Why wasn’t this “deleted scene” included?

SATO, YOU BASTARD! By the way, happy 4th of July to all my Haunters from the good ol’ US of A.

04/07/2012 – [IMAGEBOARD-FINDS] Why didn’t they animate this? – The dere-moe Project

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16 Responses to Why wasn’t this “deleted scene” included?

  1. Stevie Nix says:

    Happy 4th Indeed! ^_^ Thanks for the find.

    Oh well, one can wait for the DVD/BD releases and hope.


  2. Ghost says:

    First of all lovely picture…Warning Rant Incoming…….
    “Why wasn’t this “deleted scene” included?”Why?Because the producers are cowards.That is what i hate about subtext.Take madoka magika for example.The show had subtext,the official art had them holding hands and blushing and giving Valentines chocolate to each other so it was clearly intentional and not by mistake.So if they put so much clear subtext why not make them a couple already?They didn`t have another love interest for shippers to get mad, so why not?Another example of cowards was with the adventure time incident do you know about that?I was so glad when that episode aired and when i saw that recap only to get mad a few days later.So what if it was a kid show not showing homosexuality to kids isn`t going to protect them from anything is just going to make them ignorants.
    PS.It seems that almost every comment i post on your blog is a long rant sorry about that.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Mouretsu Pirates, at least we got Jenny and Lynn as a canon couple. I mean, you MUST have seen the show, right?
      Madoka and Homura, the writers confimred they were indeed lovers, just wanted to torture us with “are they or aren’t they”
      Adventure Time: you mean Marceline and Princess Bubblegum? Hmm, the only time I noticed any yuri subtext was during the door episode and PB was turned on by Marcy’s singing.


  3. Ghost says:

    About adventure time you don`t know about this?

    This is a official recap and behind the scenes by CN that generated quite the controversy and as usual ignorance won.Moretsu Pirates yeah i just relised that Marika and Chiaki aren`t a official couple in the novels so my mistake here.And Madoka writers are still cowards.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Don’t say that Ghost. Don’t…jinx…it! Marika x Chiaki not being official. Wash your mouth young man.

      Ignorance in the sense that Westerners are pussies? Americans, not all of them mind you, just the sensitive ones, can be so boring. Your kids need to learn that homosexuality exists eventually. But I don’t want to go there right now as discussing the world’s view on homosexuality is a pain in the ass. As far as I’m concerned, Bubblegum and Marceline CAN work. Screw the pussy soccer moms and homophobes. Besides, FINN’S 14 (or maybe 15. I dunno) and both the ladies are 18 and up YOU MORONS!

      As for Madoka and Homura not getting to kiss on screen…as long as the love is there, kissing isn’t always necessary. Homura’s love for Madoka was reciprocated and that’s good enough for me.


  4. blazerj says:

    I agree with you,I’m starting to hate sato that there is not kiss between marikaxchiaki and I don´t understand why they are afraid to put romantic scenes.They are a cowards writers.


  5. Regretx993 says:

    Woohoo! Chiaki X Marika FTW!!! =3

    Man, Sato missed out on a great deal. Oh well, there’s always the movie… =]

    Oh, Happy Belated 4th to you too. ^^


  6. yurimylove says:

    umm, because, he has the “no romance sato” image to uphold?

    (jk, jk)


  7. DJ meganekon says:

    Oh my, this is another proof of how being battered-up University student kills my social life — I don’t have much time to check others’ blogs anymore! Anyway, thanks for reposting my post xD Maybe I’ll be making a handful yuri image sharing once I get my own; new, Mac :3


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