Bodacious Pirates episode 12: The Rosebud

Take my hand in marriage my dearest captain.

We kick things off with Gruier having trouble walking in zero gravity but of course Marika shows off her awesomeness that once again turns Gruier on. That girl better bring her A-Game if she wants to take Marika away from the great Chiaki.

When a cyborg that looks like a demon grins, it puts a smile on my face.

Two things worth noticing on my part: 1; Gruier looks like an adorable mouse girl. 2; Misa’s the only person wearing a different colored space suit. I guess it’s because she has the best body of the female crew members…I think. Then again, Chiaki also has a different colored suit but she’s Chiaki so it shouldn’t surprise anyone.

On the way to their destination, we see some cool stuff like an abandoned colony.

An abandoned storeroom where valuable items had to be sold during economic crises.

The gene bank, where all the genes and life samples of lifeforms of planet Serenity are kept in stasis.

Hair sample as a substitute for blood.

The Serenity Rosebud and the crew’s destination. Basically where Serenity Royalty came from, or so Misa jokingly deduced, and guessed correctly.

Okay, let’s see if I understand this, Gruier wanted to destroy the Rosebud in order to grant the people of Serenity more freedom from Royalty while Grunhilde wanted to stop her, or something like that. In the end none of it matters because both princesses are knocked out with sleeping gas during a mock scuffle between both groups.

The last royal seed. Ironically (Or conveniently) Gruier’s team arrived just in time to save one last baby before the Rosebud dried out, making this child the last heir to the throne…breeding aside.

Oh, and it was all a setup by both groups. Both were working together to find the Rosebud when Marika dismissed Gruier to go try the spacesuit. Basically the princesses were the only ones unaware of the team up. The episode ends with everyone arriving in Serenity space as both princesses announce their discovery. Mission complete!

This episode showed me something: The show isn’t necessarily the swashbuckling epic most viewers expect from pirate themed shows, it’s more like a space exploration anime, which is fine by me. It’s something different and I like it. I don’t mean the theme per se, I mean the setup. Space pirates sailing the seven seas (Or in this show’s case, outer space) to find treasure, new discoveries and other cool stuff. No complaints here. It’s kinda like a toned down Star Trek with pirates. Neat!

Grunhilde will join the party in the next episode. Look forward to it.

P.S.: No, I don’t like Grunhilde’s schoolgirl look that much. Both princesses look better in their royal garb. Oh well.

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8 Responses to Bodacious Pirates episode 12: The Rosebud

  1. ArcaJ says:

    Grunhilde would look better in a boy’s uniform. Her hair’s too short to pull off the pigtails. And that half-bun thing isn’t working. Single ponytail, boy’s uniform Make it happen!

    I do wonder what Grunhilde will think of her sister’s choice in suitors.


    Arca Jeth


    • Overlord-G says:

      I’m hoping she’s possessive…”Twincest award 2012 nominee potential!” For now it’ll be interesting to see how she’ll approach the cap’n.


    • Stevie Nix says:

      I second that idea of Grunhilde in a boy’s uniform, though it would have to be a custom one due to it being an all girls school.

      I wonder if Grunhilde ever met Captain Kato? I wonder if she might develop the same feeling as her sister for Marika. Heh, I suspect she will.

      Heh, just though of something, since both Gurier and Grunhilde don’t have the responsibility of ruling Serenity in the future, it means they can both run away to join Marika when they get older!


      • Overlord-G says:

        I’m more in favor of my Twincest idea but whatever gets Marika more admirers for her possibly growing harem works too. Right now it’s still a love triangle between Gruier and Chiaki. Adding Grunhilde to the mix would be nice.


  2. Stevie Nix says:

    I really enjoyed this episode. (Then again I always say that. ^_^)

    Heh, the whole scene with “Prince” Marika offering her hand to her Princess just put I huge smile on my face. I just loved it, it was so sweet.

    As I understand it, the Serenity Royal Family is largely ceremonial now, like the British royal family. Grunhilde believed that by returning the Golden Ghost Ship and the Rose Spring, she could bring about a restoration of royal power. Gruier believes the the people of Serenity doesn’t need a royal family any longer and the return of the GGS might cause problems. (A civil war between supporters of the crown and people preferring the current government?) So Gruier set out to destroy the Rose Spring before Grunhilde found it.

    Of course devious Captain Marika decided that the best way to prevent the sisters fighting was to knock them and figure out things latter. Heh, in the end her deviousness for a good cause is another thing Gurier loves about Marika.

    I’ve been absolutely loving the mix of action and exploration in this series. I honestly can not think of the last SciFi anime series just loves exploring themes of SciFi as apposed to consent fighting.

    You know, the Golden Ghost Ship kind of reminds me of the Rama. Its about half the size though.

    I wonder if Misa’s space suit color is standard for Doctors in the future? Or maybe she just likes those colors?

    Heh, I honestly can’t wait until the start of the next arc. I think we will get some real, undeniable Jenny/Lynn romance on screen. ^_^


    • Overlord-G says:

      It’s a great show that has its own style so your enjoyment is understandable.

      Every time Gruier is turned on by Marika’s awesomeness I smile.

      Yup, that’s a more detailed description of my short summary of why each princess wanted the rosebud.

      All according to Marika’s plan from the get go, the brilliant mind of a female chick magnet.

      Yup, Star Trek with lesbian pirates.

      I still think it’s because Misa has the best body of the Bentenmaru women, but Luca will always be my #1.

      Hopefully Jenny and Lynn’s relationship will be made public, meaning us, next week.


      • Stevie Nix says:

        I think next time we will get our first real look at Jenny and Lynn’s relationship beyond their awesome President / Vice-President working relationship. Then over the course of the next arc it will build up to a very sweet and public announcement of their love. Hopefully it will also end with them finally joining Marika’s crew.

        By the way, from a SciFi perspective, its kind of wonderful and interesting to see a thousand year old colony ship being over taken by green doom. I have to wonder what kind of animal life is living down there.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Keep up that optimistic attitude dood. we need more of it.

      The world may never know…unless we get more clips of the colony.


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