164th G-View: Natsuiro Kiseki

Hey doods and peeps. Welcome to another episode of The G-Views. This show kinda hit me right in the heart for some reason. How? Find out as we take a look at my final thoughts on Natsuiro Kiseki.

Genres: comedy, drama
Themes: school, wishes
Number of episodes: 12+1 OVA
G-Rating: 7/10
Plot Summary: Natsumi, Saki, Yuka, and Ringo are best friends. They’ve grown up in an old agricultural town, experiencing everything together, both happy and sad. But one summer, they are visited by a miracle.
Ah, the wonderful memories I have of high school and the group of buddies I was part of. My best friends, a relative who was like a brother, various activities from Gym to Yu-Gi-Oh and conversations about life, anime, and hot chicks. Sadly like all things in life, they must eventually come to an end. Graduation, family issues, eating bacon without eggs, are but a few of the many reasons  I had to say goodbye to some of my #1 broskis back then. Thankfully I still keep in touch with two of my high school broskis. You all mihgt remember Chocokara as being one of them. The other is Mr Fuji, Chinese Man of Wonders. (Not the wrestler/manager). It was sad seeing broskis go, but life goes on and if you count your chips right, more friends to make. However, I decided to no longer make anymore broskis and settled with being friends. It makes saying goodbye less painful.
What’s my point? Although the show is primarily about cute girls doing cute things while learning basic life lessons with the involvement of a magical wish granting rock(s), the main plot centers around Saki, the blonde girl, having to move away soon. It felt familiar, you see.
For personal enjoyment, I gave the girls nicknames, like I always do. It started off with names based on the seven dwarves but after the brilliant suggestion by one Snippettee, I changed the nicknames to reference the Spice Girls. Heck, even my subtitles were spiced up. I honestly don’t have much else to say about the show’s premise. If you’ve seen one basic Slice of Life anime involving a group of girls doing stuff, you know what to expect from this one. OH! I just remembered something. That magical wish granting rock, please don’t waste your time trying to figure out how it works because the rules on how to make wishes differs almost every time: The distance, position, amount of people wishing for the same thing. It’s inconsistent.
A word of warning: The 1st two episodes have Natsumi and Saki arguing like morons. However, after that, things calm down and the real fun begins. Do not drop the show after only two episodes. Watch at least 4 before making up your mind for sure.
I’ve heard word around the internet that animeniacs were complaining about this show’s poor animation quality. Now you all know it has to be REALLY in your face for me to notice bad animation, which is why unlike the masses, I didn’t mind the quality that much. It’s average at best.
I WILL say however, that a glaring art decision was to have all the flashbacks in full color. Do you know the TV screen settings menu where you can change the “tint”, “brightness”, “sharpness,” and “color”? Imagine raising the “color” all the way to maximum. Yeah, that’s how full of color the flashbacks are.
The second image is a flashback. Do you notice the difference in color intensity?
There are other minor nuisances but they’re petty to me. Besides, Saki’s breasts increase and decrease in size depending on whether she’s wearing clothes or not. That should be enough to keep some happy, I suppose. I’m not a Saki fan, but I cannot deny the fact she’ll grow up to become a blonde bombshell soon enough.
The music’s there and nothing more. It’s forgettable.
Funny enough, the order the girls are sitting, from left to right, is the exact order in terms of favorites.
Rin, aka Cute Spice, is my favorite of the four. She’s the quiet, somewhat timid and level headed member of the group.
Yuka, aka Sweet Spice, is considered to be the least favorite from what I’ve heard. She’s loud, obnoxious, over energetic, loud and responsible for most of the wacky wishes that are granted such as two Natsumis. I personally like her upbeat personality. I suppose it’s because I’m much more merciful towards girls…or because I’ve seen much, MUCH WORSE! Besides, all of those traits make her the most vulnerable.
Saki, aka Hot Spice, as you can tell from her codename, she’s considered the most attractive and for good reason. I used to call her Grumpy early on but she’s just pulling a tsundere so I should have known better. She still maintains her short temper but that’s mostly due to Sweet’s antics.
Natsumi, aka Bitter Spice, the undisputed leader of the group and my least favorite character. Not because she sucks, but I don’t like her that much. She competes with Saki in the anger department but she’s more of a strict person than a grouchy one.
No SoL starring girls is complete without yuri subtext, so…
Rin X Yuka
Natsumi x Saki.
In conclusion: You like SoL shows starring a group of girls, watch 4 episodes and see if it’s for you. You don’t, you don’t.
Saten from To Aru Kagaku no Railgun.
A fellow nation member mentioned the resemblance. Also, both their girlfriends, Rin and Uiharu, are voiced by Aki Toyosaki…fun fact.

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Yuri and Slice of Life are my anime passion.
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11 Responses to 164th G-View: Natsuiro Kiseki


    So finally the Sphere version of Yuru Yuri has ended with no one get Akarin treatment & yes Yuka is expy of TOSHINOU KYOUKO!!

    Indeed after watching all of it indeed worth some watch. Give if pull a season 2 or dub indeed crossover with Yuru Yuri.

    & i would not be stun if make another of this like s2 or if prequel series focus on 4 girls’ mom cause seeing finale ep assume their moms are did magic rock too in their summer youth days.

    just a theory IF that happen.


    • Overlord-G says:

      A prequel starring the moms would be nice, or at least a bonus OVA or epilogue.

      One of my peeps called Yuka Saten 2 (Railgun).



        well it might IF someday like an ova or epilogue prequel something.

        at least there we van imagine or fanfic on it cause if it’s true yea like mother like daughter i say.


  2. Anon09 says:

    It was good, until the end.
    All that subtext for naught! (I yelled at the tv.) So are we just to assume they’ll grow up like their moms?


    • Overlord-G says:

      That’s the problem with subtext shows, we just have to use our imaginations depending on how they end. We know Rin/Yuuka and Natsumi/Saki are couples but it’s up to us, the fans, to make their love a reality.


  3. Rincewind says:

    Im slowly catching with my unfinished shows. (Hey, being sick have some adventages…).
    I enjoyed this one. Its not a masterpiece, of couse, but its enjoyable, and I like sol and yuri subtext. So I dont regret watching this.

    NatsumixSaki is my favorite couple. Natsumi is a canon lesbian after all. And her words in the boat still sounds like and interrupted love confession (Thanks, again Saten II… grrr).
    And Saten II and Rin, hopefuly Yuka will embrace her inner lesbian and give Rin an happy end.

    I wouldnt mind and OVA or something with an epilogue. The ending was pretty abrupt.
    And OVA set in the future, when Natsumi, now an adult, goes to the island to live with Saki. And they marry. And gets an invitation for the Yuka-Rin wedding…
    … and Im delusional. C’mon, Sunrise, do it!!! =P


    • Overlord-G says:

      Get well as soon as possible dood.

      Most like NatsumixSaki because they’re more interactive or build up I’m guessing, while YukaxRin is more than BFFs but doesn’t have the same spark. Still, YukaxRin is still my fav pairing.

      Seeing the girls as adults in an OVA would be splendid.


  4. kracen says:

    Just finished watching this… Gotta say, I really did enjoy it, was a nice relaxing anime to watch with very enjoyable and funny moments, I liked the 4 main characters as well.
    NatsumixSaki might as well be canon, Natsumi’s feelings for her at least are, it was even mentioned in a way her preference when they were talking about the idol’s Four Seasons and how Natsumi feels about one particular member of them, whether Saki returned similar feelings is another matter, felt more like a BFF vibe from Saki however.
    Same goes for YukaxRin, Yuka’s preference was made clear in episode 4 (Will get to this episode in a moment), Rin’s feelings, though not made clear, were fairly obvious towards Rin, Rin’s feelings felt romantic in nature, whereas Yuka’s felt BFF in return.
    I feel as though this will enter my rewatch list once I catch up with my endlessly growing watch list.

    Now for episode 4, I loath this episode, to the point that even during my first watch through I skipped ahead to get it over with (I never skip scenes in something I haven’t seen yet) and the reason for this is quite simple, if I was Saki in that situation, when everything was back to normal, I’d find it incredibly difficult not to beat Yuka into a living pulp and then tell her to keep as far away from me as humanly possible otherwise I’d do it again… Seriously, I understand it was an off comment wish, much like all of their wishes, but to then go through with it, to take your friends body, and without even remotely considering them, use their body for your own personal gain and wants in a way that would have dire effects on their life once things were back to normal… It just irks me that Yuka would be that inconsiderate towards Saki in that way.
    When I rewatch Natsuiro Kiseki, and I will, I will not watch this episode.


    • Overlord-G says:

      When you mentioned episode 4 I wondered why you disliked it. It’s been a while since I last watched this one. Wiki’d it and saw “body switch”. Oh yeah, this has Kracen vomit fuel written all over it.


      • kracen says:

        It wasn’t the body switch that bothered me, it was one the non Yuri relationship, buts just default… But what really bothered me was how Yuka was without hesitation willing to use her close friends body for her wants… It just irked me.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Overlord-G says:

        Of course I was talking about the het relationship. You mentioned many times how you loathe male anime characters.


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