161st G-View: The Legend of Korra – Book One

Hey doods and peeps. Welcome to another episode of The G-Views. It’ll be difficult talking about this show, mostly due to so many before me already saying all there needs to be said. However, I still would like to try and give my opinions on it anyway. Here’s my review of Avatar 2: The Legend of Korra…or as I like to call it, Avatar goes to Manhattan. Why Manhattan? Because Hoboken is in New Jersey.

The review will contain minor spoilers so make sure you’ve seen the show first. Not too many pictures porque yo soy lazy today.

Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Drama.

Number of episodes: 12

G-Rating: N/A

Plot Summary: Long Story short, Korra is the latest incarnation of the Avatar cycle and was born in a water tribe. She not only has to master the airbending, which for someone like her won’t be easy, but also deal with an anti-bender revolution group known as The Equalists who are rebelling against all benders. That’s the basic premise for the 1st book and I have a strong feeling this show won’t have to worry one bit about ratings so it’s only a matter of time for the 2nd season to begin production.

What I found really cool was that unlike Aang, who knew only knew airbending at first, Korra had already mastered Water, Fire and Earth and only needs to learn Wind…which of course for a person who isn’t exactly what you’d call patient, wiill be anything but a cakewalk. Besides being a female protagonist (Call me biased but I enjoy female leads much more than male ones in action/adventure shows that aren’t DC or Marvel based) she’s also a no nonsense, independent, hothead who is ready to kick ass and take names yet is by no means a cold blooded war machine.

Like the previous series, the show is a well written cartoon that has a perfect combination of everything most fans would want from a series with a purpose: The action scenes are intense, the comedy isn’t subtle in the least but not overused either (Meaning the writers once again cleverly knew when to get a laugh from the viewers) the antagonists are both interesting and menacing, most side characters have a purpose and aren’t wasted in the sidelines only to be decapitated later…”glares at Another”, there’s romance…for those who care about it anyway, and much more.

The story is easy to follow without any convoluted twists in terms of plots and motivations, most of the protagonists who appear early on are likable, heck even the children act their own age and aren’t annoying. Besides Naga the “polar bear dog” and Pabu the “red ferret” (Better than Oppa and Momo imo), fav characters are Lin Beifong, who is just as badass as her mom, Toph, and a MILF in my eyes (Although Pema is also cute), Korra herself and lastly Bolin. The guy amuses me to no end, like Soka. Despite Mako being named after the late great actor and voice of Uncle Iroh of the same name, he just doesn’t click with me.

By the way, for those wondering whether the veterans return in adult form…they do…sort of. You have to be patient though. They make appearances.

Republic City, the area where the story takes place is both historically interesting, as it’s based off an early 1900’s Metropolis (Mainly New York in my eyes, due in part to The Statue of Aang and local mafia.) and the concept in general. You see, it’s basically a bumpkin entering the big city and getting involved in a war that’s basically magic vs technology. I’ve always enjoyed games and TV shows that involve Magic users combating machinery with the elements and if they knew how, Kung-fu. I also dug the machines used during the battles. They have a Bioshock and World War I kind of charm. Actually, the setting also makes me reminisce of a city of Rapture that didn’t sink. Weird, huh? The city truly does make the viewer feel like technology is advancing along with the progress of time.

Before I finish this review, allow me to address one important detail that without having to check out any forums whatsoever, is surely being, or has been discussed, after the credits stopped rolling, the ending. Now i nmy opinion, the first 17 minutes would pretty much make this a solid conclusion to a great show that both Avatar fans and people looking for a great animated series to watch should pick up, however, the last 3-4 minutes, or rather the last minute…let me say this. Despite it feeling super cheap and lazy to some but as far as I’m concerned…meh, it’s an Avatar thing. I mean, Aang was able to do something similar when he was in a pinch and despite the Disney-esque feeling it may have left some of you, I was fine with it. In fact, I was expecting something like that to happen, especially during the final battle, which while not as epic as Aang vs Ozai, was exciting considering the combatants involved. Anyway, if you feel like telling me the ending upset you, you’re free to explain in detail what’s so wrong about it.

The ONLY thing that made me cringe a little was the obligatory romance. I mean, it felt tacked on and uninspired, like it was added just because the writers wanted to add a little bit of everything. I had two restrictions in regards to the romance:

1) I didn’t want Asami to turn heel, because it would have so predictable and cliche. I mean, why do pretty girls in adventure shows ALWAYS have to be evil, especially rich ones?

2) I didn’t want Mako and Asami’s relationship to fall apart for some dumb, inexplicable reason, no matter how realistic it might be.

Unfortunately, one of these does come true…and I was kinda miffed but not enough to brush this show off. It’s a nitpick at most.

In conclusion. :ile I said, if you’re a fan of the original series or are looking for something to watch on Nickelodeon that doesn’t involve shows made to brainwash young, naive fools into worshiping talentless hacks who will be forgotten as quickly as Britney Spears’ career, or lackluster Nicktoons of today, definitely give this show a go.

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2 Responses to 161st G-View: The Legend of Korra – Book One

  1. blazerj says:

    I can´t wait to see the next book .I didn’t expect this kind of final also I didn´t expect Mako and Korra relationship I always thought that Korra and Bolin stay together,nothing more to wait the next book.


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