The Avengers 2012 review

Genre: Action, Adventure, supernatural.

Themes: superheroes.

Running time: 140 minutes.

A Summer Blockbuster 4 years in the making, 5 movies, each with some connection to this one, a director who is well known for writing great dialogue fitting for the characters he has to work with and who knows how much else to back up this movie’s hype. The point I’m getting is, with all the build up behind the Avengers, did it live up to the hype?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or in the NA, which for some reason was the last to get the movie hit theaters, this movie has been heavily praised and rightfully so. My review won’t be any different but I’ll do my best to explain, spoiler free of course, why this movie is definitely worthwhile to Marvel and action movie fans alike.

The plot in a nutshell: Loki (Thor’s evil half-brother) invades S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ, steals and plans to use the stolen “Teserect”, an item with the ability to both brainwash minds and create a portal (Among its currently known uses) to summon a powerful alien army to conquer Earth. Nick Fury, to avoid the government from approving a nuke bombing, reactivates the Avenger Initiative: Call forth Earths mightiest heroes (Hulk, Captain America and Iron Man. Thor, Black Widow and Hawkeye also join) to band together and stop Loki. However, you have a collection of several mega-egos together in one spot and let’s just say tempers clash pretty fast. Will our heroes put their differences aside long enough to thwart a fallen Norse God’s sinister plan to rule and enslave all mankind?

The plot may be straightforward, but the way it’s delivered is nothing short of sheer excellence. The movie isn’t overblown with excessive action scenes (Battleship) or too much talking that will put people with ADD to sleep (Drive). Everything is evenly balanced. You get more than enough grade A dialogue befitting each of the characters’ known personalities, the character development is very well done; each and every hero gets a chance to shine (Some more than others but nobody feels left out) and the fights, both between heroes and against the villains, will make both Marvel and action fans jizz like there’s no tomorrow.

Even the comedy is very well done. Believe me when I say that the way every joke is set up and executed, will know EXACTLY when to execute funny moments and have you laughing out loud. I should know, I occasionally let a chuckle while watching American Reunion but Avengers had me busting my guy at almost every joke and funny moment, even during the fights.

I’m not a fan of 3D vision at all but I wanted to see this movie so badly I was willing to fork over extra cash to see it in 3D (There weren’t showing any 2D versions that day) and I’m happy to say it’s not bad at all. If you’re willing to stomach it like I did, it won’t be a bother, unless you have vision and health problems, which I recommend searching for a theatre showing the 2D version.

The characters, like I mentioned above, all got enough screen time to develop quite nicely. For example: Iron Man and Captain America obviously have different views on what it means to be a hero and their contrasting styles clashed so well that when they, along with the other heroes, finally come together as a team, it felt realistic. Even Black Widow, the character I liked the least in Iron Man 2, was likable in this one. The two characters who didn’t get as much time on screen to show EVERYTHING they could have were Thor and Hawkeye. Worry not though, for the time they did get, definitely established them as awesome characters. If you didn’t like Thor in the movie or Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 fans who are enraged by Hawkeye’s inclusion over MvC2 veterans who didn’t make the cut, I think (or at least hope) this movie will make you think twice about them. As for Loki, to put it simply, he is no joke. Unlike in the Thor movie, here he’s a legitimate threat whose plans and motivations, while nothing new, were executed with near flawless perfection. Besides, a villain who’s willing to get his hands dirty on the battlefield AND give the heroes a run for their money is automatically a badass in my book. You want more reasons why the cast is awesome? Even the side-characters who from the other tie-in movies who return here, all play a vital role and don’t feel left out at all. Okay maybe Thor’s girlfriend but she’s already in that movie. Man I sure reference the Thor movie a lot. I guess it’s because next to Iron Man 2, I consider Thor the weakest of the 5 tie-in movies. Anyway, be sure to keep an eye on Sam Jackson’s Nick Fury, his female sidekick and the goofball from Iron Man 2.

The movie isn’t perfect. Then again, other than our Almighty GOD, nothing is. As much as they’re able to add into a 140 minute movie, there were a few things that felt out of place but hardly noticeable to anyone other than hardcore Marvel fans. Besides that, THOR DOESN’T WEAR HIS SIGNATURE HELMET THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE MOVIE! HE ONLY WORE IT ONCE IN HIS MOVIE! Hawkeye doesn’t have his mask either! Oh and where’s War Machine? Yeah, spoilers, neither War Machine nor The Red Skull are in this movie. Whatever, petty complaints that don’t even dent the hood of an already perfectly shined El Camero.

This, imo, is one of the best Superhero movies I’ve seen in a while. It even gives The Dark Knight a run for its money. Speaking of Batman, The Dark Knight Rises has some heavy shoes to fill. Hopefully with Bane FINALLY being respectfully portrayed as the super intelligent mega steroid using pro wrestler of doom he really is, and a possibly better portrayed anti-heroine Catwoman, along with other promised surprises, it may be able to put up a fight. We’ll have to wait and see.

As for those who can afford going to the cinema, are still somewhat behind the fence, Marvel fans, action fans and those who just want to see a really good big budget movie, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! Legal or illegally, WATCH…THIS…MOVIE!

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11 Responses to The Avengers 2012 review

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  2. Rei says:

    Watch it in both 2d and 3d. It was great. I wonder if they are going to make another Avenger movie. Because the last part after the credits shows us that there might be another one. I read the comic btw, so there should be more of this Avengers movie.


    • Subarashikun says:

      Yeah according to the last clip there will be a next avengers movie…. the question is, will spiderman be a part of it? since spidey is anvenger in the cartoons.


      • Overlord-G says:

        Depends on Sony, who currently owns the rights to Live-Action Spider-Man.


      • Rei says:

        I’ve read comic before, if Spiderman is going to be apart of the movie, it’s not going to be a main character that is for sure. It’s just going to be a side character where Spiderman is fighting those villain and suddenly the Avengers comes to fight some other villain.


    • Overlord-G says:

      As long as I get to see the end credit main villain in all his glory, they can add any heroes they want in Avengers 2. Good luck getting them the studios to cooperate in sharing both Spidey and Wolverine though.


      • Rei says:

        It’s nice btw. Because the 2nd movie is already announced by Disney. It was weird though why Disney has anything to do with this lol


  3. judge212 says:

    The movie wasn’t perfect (but nothing is), but it sure was damn good. I don’t really focus on the few complaints I do have because considering the magnitude of the film and what Joss Whedon and Marvel had to accomplish in such a short time, there really wasn’t anything moar they could have done.

    Addressing some of your (Overlord-G) complaints, I’m glad Thor didn’t wear his helmet. It’s goofy and obstructive in combat. I know Chris Hemsworth wasn’t too particularly fond of wearing it all the time. Hawkeye (my favorite character) didn’t wear his mask because they were going for a moar realistic look. Jeremy Renner (the actor) even said months before that the costume would be different. Even in the comics now, Hawkeye has ditched his old costume in favor of something similar looking. War Machine was also absent because they wanted to focus on the main guns. This was stated early last year. Wasn’t expecting the Red Skull, but it would have been nice to see where he’s been hanging out. You know he’ll be back though.

    Like you said, there’s an extremely slim chance that Sony would allow Spider-Man or Fox would allow Wolverine to be included. I’m praying that Fox gives up on Daredevil, as the rights to the character revert back to Marvel next year. If anything, the next Avengers movie will include Ant-man (who is getting his own movie soon), the Wasp (Ant-man’s wife), Black Panther, and War Machine. There’s rumors that the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver will be in the Avengers 2, since there’s a loophole that allows them to be featured even though Fox owns all X-Men related property.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Realism/backstage issues aside: Thor’s helmet is a trademark. The helmet is part of him. I don’t know if the recent issues of Thor comics removed it but as far as I know, he ALWAYS has the helmet on. /like I said though, it’s a pet peeve and nothing major to gripe over.
      At least Hawkeye changed his gear in the comics as well so he has a legitimate excuse.
      A War Machine cameo would have been nice, but that’s nothing worth getting mad at the world over.
      Red Skull’s too awesome to be a one-shot villain.

      It would be interesting to see who will join the original five heroes against the Mighty Thanos and his beloved lady Death.


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