153rd G-View: Controversial Edition: Nisemonogatari

Hey doods and peeps, welcome to another episode of The G-Views. You know, I was actually on delaying this review for a month’s time because the show greatly angered me. Week after week I became angrier and angrier at what I saw on my monitor, disgracing what was great about the prequel and making me question the credibility of this show’s fanbase. What do I mean, you ask? Find out in my review of Nisemonogatari.

If you haven’t read my review of the prequel yet, check it out and maybe you’ll understand why I greatly dislike this shameful sequel.

100th G-View Xtravaganza: Bakemonogatari

Also, a fair warning. I tried my very best to hold back and not unleash an Eyesedso quality cussfest but the review may for the most part look like a long rant nobody will care about. You’ve been warned. This show really pissed me off. I never…EVER want to do a review like this one again.

Number of episodes: 12
G-Rating: 4/10
The plot summary can be found in the review above so I need not copy/paste it from ANN. Right then to sum up my opinion of the show in one word it would be, disappointing. I was expecting so much more from this than what I actually got. The show devolved from a supernatural mystery show, filled with intrigue, symbolism, classic Shaft style humor and conversation with attractive teenage girls and lolicon bait, to a show with attractive teenage girls and lolicon bait with supernatural elements. See what I did there?
In case you haven’t figured it out, it’s now a typical harem anime with Shaft goodness inserted into it. Unfortunately the harem half of the show became the dominant half and that’s what upsets me because it’s not supposed to be like that, especially when a majority of the show’s episodes are entirely pointless. They’re filled with so much pointless fanservice that by the time the show decides to focus on the plot, I’ll have lost any interest in noticing or caring.  For example, episodes 8 and 11 have a climactic battle and I should be excited to see the fight take place but honestly, why should I be excited after I wasted more than 9 episodes of nothing going on other than the girls sucking Araragi’s strudel?
Do you all want to know how many episodes in both Karen Bee and Tsukihi Phoenix are relevant? KB:2, TP:1. This means only 3 episodes in the 11+a couple of upcoming OVAs (As of this writing) are remotely relevant to the plot. This is both depressing and aggravating at the same time. How could a well balanced prequel that catered to all teenage/adult audiences demote itself to catering solely to the lowest denominator: Perverted otakus who still live in their parents’ basement! The show has so much unnecessary fanservice to last me 10 months without needing to watch Hentai.
The animation is vintage Shaft style. Some like it, others don’t. That simple. I already went into full detail in both the prequel and
The music remains of the same quality as its predecessor. Both Karen and Tsukihi’s OPs are just as good as the other 5 girls’.
Senjougahara, the only character who didn’t make me want to pause my video and reflect on male sanity. She continues giving masochists raging ring boners because that’s what she’s best known for. She does go through legitimate character development so I’ll give the show some credit.
As for everyone else, all the girls remain the same and are still pleasing to the perverted eyes and that’s all we ever cared about in the prequel, right? Tits and Ass? That’s all what life’s about, right? Anyway let’s talk about what each of them contributed to the season, aside from torturing me with this incessant necessity to suck Araragi’s wood every chance they get and praise him as a god among men when all he does is act like a pervert with a heart of gold who spends most of his time getting his ass kicked because “I’m so strong I could crush all of you with so I hold back and let you pummel me to a bloody pulp just to let out all your frustrations”. Shut up dumbass! BE A MAN AND TEACH THOSE ANGRY BITCHES A LESSON! Jeez. Aren’t women supposed to be turned on by men who can beat them up, or something?
-Kanbarru strips a lot and is always in a library reading books naked.
-Sengoku appears in only one episode to play erotic Twister, never to be seen or heard of again. Thanks for your life changing contribution that affected millions of lives for decades to come. (Sarcasm much?)
-Hanekawa got a haircut. So did Karen and Senjougahara. If it weren’t for the fact this is a Japanese tradition where women cut off their hair as a form of getting over a failed relationship or to reflect them having successfully moves on with their lives, I would have called foul. But since there’s actual meaning, I’ll let it slide. That doesn’t really do much to qualm my anger though.
-Hachikuji………………..parodies and 4th wall jokes.
-Shinobu: the moment she began speaking, or rather when and where she appeared and began speaking, I instantly started hating her stinkin’ guts. She does revert to her old self in one episode…the last one of course. I’ll say this much about her: For all you fanboys’ sake, she’s BETTER be worth it when the movie premieres. I want a badass mofo blond super vampire who doesn’t destroy her opponents off screen.
As for Araragi himself. I would give him one of my vintage male lead bashings but he’s so not worth it. No, wait…I already did. never mind.
Yes, I know they’re under-aged but if the show or none of you are going to care, why should I?
I got my hopes up for nothing. For some bizarre reason, I foolishly believed Karen and Tsukihi were going to be the central characters who would take Araragi’s place and become the main protagonists. What do I get instead? “Getting an orgasm via brushing your teeth”. What a load of BS. Just two more girls for Araragi to add to his collection, huh? Shame on you Shaft for catering to the lowest denominator.
Shinobu’s True Form…whoopie.
In conclusion: This show sucks! The main plot is irrelevant, there’s so much fanservice that when the show decides to get serious nobody with braincells intact will care, most of the returning girls are pretty much useless, Shaft was a bit excessive this time with their humor and Shinobu speaking was a complete waste of my time, much like this now unnecessarily prolonged sequel that could have easily got to the main point in a 4-5 episode OVA. I know this review won’t matter at all in the grand scheme of things considering a large percentage of anime fans are perverted. This show will sell as much as a Michael Bay movie and it’ll continue making me question the sanity of the common male mind.
I sincerely hope this show bombs in DVD/BD sales but that’s clearly wishful thinking on my part. We all know it’ll be the Winter season’s best selling anime and that fact will make me sick to my stomach. Say what you want about Yuri and SoL, very few of them wasted as much time as this piece of crap did. I don’t know which anime is the worst sequel ever made, but I nominate this one wholeheartedly. Not even Kiddy Girl and wasn’t this crappy.

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13 Responses to 153rd G-View: Controversial Edition: Nisemonogatari

  1. hoshiko says:

    Man, this post reflected exactly what I had in mind for Nisemonogatari even though I was trying to be kind to the series because I really liked Bakemonogatari. It’s really damn disappointing. As I mentioned to a lot of others, the strongest point of Nisemonogatari lies within its engaging conversations. I really enjoyed this part of the show.

    But you know what, I’ll still watch any other -gatari series in spite of everything and its all because of the Shaft goodness.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Pretty much the same way I feel. Shaft’s conversations are always a show’s strong point, though they sometimes felt a bit tacky in this one.
      Still, like you, my loyalty to Shaft will never dissipate. I’ll continue being a fan of the company…even though they sometimes lower their standards for a quick buck. This sequel clearly showed Shaft having financial problems so they went pervy again.

      I said it before and I’ll say it again, for the fanboys’ sake, the hype surrounding what Shinobu used to be before Araragi tamed her had better be worth the wait.


  2. I can only assume it’s the same in the light novels which led to an “interesting” anime adaption. The fanservice is questionable to even normal fans of ecchi, but it does make hilarious scenes. Similar to Bakemonogatari, it’s mainly talking, but is extremely anticlimatic. I don’t see it taking too much away from the series because the extreme scenes are very memorable which must be some achievement.

    Nisemonogatari has Tsukihi’s op which is one of the cutest opening songs which is enough for me.


  3. SnippetTee says:

    I agree with your passionate analogy OG. This show didn’t live-up with its prequel. I think the plot is all over the place and the girls were more used as baits. However, I’m not going to deny the fact that I also enjoyed this show, somehow the dialogues are better than Bakeno. Plus, this show popularized the dental hygiene in a different level.


  4. persocom says:

    Ok, I read the review without actually watching the series. I still can’t get over the first episode and everything I saw just pointed to the fact that watching it wouldn’t change my mind. Perhaps, one day, when I’m extremely bored I’ll pick it back up and actually give it a fighting chance, but I really dislike Araragi. He went from a somewhat decent character to a complete fucking idiot and that was just the first episode. I wanted to reach into the screen and grab him by the shirt and beat the living crap out of him just from that one.


    • Overlord-G says:

      So did I dood, so did I. His ONLY redeeming quality is his intelligence. Other than that, I can’t tell him apart from so many other cliche male harem leads. Goh, did seeing him focus more on his negative traits this season and changing nothing in his methods of curing his ladies (Basically get the crap kicked out of him and earn their love/absolute pity). Good grief.


  5. MarkS00N says:

    Just read this review now and I can feel AngryJoe out of you…

    I know that feeling man, because I feel it when I watch Rinne no Lagrange S2…
    Though this is the last -monogatari series I’ll eve watch…
    I no longer like harem (except yuri harem which still only few satisfy or even exist)…
    Even, the only reason I want to watch this one because it was incest (and I’ve made a vow to watch back then when I still accept harem)…

    In the end, I am with you…
    It was disappointing…


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