Bodacious Pirates episode 18: Bodacious Touchdown! Part 2

Last week we had the pinnacle of yuri goodness for 2012, so far. What will the conclusion of this most glorious arc bliss us with? Find out as we look at the Cosplay Pirates’ final chapter. Oh, but before that, allow this picture to show those who have yet to watch the show what kind of glorious climax to expect.

This one image of Chiaki in a miko costume armed with a laser rifle, THIS is what I dream of every single night of my life.

Quick overview of the plot in this ship battle of massive proportions: Marika and the gang contemplate on how to take down Uncle Scar without firing a single shot against his fleet. After much contemplation, Grunhilde suggests targeting another weakness, mainly Jenny’s assigned fiancee, who turns out to be a prissy man. They easily take him down when Uncle Scar shows up again…but the girls came prepared thanks to a little help from the Bentenmaru Crew and Mr Show in the form of secret illegal weapon trafficking. There we go, mission accomplished, Jenny and Lynn say their vows and hopefully we’ll see them together again near the finale. Chiaki leaves the party again till the next major story arc.

Of course there are your usual moments with all the girls being badass as usual so there’s no need to go into full detail. Just know that as usual they handle the situation marvelously.

Now that that’s out of the way, it’s PHOTO JOYGASM TIME!

Jenny: You know, if it’ll keep Uncle Scar off my back, maybe it’s not so bad pretending to be married to a prissy boy. 2 seconds later…FUCK THAT SHIT!

I still can’t get over the fact Puppy Cap here was a temporary space pirate and will be a future pilot. I would squee with absolute joy right now but I leave that to EC since its perception of cute is broader than mine.

Hi everyone! Cutie the dinosaur here! I’m on badass camera!

I’m still furious my grand master plan, my glorious moment with my sweet parfait HAS BEEN RUINED! I need to take my frustrations out on somebody and you weenies WILL FEEL MY WRATH! I AM CHIAKI LESNAR!

Our villain ladies and gentlemen, the prissy president’s son who’s also a wannabe dictator with a speech, followers and everything. No wonder Chiaki’s furious. How dare weenies get in the way of her plans?

Gruier: Awww, I wanted to play with my parfait too.

Me: Sorry princess, live TV and all.

“OG-Man faints after looking at the blonde on the far left. His last words before fainting were: Tell Miss AJ to please invite me to her wedding.”

Lynn’s promise to Jenny.

Lynn’s reward.

Captain at a loss for words. Fear not Marika, you have two prime suitors and a whole group of starving extras at the poop deck.

I haven’t forgotten about you my sweet honey. There’s plenty of room for snugglin’ in the OG’s love shack babeh! Let me give Sasha a call so all 3 of us can have an awesome time, hmhmhmhmhmhm.

Bork Lazor says: I approve of Angry Laser Rifle Miko Chiaki.

P.S.: Jenny mentions how she may become a space pirate after graduating. Sir Steven’s wet dream may soon come true. Rejoice my most trusted comrade!

I await Miss AJ’s Ririka vision to point out any important pictures I should post of her.

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6 Responses to Bodacious Pirates episode 18: Bodacious Touchdown! Part 2

  1. ArcaJ says:

    Not nearly enough Ririka for my tastes. Though, Ririka and French cooking just shunts my brain into an alternate timeline and Ririka living in Marseilles, in a manor house. The wine is opened to breath, the candles are lit and Ririka waits to be served. Her loyal (and adorable) maid, Mami brings in the meal, surprised to see an extra place setting a t the table.

    “Madame,” she said. “Are you entertaining a guest this evening?”

    “No mademoiselle,” her mistress smiled. “It is you who shall entertain me.”

    Just as Ririka loosens the bow securing Mami’s apron, a capricious breeze snuffs out the candles….


    Arca Jeth


    • Overlord-G says:

      I look forward to reading more chapters of your glorious fanfic: Ririka’s parfait.
      Perhaps you need more inspiration and Marika being back home (Meaning more Ririka screen time) will increase your creative juices Miss AJ.


  2. Every second of Ai is worth a lifetime. I’m more interested in how a new recruit is so good at piloting. It’s natural born talent.

    Marika is over reacting to them kiss, she just needs a little experience.


  3. Kyoko says:

    miko chiaki-chan!!! I REALLY love it the faces of fear of others seeing her act that way, jajajaja but who could blame her? Jenny and Lynn stole her, her glorious moment with marika.
    anyway is my imagination o Grunhilde is not so happy seeing her sister with marika in the preview of the next chapter?
    sorry if my english is not so good, it’s not my first language


    • Overlord-G says:

      Yes, Battle-Miko Chiaki-chan was a glorious sight to behold.

      As for Grunhilde, I still want to believe she secretly has a crush on her older sister and is a little jealous of Marika. Either that or she also likes Marika.


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