I think of intimidating figures, I think of this guy voicing them.

11. If you watch anime dubs, who are some of your favorite voice actors?

Female: Christine Marie Cabanos. Madoka Kaname, Squid Girl, Azu-Nyan, Nepgear, Random Girl in Lagrange.

Wendee Lee: Because she’s everywhere.

Male: Crispin Freeman and Beau Billingslea.

12. Which anime do you think has the worst English dub? And the best?

Anything by 4Kids.

13. What are your most disliked anime?

Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan, Zekai Shougeki Platonic Heart, Arcade Gamer Fubuki, Kore wa Zombie Desu-ka!?, MM!, Nisemonogatari.

14. Do you ever try to get people interested in anime? If so, what kind of success have you had?

No, but with friends, I sometimes convince them to watch shows I like.

15. Who are your most favorite anime characters?

I’ve never made a list because I end up forgetting why the characters are so awesome. Most of the female ones are adorable, sexy and badass. The male ones are either awesome or please me through their suffering.

16. Who are your least favorite anime characters?

Dokuro-chan, 95% of male harem leads, masochists who aren’t voiced by Hiro Shimono, females with the integrity of a shriveled prune.

17. Who are your favorite “non-human”(animal-like) characters?

Plue (Rave Master), Kyubey (Madoka Magica), Sawa’s horse (Tari Tari), Mr Polar Bear and Panda (Shirokuma Cafe), Chibi-Devi.

18. What are some ways you express your anime fandom? (going to conventions, blogging, reading fanfiction, etc)

Blogging, roleplaying inside my head, chatting with my broskis, buying anime-ish video games. I someday plan on attending an anime convention and buy plushies and nendoroids.

19. What kinds of anime products do you usually buy?

Nothing yet.

20. What are some of your favorite anime songs and soundtracks?

Note to self, make a top 20 anime songs list and post the link here.

21. What anime pairings/shippings do you like?

Name a subtext and canon yuri pairing and there’s a 99.9999999999999% chance I’ll support it. Hetero pairings on the other hand, it all depends on how well they pull my heartstrings. Currently (2012) my top two fav hetero shippings are TaichiXChihaya (Chihayafuru) and RyosukeXRokka (Natsuyuki Rendezvous).

22. What medium to you usually use to watch anime? (buy DVDs, streaming, etc)

They don’t sell anime DVDs in Aruba anymore (So that’s a past hobby gone) and I don’t like streaming very much so downloads it is.

23. What is your favorite anime quote?

Do cathphrases count? If so, then I have several. “Dood” from Prinnies (Disgaea anime and games), Madoka Kyono’s “Perfect” and Lan’s “Woof” (Rinne no Lagrange), “Zetsuboshita! [Whatever is currently bothering him] has Zetsuboshita!” Itoshiki Nozomu (Zetsubou-sensei), “-de geso” from Squid Girl, de-gozaru(io) said by certain ninjas and kunoichi.

I…guess a some quotes I could insert here are the “Unlimited Blade Works” chant, Himeko’s reply to Chikane after telling her how much she loves her in Kannazuki no Miko. I’m not going to type neither one completely because I can’t remember them word by word.

24. What are your favorite anime movies?

Paprika, Redline, The Girl who Leapt Through Time, The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, “Insert Studio Ghibli Films list here”. It’s both mandatory and well deserving to add some or most SG films in most animeniacs’ lists.

25. What other “geeky,” media-related hobbies besides anime do you have? (video games, Western animation, etc)

Video games, Western animation, pro-wrestling, old school movies.

26. What is your most favorite anime of all, and why is it your favorite?

I don’t have a favorite show of all time. However, I do have a #1 this year. Mouretsu Pirates. It has EVERYTHING my current self likes about anime: Sci-fi, adorable/moe/badass/sexy/competent girls of all ages and bust sizes, guys that are cool without the need to chase skirts, story that doesn’t require you to write epiphany inducing editorials, battles involving mobile crafts, fictional universe you’d like to live in, likable protagonist that’s both a team player and very capable alone, and obviously…LESBIANS!

27. What are some anime you haven’t watched but want to someday?

Do you REALLY want me to mention all of them?

My theme song.

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  1. MAR-KLAC-VELOUS says:

    whoa you mention have probs with Zekai Shougeki Platonic Heart?!

    give saw dub on it really it bit fine just get whole battle 5 ep really WHAT THE (BLEEP) really wonder did they get same japanese writers who did japanese dub of LOST?

    or that who knows give bother a me bit if make prequel or some eps explain it all especiallty what they did those who “lose” wonder where they thinking?


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