159th G-View: Kuttsukiboshi

Hey doods and peeps, welcome to another episode of The G-Views. After a near 2 year long wait for the 2nd episode to air, finally on April 30th 2012, the yuri nation bared witness to the long overdue conclusion. What we got was…something. Kuttsukiboshi review coming right up and BOY was this OVA set a doozy.

Genres: Drama, romance, yuri.

Number of OVAs: 2

G-Rating: 7/10…you know what? No, 10/10 and I’ll explain why THIS SET NEEDS TO BE SEEN BY YURI FANS WORLDWIDE!

Objectionable content: Intense love scene initiations…though surprisingly no nipples (as far as I know).

Plot summary: Kiiko is your normal girl, besides her secret of being able to move objects with her mind. When a new student named Aaya moves in, Kiiko starts to develop feelings toward her. The two will eventually then start their romantic relationship. Although everything seems fine, Kiiko does not know that Aaya has another secret, a secret that could ruin Kiiko’s feelings and trust for Aaya.

I promised many of my fans that I’d have a lot to say about this one, that I had a bone to pick with it but after SHiNgx released the prototype fansubs, I was left kinda speechless for a bit. I quickly recovered and summed up that episode with one term: cop-out.

Let’s start from the beginning. It’s a reasonable enough story. Girl A somehow got psychic powers after a near fatal concussion (anime logic) and Girl B wants to help Girl A master them. They end up falling in love and spend most of the Summer eating each others’ chimmychangas, OHHHHHH do they chow down. However, by the end of episode 1…something happened. That one minute changed the face of the yuri nation forever. Okay not really but episode 1 definitely made a very controversial impression. It wouldn’t be till two years later (give or take) when we finally get the answer we seek and…let’s just say I didn’t use the term cop-out lightly. The very moment you read the 1st set of subbed words…you’ll cry foul. But as the episode continues, more pie eating goodness, possibly tastier than last time. Then we get a contrived setup on how the answer we’ve all been waiting nearly two years for is finally given…yeeeaaaaahhhhh. Anyway, the OVA ends like you’d expect any OVA this contrived would, by having anime logic once again reign supreme.

You know, I watched these OVAs both RAW and subbed and each time my impressions differed. My expression changed from amused to enraged in a matter of minutes after watching the ep1 RAW, the subbed version calmed me down a bit but still left me hankering for answers. The 2nd RAW aired and I was remotely satisfied and confused at the same time. The prototype subs were released aaaaannnnndddd…read the last paragraph.

Animation and music: 1st episode’s animation’s okay and the 2nd one improves it…by the same amount Nippon Ichi Studios improves a Disgaea sequel’s graphics, meaning not by much but the changes are there and are appreciated. The music is your “yuri+Classical music” combo. Like it or not, these two go hand in hand.

My thoughts on Kiiko and Aya’s relationship itself. Let’s compare them with another couple whose 1st OVA was released around the same time, Sono Hanabira’s Mai and Reo…hold your applause my brethren. I need not repeat my praise of that couple’s animated outing. In short, Kii-chan and Aya’s love isn’t as emotionally investing as the bodacious flirt and her vertically challenged grouchy lover.

Let’s talk about the two separately.

We have the brunette/purple haired Kiiko who imo comes off as a lovesick ditz that needs to take a stronger stand. No wait…she kinda does but it somehow didn’t feel like it. I guess she did okay but not by much.

As for Aya…words cannot express how much this kid’s actions baffled me. Yes, she’s obviously the more aggressive of the two but it’s just weird…I mean..wh..th…ch…you can never tell what’s going through this kid’s mind based on her actions alone. “What the heck” Is something I repeated more than once when it came to Aya.

In conclusion: I guess the main reason I called this OVA set a must watch for all yuri fans worldwide was because it’ll definitely leave an impression on those who witness to it. At first I was dumbfounded but later I just had a good laugh and smiled. “deep breath”. This OVA set, for better or worse, exists and we’ll just have to deal with it.

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35 Responses to 159th G-View: Kuttsukiboshi

  1. SnippetTee says:

    Actually, I somewhat enjoyed watching Kuttsukiboshi than Sono Hanabira perhaps because it’s longer and you get more narrative. Of course the visuals totally sucked but I enjoyed the Aya’s gimmicks, OST, and personalities of the characters. The story is also more dynamic even though it’s stupid (dying oniichan wants to have sex with his imouto, what a loser–sorry for the language).

    As for the characters I really like Aya. Like omg, she’s so psycho but “romantic” at the same time because she learned how to let go of Kiiko in the end. I may sound weird but I really enjoyed how she kidnapped and tied Kiiko.


    • Overlord-G says:

      I’m guessing the main reason you liked this more than you should have is because, for the lack of a better term, there WAS an actual story other than two women in a room professing their love for one another. Either that or you’re sadistic and Aya’s actions amused you more than expected.

      Hmm, maybe you like seeing desperate women (hopefully only lesbians) do desperate things to get their chick to do what they want. You normally see that in hentai plots.

      Don’t worry about the language. It’s nice seeing one such as yourself lose her temper every now and then. I can only imagine the true extent of your rage in real life when upset beyond this show’s antagonist’s last wish. Seriously? THAT’S the last thing you want to do before kicking the bucket? Give me a break!


      • SnippetTee says:

        Indeed, the storyline made the difference. At least even just for a moment I forgot that this is a yuri hentai. Normally, I don’t watch hentai even though there’s yuri in it if there’s no story.

        As for Aya and her desperation, I enjoyed it. Her action became neat by the end story and what she did is not rape because obviously, Kiiko needed a push… And to be honest I haven’t seen that much anime to tell whether desperate girls doing desperate things are always part of the plot in hentai / ecchi.

        Btw, you mentioned that there’s already an English sub for this? Would you mind posting the link if it’s okay?


    • Overlord-G says:

      I would hardly consider this a hentai. Shoujo Sect and the Sono Hanabira OVA are the only “safe” yuri H OVAs I’m aware of. The others OVAs out there are just your typical non-consensual smut.

      I look forward to your opinion on Aya after reading what both she and Kiiko had to say during their adventures.

      Well, for now only the Shin-GX English script link above is available. As for where you can find a RAW of the episode:


      In case you need help applying the subs, let me know.


  2. Jessy3017 says:

    When I watch the first OVA I was fine with it, sure it had some faults (like the predictability, school girls why is it always school girls) but fine none the less and I liked the twist. But the second OVA was annoying, stupid and made me punch a wall, I’m not kidding I actually punched the wall next to me and proceeded to be mad. I mean it was horrid, truly horrid maybe even making it up there with strawberry panic in terms of horrid character decisions. And the ending, my word was that a cop. So this OVA is wall punching in ways of horrid.


    • Overlord-G says:

      I never said the OVAs were great, just worth watching once. I can understand why you didn’t like the OVAs and won’t disagree with you.

      As for the school setting thing, it’s something you have to get used to when it comes to anime. I guess the belief that “all of life’s best experiences happen during high school” is the reason why so many anime take place in schools.


  3. Skakried says:

    I have no idea what your bitchin’ about , I have watched alot of anime in the past , and although this isn’t by any means fantastic , it is still good , it keeps you on edge , you don’t know whats going to happen , and these two completely different characters are portrayed beautifully (or as beautifully as you can get in 40 minutes) not to mention the whole “anime logic” wierdness although completely bewildering added a strange twist to the show that I for one actually enjoyed quite alot.i dunno maybe I’m wierd but i thought it was great.


  4. Gisei says:

    Aw…. I thought i found a Yuri that you’re going to love… turns out you already watched it T_T. Anyway no regrets, i did enjoy the OVA ^_^


  5. Ruiko says:

    Kuttsukiboshi is one of the best Yuri Animes I have watched ^_^


  6. Baka says:

    Watching Kuttsukiboshi had me in a roller coaster of opinions about it. The first OVA was really nice and that last minute event didn’t affect my opinion that much, but i didn’t like it either. But the second one made me mad, reeeally mad. But, i don’t know if i’m just over-acceptive on yuri things, but i liked the outcome. Sure, it’s not the best ending in the world, but it satisfied me.


  7. Crow says:

    that’s all fine and well… except for the part where she’s doing her BROTHER! i don’t mind incest… but you cannot call this YURI if there is a GUY in it!


    • Overlord-G says:

      Still counts because she doesn’t end up with the guy, plus the sex takes place off screen. the damage was done but most of both OVAs are two girls having PG-13 sex with one another.


  8. Alucard says:

    Just an awesome Anime, falled in tears only by watching it 😀
    A Yuri anime I’ll never forget, the romantic parts were just awesome. (And the part where Aya kidnapped Kiiko brrrrr.. ) 😀 10/10.


  9. Shy says:

    I’m kinda late to the party, but whatevs!
    My reaction after the first episode: “Not bad…not bad at all. Had some weird stuff with the psychic powers but this anime for crying out loud, crazier things have happened! Can’t wait to see what episode two is like!”
    My reaction after episode: “Well that was…that was SOMETHING…I guess. What…in the name of Christ did this just turn into?!”
    It’s like the writers were on Acid, especially during the ending… good GOD that trippy ending!!! All in all, by Yuri standards it delivered splendidly. By anime standards…it went from being pretty generic/average to really really…strange!


    • Overlord-G says:

      Those are some understandable reactions to both episodes. The story’s odd but the yuri delivers even if some disapprove of a certain girls’ actions.


  10. Possibly the worst anime I have ever watched. Good news it was only two episodes, though. The whole ‘sex with onii-chan thing before he died’ and then episode 2…man oh man, talk about a waste of time. I might’ve liked it if there was more smut and the girl with her telekinesis powers got more development. Ahhhh but just yeah…I don’t really want to talk about it hahaha.


  11. Talt says:

    Had all kinds of emotions with this one. Well worth the watch!


  12. anoncpm says:

    I get worried whenever I see an onii-chan in yuri thanks to this OVA, lol.

    I remember I watched this right before I started reading Sasameki Koto, and just thinking “fuck fuck fuck”, when Kazama’s brother was introduced… and this is Sasameki Koto we’re talking about.


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  14. piano_cello_conducting says:

    Don’t think I’ve ever seen a non-hentai yuri anime where the main lesbian couple have so much sex with each other. Thankfully this show had a good ending but it really could do without the male character. And for those who were talking of rape, it didn’t seem like rape to me – more like rough sex to me.


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