Haiyore! Nyaruko-san episode 4: Hasuta boy

You know, I think I’ll make this my last post on this show until further notice. I’m just too bored to continue talking about it.

Hungry as usual. Such a nice girl.

So here we have Kuko still yearning for Nyaruko as usual.

The two-sided pillow of Nyaruko goodness is hers to mate with.

She wouldn’t mind starting from the back.

This is I.M. Boring’s mom, “How Can He Be My Son”? She’s a part-time deity hunter while her husband’s an office worker.

Some of you may be asking, OG, you’re a 2D MILF lover, why aren’t you going gaga over her? Simple, she doesn’t have the “IT” factor I look for in the fictional sexy adult women I dream of seducing.

But OG, mom likes video games, especially retro ones and is an intimidating force. You still don’t get raging ring boners seeing her? Nope. She doesn’t have “IT”. BTW, a joke throughout the series is that the Cthulhu planet likes everything Earth, especially Japan, consider passe or does poorly in the market, such as magazines, games and the like, and the planet picks these items up and continues producing them. Must be a foreign joke or something.

Just posting this terrible “Dunwich” reference joke picture because Kuko’s in it.

Hmm, somehow the animation kinda makes me think of a crisper Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai. Anyway Nyaruko’s still using the same old jokes. Now one would apply the same insults at Kuko, but since Kuko gets special treatment from me, I let her repetitiveness slide.

Oh yeah, plot. Aside from some shady chicks chasing after I.M. Boring and mom, this episode marks the debut of Hasuta, better known as Hastur; The Great Wind Demon. He’s a trap of course. My spider sense also tells me he may get a crush on I.M. Boring as well. Why? Because it’ll give Kuko an advantage.

There you go, my last analysis of this show. Sorry it lacked energy but since the show is hardly trying, why should I?

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2 Responses to Haiyore! Nyaruko-san episode 4: Hasuta boy

  1. I also thought Hasuta could fall for Mahiro or at least get a respect/appreciation for him. I’ll accept it since he’s cute. Nyaruko will go well with Kuko if Hasuta confesses.


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