Yuri Talk: An important question to all yuri fans (Open and in hiding) about yuri today.

Oh yes, this image is why I want to play Atelier Meruru! Oh, and of course because I’m hoping it’ll be as awesome as Atelier Totori.

It’s that time again where I request the cooperation of as many yuri nation members in hiding as possible. Basically I want to ask all of you an important question related to the state of yuri in anime (Manga and VNs don’t count because they are still reasonably stable in terms of Grade 1 content for now).

What are your thoughts on the increased amount of subtext yuri couples? Do you still enjoy creating yuri couples using your imagination when the show tries hard and fails miserably in denying to contain any yuri content or are you slowly getting tired of this practice and, like so many of us in the yuri nation, still await the day of Grade 1 yuri anime per season? Or do you not mind at all as long as yuri VNs and manga continue existing?

In short, what are your thoughts on the greater amount of subtext yuri couples over canon ones right now?

 According to one of the esteemed members (Miss AJ), there are 3 well known kinds of yuri fans:

A: Those who are content with just subtext due to them being appalled by anything beyond that, or as I like to call them, squeamish.

B: Those who refuse to watch anything other than 100% canon Yuri (with kissing + love confession + if there’s time, sex). Possibly fans who are suffering from burnout due to too many subtext shows that don’t even try to deliver on any concrete Yuri relationships.

C: The 3rd kind and the one I’m in: Those who are open to any kind of yuri available as long as the show delivers both in joygasm inducing yuri goodness (subtext or otherwise) and is genuinely entertaining. The people in this group not only celebrate the great yuri shows that have been made (And hope for more in the future) but also have fun with subtext couples.

Personally, I’m happy and have little to complain about the present yuri status. As much as we nation members enjoy watching touching, heartwarming romances between women, we cannot deny the unfortunate fact of this genre being a niche one at best.  Over time in the anime world, yuri has been forced more and more to sneak into other shows who haven’t advertised containing anything yuri and have gotten away with attracting more potential members. Basically fewer and fewer shows that are advertised with yuri from the start.

Again, I’m currently content with what we’re getting right now but still anticipate the day when anime adaptations of so many well revered yuri manga slowly get green lit every season. I mean legitimately well regarded, 100% grade A quality yuri content and not lighthearted humor ones such as Yuru Yuri. Don’t me wrong, I like YY season 1 and have praised it before but let’s face it, YY isn’t a yuri show to be taken seriously at all and I highly doubt there are many fans who remember it specifically for the romance (Very little thereof), but instead for how many times Ayano yells “TOSHINO KYOUKOOO!”, Chitose’s crimson dreams and Kyouko’s Kyoko-ness.

Update: This Yuru Yuri rant came before the advent of season 2 and was directed toward season 1 specifically. Season 2 had more favorable yuri content.

That’s enough rambling out of me. Hopefully I got the most important part across, the question. I hope as many fans as possible will share their thoughts proudly and by the end I’ll have gained enough information to come to an acceptable conclusion.

To end this post, I leave you all with a simple, yet effective joke.

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27 Responses to Yuri Talk: An important question to all yuri fans (Open and in hiding) about yuri today.

  1. Ritsuioko23 says:

    I’m up for any yuri… Even if it’s subtext. Heck even my novels have a bit of subtext in them :3


  2. Jay says:

    69. yuuuuriiiiiii~


  3. @fkeroge says:

    It’s no question that yuri is steadily becoming more accepted in the anime fandom, especially with the Madoka boom last year. Of course, I’m happy that there are now more shows that cater to us yuri fans, subtext or not.


  4. I’m open to all yuri, especially if it’s cute. 2 feminine girls is better than feminine x masculine.


    • Overlord-G says:

      The sad truth is in the real world, there are too many butches. Nothing wrong with them, it’s just in terms of an entertainment standpoint, butches aren’t always appealing…unless they’re traps.


  5. Stevie Nix says:

    Clearly I am a Type C Yuri Fan. While yes I do await the day when we get one Grade 1 Yuri level anime per season, I am completely happy with the increasing amount of Yuri subtext couples and Grades 2 and 3 anime. Honestly with shows and franchises like Black Rock Shooter, Bodacious Space Pirates, Hidamari Sketch, Horizion, Lagrange, Last Exile: Fam, Nanoha, Saki and Side A, Strike Witches, Symphogear, and Yuru Yuri what is not to love. Not only are these shows fulfilling my desire for cute couples, but they are also extremely entertaining and fun too. The only reason why I think I would get tired if the shows started sucking overall.

    Of course with the growing amount of Yuri manga is quite satisfying my need for Yuri too.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Hehe. Well said Sir Steven. As long as continue getting great shows with yuri in it, the time will hopefully come when writers acknowledge our desire for more Grade 1 yuri shows per season.


  6. Rincewind says:

    Well, I guess that Im a type C with shades of B.

    Im getting tired of the subtext. I want more text! I like to ship and all, but I need canonicity sometimes!!

    And the most infuriating thing, is that most of the times we’re too close, only a little really little step away from canon yuri. A simple kiss.
    Like in Symphogear, the amount of subtext is overhelming, its on Nanoha levels. Two females sharing a bed, embracing while one tells the other that is the sun warming her life. Yes, sure, friendship. HA!!
    The other one is Black Rock Shooter. Females saying that love each other and having nervous breakdown over their relationships. Again, are we supposed to believe that is friendship?
    Seriously, maybe Im naive, but I was truly expecting a kiss in both endings. Im naive and angry.

    But, Im still gonna watch shows with subtext. Heck, I even ship against canon. Like Kim Possible and Shego. My OTP, forever!! What canon says is irrelevant!!

    PD: Yuru Yuri. I enjoyed both the comedy and the yuri. Every time that Himawari and Sakurako are on screen, scream “Beligerant sexual tension”. The dere moments that they share are so cute and adorable.
    And Ayano, I seriously hope that she win in the end. (I mean, if someday the author resolves the romantic situation, that is).
    The amazing thing is that I usually dislike the tsunderes characters… maybe I only dislike the hetero tsunderes? 😛

    PD2: Simple and effective… GREATTO!! I loled!!


    • Overlord-G says:

      Lesbian Tsunderes are better than regular tsunderes. It’s an established fact.

      I know how you feel. You’ve become impatient after so many episodes with no on screen kiss scenes. so much so, you want to watch yuri hentai again. Be patient dood. Someday, the days we dream about will become a reality.

      Yes, Ayano deserves victory Team Tsundere need to confess/accept their love for each other already.


  7. Elizabeth says:

    I am not an anime expert and only recently have finished watching some Yuri animes (Strawberry Panic, then Yuru Yuri, Sasameki Koto, even Ben-to) and I believe I’m a Type B fan. I really just wanna watch something like the shows I already mentioned. Or if there aren’t new shows, I wanna see more of these shows, especially Sasameki Koto.
    The first anime that I saw that was Yuri (Grade 3 apparently) was Maria Holic. I read that the protagonist was a lesbian and I went and watched it right away. And now I dream of a world where there are many Yuri romantic comedies. But sadly there aren’t many and I feel like I’ve seen all there is. But even though I consider myself a Type B fan, I’m not really interested in their friendship, but would rather see more physical stuff. (That’s probably why I was asking you about the Hentai before.) Anyways, that’s my opinion on this.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Thank you for sharing Elizabeth. Be patient, for the growth of yuri continues to increase year after year.

      Check out this year’s yuri anime award ceremony and you’ll notice many more great yuri shows have popped up this year. The 2nd season of Yuru yuri was even better than the first one. To be honest, this post was written before I noticed the big time Spring and Summer season shows this year with more Yuri goodness. Fall felt a little flat, though. I don’t know what Winter will have in store yet.

      In any case, there are definitely some shows that aired this year you should check out. Although not all of them had major contact beyond kissing, they are well worth watching.


  8. Elizabeth says:

    I’ve tried to watch some of the Grade 1 Yuri, like Simoun but for this one I couldn’t really get into it (I’ve only seen the first episode) but I’m gonna try again. I’ve watched a couple of episodes of Candy Boy which looks interesting except the only thing that bothers me is that two people often talk at the same time and I have trouble reading both of their dialogues in the subtitles, besides that I like it so far. I guess what I want to see is two girls together. And if they aren’t, I’d rather it be a comedy than a drama. But I guess I’m just picky like that.


  9. KuroNeko says:

    Any kinds is fine with me as long as noone end up with a guy.


  10. Kyouya xD says:

    Yup C! As long as there’s any yuri or hint-of- yuri. Also, there’s the fan fiction to spice things up so I’m satisfied~ xD though it’d be good if they make any 100% “serious” yuri where’s the a plot and everything, it’ll be refreshing to see for sure :3 I know there’s one that they just released but it’s still ongoing sooo idk how it’ll turn out…ahahaha


  11. KakiKitsune says:

    I love Yuri of all kinds, soo I guess I’m a c fan, as long as I find the story interesting or the characters enjoyably lovable. I find myself watching/reading and giggling like a crazed nut the way I do when I like any Anime (I know I’m crazy be kind lol). The biggest love I’ve found lately was Akuma No Riddle, LOVE IT! X3


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