Bodacious Pirates episode 17: BODACIOUS TOUCHDOWN! Part 1

What we’re expecting was Operation Wedding Crashers, what we got instead was…

WARNING! For those who dislike too many pictures…I’m in a VERY GOOD MOOD!

Like in Rogue Galaxy, Space Pirates have a strict set of rules to follow, mainly not commit illegal pirate acts…such as kidnapping. Point is, they can do their jobs as much as they please, just don’t go against the rules. If only my PS2 didn’t break, I’d pick up and play Rogue Galaxy again. Like Last Exile 2 is the Skies of Arcadia anime I’ve always wanted, this show is a more than decent facsimile of what an RG anime might have been like…might have been.

Looks like arranged marriage is alive and well in the future…figures. what a cheap and underhanded way to maintain a family’s wealth/or increase it. Those are one of the many old school practices I’m glad to have absolutely no part in. Oh, and rich uncle meaniebags is actually to pull a screw job on Jenny. The vile cad. So as an ironic hidden message for animeniacs to work hard to attend an university, their mission is to get Jenny and drop her off at an university so she can study and learn all she needs to run her own independent company, Fairy Jane. You go girl! Screw family tradition!

Chiaka is against the job and is worried for her “parfait’s” safety so she tries to stop her, however, Marika’s response is: “We’re pirates, right? Screw the rules and let’s have some fun…being actual pirates for a change. Besides, we’ve got an adorably badass crew (My harem) to help us reach UNLIMITED POWAH!

“Sigh”, if it’s for you, my sweet darling, fine.

Jenny: Hey ladies, check out my smokin’ set of wheels, and it can be yours for the low-low price of letting me have my way with Lynn!

All: aright, as long as Sasha gets a front row seat.

Sasha: Hi everyone!

Lynn: Alright my token cool blonde babe, let’s show BRS TV, Symphogear and even Kuttsukiboshi how it’s done!

Jenny: You got it my “originally long haired but conveniently butch haircut” prince hacker babe who I’ve had wet dreams of ever since we were separated.


Oh my, that will soon be me. “Looks at badass captain on her left”. I must take mental notes! Calm down sis…umm, we can practice later if you want.

Sasha: I can see it, I can see the light…and it’s so beautiful. Oh Yayooooooiiiii!

CURSES! My grand master plan, my defining moment has been taken away from me! Hmph, oh well. Back to the drawing board. There are still 8-9 episodes to go. I WILL HAVE MY GRAND MOMENT WITH MY MARIKA! GRUIER WILL NOT WIN!

Lynn: Well, I’m glad we stole the show and all, but how did you get here? I studied the FFX Wedding Crasher footage all last weekend.

Hey baby. We’ve been out of work ever since Kaibacorp fired us, so be a good blonde and cooperate.

Uh, hello? I’m a blonde who recently saw the light, in a wedding dress. Plus an established cool chick. What were you expecting to happen?

Lynn: Well, since you’re already awesome, I love you and I want to win the best couple award this December, why not we up the ante with an instant replay.

Jenny: Let’s cut it short and save it for next week…or when we’re alone.

Hello everyone. I’m Uncle Scar. I’m old, wrinkled and a relative. According to the telenovela codebook, that makes me the villain of this arc.

How predictable, my uncle’s up to no good. Well, since our highly esteemed OG hasn’t had an epic ojou-sama laugh this year, let me give it a try. I hope mine will please the Overlord. Me: Not bad at all Miss Dolittle. You have my support this December. I wonder how Malga and Margot will be able to outdo this impressive performance? They’d better bring their A-game and deliver both kickass dogfights and sweeter intimate moments I reckon.

Okay Capn’, here’s the deal. You help us with escape Uncle Scar, you get my sweet chick magnet ride (To boost your harem status), 10% off my obviously successful Fairy Jane company after I graduate, and my Lynn here will throw in super secret cheat codes for “Skyrim: Yuri Mode” and tons of other PS3 and PSV games. Either that or Free DLC forever. OG: FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS YURI, SIGN THE CONTRACT!

Next week, the chase is on, leading to a big showdown with Uncle Scar. Don’t miss it!

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11 Responses to Bodacious Pirates episode 17: BODACIOUS TOUCHDOWN! Part 1

  1. ArcaJ says:

    I think the Emperor may have sprained something. ^^;;

    It may be an overused term on the Internet, but this episode was EPIC! Jenny and Lynn! Lynn and Jenny! Two young women who have got it together and are in love to boot! The fact that they are lovers isn’t their defining characteristic (and it shouldn’t be!). We first got to know them as the hyper-competent leaders of the Yacht Club. Confident, smart, unyielding and NOT TO BE F@#ED WITH!

    Chiaki may have turned away, but we all know that this is what she wants with Marika. If you don’t, Gruier most definitely will.


    Arca Jeth


    • Overlord-G says:

      Hahaha, you know what happens when I’m in a VERY GOOD MOOD miss AJ.

      What I like about this show is that every single woman, no matter how moe some of them may be, are competent, intelligent and perfectly capable of many things. The Cosplay Pirates are no joke and just as capable of greatness as the Bentenmaru crew.

      We all know Chiaki is going back to the drawing board and planning the perfect scheme as to how she can outdo the unarguably greatest yuri moment of 2012…by far. Like I said, Malga and Margot have huge shoes to fill when they return.


  2. Stevie Nix says:

    Wonderful. This episode was truly wonderful! “No Romance” Sato has delivered his finest gift to the Yuri Nation yet. At this point Bodacious Space Pirates has firmly secured it’s place in the Yuri cannon. Even if Jenny and Lynn are not the leads, the shear passion and love they showed to each other, not to mention that we got a very clear expression of their love on screen. I can honestly say that I can only think of one or two Yuri anime that matches that level of onscreen passion.

    I extremely love that first picture of Jenny and Lynn (picture 06). That is the picture of two women who at that moment decided to show all their friends the true depth of their feelings. Also Jenny knows Lynn has been starving for some parfait, so she can’t wait to start sating Lynn’s appetite.

    You know I hope is taking notes for Summer? Sato. I hope we get as much passion if not more so in Lagrange!

    I really love the expression of everyone.
    Gurier: Tying not to let thoughts of Marika’s parfait run away with her.
    Marika: Realizing she is no longer the Yuri star of the series.
    Gurnhilde: Consternation that her complex shipping fantasies did not account for Jenny X Lynn.
    Sasha and company: Squeeing so hard they can’t wait for a chance to share some parfait with their beloved.
    Chiaki: Not wanting anyone to see her blushing while thinking of her beloved parfait.

    I love how Jenny was kind of disappointed that she didn’t get to be rescued by her Prince, but in the end it meant her beloved Lynn got a taste of her parfait sooner so it all works out.

    I agree with Show, Marika and company will be a force not to mess with in 10 years.

    Next week, the Cosplay Priates ride again, with two new additions, The Bride and Battle Miko Chiaki!


    • Overlord-G says:

      Ummm, what did you mean by Sato? Is he the one who directed both Pirates and Lagrange?

      I’m still hoping Malga and Margot outdo themselves from last Fall’s masterful performance. We need more passionate kisses like Jenny and Lynn’s this year. WE NEED MORE!

      Anyway back to Jenny and Lynn, yup, these two love each other AND are future world leaders. We have winners here people: Them and the yuri nation.

      Sasha got a front row seat and witnessed magic. That is all I need.

      When women are hungry, it isn’t wise to keep them waiting.


      • Stevie Nix says:

        I was being slightly facetious about Sato, but yes he is the director of both. It’s probably more accurate to say I hope Sato wrote a bunch of crib notes titled “How To Please The Yuri Fandom” and passed to them to the guy in charge of series composition, Suga, and the writers during a director’s meeting for Lagrange’s second season. Still the point stands, I hope we can get just as joyous and wonderful reunification of the Jersey Club this summer.

        By the way I’m sure at that moment Sasha had the final inspiration to finish her master plan to win Yayoi’s heart. Her expression is one of someone that just saw some wonderful inspiration. Hopefully next week even more potential couples will start appearing. Also I hope Jenny and Lynn will at least have one more really squee inducing moment next week.


    • Overlord-G says:

      I think Jenny and Lynn will have one more “till we meet again” kiss before Jenny departs for university and wait for her Lynn to graduate. Whether she’ll score high enough to enter the same uni is yet to be seen…however, unlike real life and as we’ve seen time and time again, anime lesbians ALWAYS work hard just to be together with the woman they love and succeed.

      Ah, so Sato is the head honcho and Suga’s in charge of Lagrange. Okie dokie. for the moment as much as I have pushed the bigamy idea, I still think Lan has the highest chances of becoming Madoka’s girlfriend, if they do plan on pleasing the nation. I have a bad feeling Cherry’s feelings for Villa will somehow reignite and I still don’t trust the writers. What’s stopping them from forcing a pointless romance between Madoka and one of the APBs. I’m sorry for being pessimistic but unlike Pirates, Lagrange doesn’t exactly have a canon lesbian couple in the original source, though Lagrange IS an original anime project so I could hopefully be proven wrong.


      • Stevie Nix says:

        Heh, I hope you are right. Actually I think Marika is going to pull away from the dock and realize that Lynn jumped ship to spend some extra time with Jenny. Anyway no mater if Lynn follows Jenny to Space U or not, we know that in the future they will be together forever. I do sort of want a time skip of 5-10 years just to see how awesome / terrifying (in Show’s words) everyone has become.

        As for Lagrange, well remember it was a question about that series that caused Sato’s “no romance” answer, so at worse there won’t be any romance, either hetro or Yuri. Actually after this episode, I am more confident then ever that Lagrange will deliver if Sato has anything to do with it.


  3. Regretx993 says:

    Holy Goddess of Yuri; Mado-Kami!!! Thank you so much for this episode!!

    They kissed! Jenny and Lynn finally kissed!! Lynn smooched Jenny not once, but twice!! *Fangirlism squeal!!!* \(^0^)/

    Then those ninja skills and smirk and everything else! Whooo! You go, girl!

    Whoooo! 17 weeks of waiting and this episode’s worth all my dam time and money!

    Anyways, Chiaki totally was imagining her and Marika in their places. I mean come on, she even blushed (you’ll notice it in the 1080p version)! This all happened right after her “talk” with Marika.

    Is it me or is it getting hot in here?


    PS: GO, GO, Chi~a~ki! Marika’s parfait is waiting for you!!! =3


    • Overlord-G says:

      Last year we got Malga and Margot as two women who had absolutely no shame in showing everyone how much they loved each other on screen, no sooner after their debut are we once again blessed with Lynn and Jenny. GLORIOUS!

      They REALLY want to win the best couple award this year.

      Hehehe, first it was ninja princess, now we have ninja bride.

      Chiaki’s plans will come to fruition very soon.

      Next week will promise more greatness…as always when it comes to this show.


  4. They kissed not once, but twice in front of eveyone. *Fangirl squeal*

    Gruier and Chiaki now need their time to shine with Marika.


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