154th G-View: Daily Lives of High School Boys

Hey doods and peeps, welcome to another episode of The G-Views. Well this show certainly kept me entertained while I waited for the 2nd season of Kimi to Boku, especially a certain girl. This is the show I like to call “Macho Nichijou”.

Unfortunately this is the best quality of the song I could find on Youtube. Ignore the pictures and enjoy the song instead.

Alternative title:

Danshi Kōkōsei no Nichijō (Japanese)
Nichibros (Japanese)
Themes: School
Number of episodes: 13
G-Rating: 8/10
Plot Summary:

This is the story of a century long war between two sexes, where one has become the dominant force over the other. Not a day goes by where the demonic sex spawned from the very depths of Hades isn’t torturing the opposite sex for invalid reasons such as inferiority complexes, stealing their underwear, cooking better than them or merely because they exist. And yet, this race from the abyss  somehow cannot deny their natural instincts and sometimes seek the opposite sex’s comfort while continuing to treat them like cow dung. Of course the opposite sex was forced to take a stand and do their best to rise up against the dark regime brought forth by the demented Tortegan succubi…Nah, the story’s about the daily lives of high school boys with humor added to the mix.

Like Squid Girl, the jokes and punchlines can be hit and miss but are mostly humorous enough to watch the show more than once. It really does cover casual activities boys are known to do and questions they’d usually ask about life, media and girls. Throw in a few 4th wall jokes, parodies, references to other anime, the basics but done well. I did mention before there being times where the jokes miss because the joke is there but just because you get it, doesn’t mean everyone will be amused by the same joke or punchline.

Let’s take one sketch as an example: A boy and his dad playing catch outside with the father throwing random insults for no good reason while the son lets him have his way. Then the 2nd son arrives and asks what the two are doing this late at night and wants to go inside and eat. The punchline is mom went on a week long business trip and dad left the spare key inside the house after mom locked all the doors. Of course this is one of the weaker sketches. Trust me when I say there are more good than bad ones.

That’s pretty much all I can say about the show. There isn’t any depth or rational thought required to enjoy this one. All you need is to sit back and have a good time, mostly.

The animation isn’t anything to brag about but it gets the job done as a show with little to no fan service whatsoever. Heck most of the girls, save a select few, have no faces. You can see their lips moving but nothing else. I think there’s a reason for it but my guess is because they’re hell spawn. One of this show’s jokes is that high school girls are evil, superhuman and spend most of their time abusing boys, that is the ones who aren’t important. Those who are…are ditzy.

The music is okay. Nothing special imo. It’s there but no memorable tunes.

There are many characters to cover but suffice to say most of the boys have their own traits and gimmicks. There isn’t one in particular who stands out because all of them are amusing to watch. I’ll try my best and mention my favorite characters from both sexes. By the way, you don’t need to know the characters’ names as they are irrelevant:

Megane dude. He looks stoic and emotionless but is actually a large ham. He’s best known for his odd sense of humor and academy award nominated inner monologues, especially around a certain goddess.

Hat dude: he wears a hat, looks intimidating wearing the cap while actually being the most “normal” member of the student council. There’s actually quite an interesting back story he’s involved in and he’s also a fan of a certain legendary anime wrestler.

The Macho Council President: The handsome President of Sanada North High’s Student Council, who does little actual work and is often absent from the Student Council room. His best moments are ironically in his debut.

Well those are my top 3 fav male characters. Time for the girls. Before I get to the best character on the show, here are two other cool girls I like:

The female student council president: A ditz with an inferiority complex, determined to prove female superiority, not realizing the girls in this universe are all clay demons forged inside Medusa’s temple.

This girl is normal, generic and doesn’t really stand out much at first glance…buuuuuut…

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Fans of the show know exactly who’s coming. In the sea of rabid faceless banshees, there is one who is the fairest of all, one who has captured the hearts of all who have picked this show up, one who is voiced by the same seiyuu as one “moe-moe kyun”:

The Literature Girl: Once again proving to naysayers everywhere that the hime cut rules all. Not even lolis are strong enough to combat the unrivaled power of the hime cut. All I can say is, after her debut, you’ll be eternally enamored with this woman.

In conclusion: I would sum up this review by saying you should all watch this show for Literature Girl alone, but despite her being the main reason this show rocks, it’s unfair to deny there being some other great skits she isn’t in. If you like comedies, give this one a try. If you don’t have a funny bone in your entire body, pass.

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13 Responses to 154th G-View: Daily Lives of High School Boys

  1. lostty says:

    I totally agree this series is worth watching just for Literature Girl!!

    As comedies go, this anime was really good. As you said, it was a bit hit or miss, but the hits were better than some of the highest points in a lot of comedy anime I’ve seen, so it definitely excuses the weaker sketches.

    PS: Love the plot summary!


    • Overlord-G says:

      LG is a one of a kind, I must say.

      Glad someone decided to comment on this review. Thanks for posting dood.

      Well the show emphasized the girls in its universe mostly being faceless clay demons so I feel my plot summary was appropriate and accurate.


  2. Elizabeth says:

    My favorite scene so far is the one involving the clumsy LG, and I felt so bad at laughing at the K.O. when Hidenori stood up to apologize.


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  4. Subarashikun says:

    Oh yay i found your G-View of one of my fave anime ^_^


  5. Silvachief says:

    I’ve been on the fence about this one but since you seem to have enjoyed it I may have to give it a go.
    Having said that, my anime backlog is huge and it will probably be years before I watch it XD


  6. yurimylove says:

    greetings from Houston, dood! Yep, i’m taking a short vacation during this thanksgiving weekend here in the states. I recently marathoned this showed, and had more than a few good laughs out of it. The best parts for me are those outrageous slapstick actions, like when one boy’s sister, when questioned why she’s always alone on christmas, mercilessly hunts down and destroys the three hapless guys XD


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