100000 Views: G-Empire Survey

Orcas rule. Just ask Lan.

I should be doing this next month but…whatever. To celebrate my 100000th view I decided to make a survey for mostly frequent visitors and the like. I’ve tried numerous experiments this year, some successful, others not so much, and I wanted to ask my subscribers/frequent visitors/fans and the like for their opinion on what they think of my blog and how I can improve it. I promised a few new projects and I promise they’re on the way but you know, college. Please be patient. For now, I’d really like your honest opinions on the following questions I’m about to post. Leave your comments below and please be specific with your answers as I really want to improve.

In short, it’s your turn to review me.

Update: Question 4 has been altered due to the previous one being mundane.

1: What do you like about my Blog?

2: What do you think about my episodic analyses?

3: Should I continue posting video game news, trailers and occasional reviews? (Yes, I’ll expand to include more than fighting and RPGs.)

4: How long have you been reading my blog? This applies to frequent visitors.

5: How do you like my style of reviewing anime? Rather, what do you think of my G-Views?

6: Which of these additional content I have planned would you like to see?

  • Sono Hanabira ni Kichizuke wo reviews.
  • Visual Novel Reviews: Mainstream, Independent or Obscure.
  • Live-Action Lesbian movie reviews: Western, Eastern and possibly Asian (if I can find them).
  • Non-Lesbian Live-Action Movie reviews.
  • Other. (Viewer’s request)

There you have it doods and peeps. Thanks to everyone, friend and spammer alike for stopping by the site and showing me that you do care what I have to say.

The survey will close March 31st.

About OG-Man

Yuri and Slice of Life are my anime passion.
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19 Responses to 100000 Views: G-Empire Survey

  1. Kyle M. says:

    1. I really like your writing. It is just normal language and feels a bit personal like one friend speaking to another and not an announcer telling me about anime and video games lol.

    2. I like your post set up for episodes but, I would possibly like to see some of your personal opinions on how you enjoyed the episode. Possibly even some predictions of what might happen next week. I do enjoy the screencaps and captions though.

    3. Yes diversity is nice in a blog especially in anime. Unless you are able to come up with original article topics every day I think episode reviews every day would seem repetitive. I was thinking of venturing in the video game world as well with my blog since gaming is another big thing in my life besides anime of course.

    4. I found your site through comments you have made on other pages. I also keep coming back because the time you take to comment on some of my posts which I really appreciate. What makes you a good blogger is the time you commit to reading others work and giving them feedback as well.

    5. I have not been visiting long enough to see one of famed “G-views” so I could not give any decent feedback here. Sorry!

    6. I think additional content should be whatever you feel most comfortable writing about that would fit the theme of your site. I do not have any specific suggestions here I am sorry.


    • Overlord-G says:

      I guess I should post more personal opinions. I do make some short comments once in a while Mostly when I’m REALLY excited. Take last week’s Another for example. I made it perfectly clear what I wanted to see in the episode. Not just in the subtitle but captions as well. As for my opinion on what will happen next…I’m better at replying to comments from visitors than making my own opinions during the analysis but I’ll work on it.

      I need to expand my choice of video game news to report because I do way too much fighting and RPGs. I’ll work on that as well.

      I should have known. I think most of my visitors found me through comments but I’d like to hope some found me through Facebook…PFFT.

      I have 151 G-Views (With more to come) written so when you get the time to do so…knock yourself out dood.

      Thanks for stopping by dood.


  2. 1. I prefered your previous background, but this one is nice too. Your references to yuri are a nice touch too. Writing style is fine.

    2.You can’t go wrong if you just write.

    3. I’m not much of a gamer so I’ll ignore those posts, but a range of topics with always attract new readers.

    4. “You noticed my comments on other blog sites” and people who comment on my blog have a special place in my heart and on my sidebar.

    5. After checking a few, you did a good job, no complaints here.

    6. Will leave that up to you, I’ll at least check out your new post if not comment.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Oh, you mean the one with Eris and Shizuku (Girl giving other bento she prepared herself)? I think you’ll like the next one even more but you’ll have to wait and see.

      I’m guessing most of my viewers will say they found me through in other blogs. Still, I asked the question so that’s that.

      The G-Views will return in two weeks so look forward to that.

      Alrighty. I’ll pick one of my planned projects and roll with it.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Yup. The Sono Hanabira series are short Visual novels focusing on 5 couples and their love lives. Basically what you saw in the OVA in novel form. I too would like to see a 2nd OVA featuring Eris and Shizuku.


  3. SnippetTee says:

    1. I keep coming back to your blog because I can comfortably fangirl about yuri and get a fangirl response back, despite the fact that you’re a guy–unless you’re just denying you’re a lesbian, haha.

    2. Your episodic analyses are fine because your personality and fondness resonate well on your writings.

    3. Write whatever till your heart’s content.

    4. I believe you first visited my humble blog that’s why I get to know that you also have a blog. However, I first noticed you at Listless Ink.

    5. I like you’re passion and how you don’t sound ridiculously perverted. And, I can sense that you really like and respect yuri as a genre.

    6. What you listed sound interesting.

    Congratulations OG on your 100000 views and cheers to your next 100000+.


    • Overlord-G says:

      I’ll put it this way milady, if I were born a woman…I wouldn’t mind trying to kiss another woman and find out whether I saw the light or not.

      But I’m 100% Macho Man Randy Savage and in the Danger Zone. OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH YEEEEEEAAAAHHHHH!

      All yuri nation members are welcome to share their passion for the greatness that is their admiration of romance between two women. No matter how stereotypical or cliche it can sometimes, I’ll NEVER get tired of having my heart melt as they stare at each other and say the 3 magic words we all want to hear: “I Love You”….and kiss. Never gets old.

      I think this Spring I’ll pick less shows to analyze and get back to G-Views because they’re long overdue.

      Looks like not many of my fans are gamers. Still, I’ll post it for those who do care.

      Ah, good ol’ Listless Ink and Yi-san. That woman’s awesome.

      Hehehe, though I’m not perverted, I can’t hold back when a voluptuous 2D/3D hottie enters my radar. When you’re single, you cannot hold back your desire to date again someday.
      Other than that, I’ll never disrespect yuri.

      Thank you very much for helping me reach that impressive amount. I’ll continue living to please right here in The G-Empire Babeh!


  4. Stevie Nix says:

    An early Congratulations on 100k views!

    1. What do I like about your blog? Well I find it entertaining, I love your reviews, and I love how determined you are to help spread the word about the wonders of Yuri.

    2. I really do enjoy your episode reviews. A nice balance of detail without going too long. I can really see you have a passion for the series you review without going overboard.

    3. I’m not a real big gamer, but I have enjoyed your game reviews. So I say keep it up.

    4. I followed the link you have in your signature on Shoujo-ai Archive.

    5. In general I have enjoyed your review style, how enthusiastic you are about the subject matter, and I do find them entertaining in general.

    6. Yes, Sono Hanabira ni Kichizuke wo, Visual Novel, and live action Lesbian movies reviews please! Actually any of those sound good, but those three are the ones I want to see the most.

    So congratulations again and I hope you can continue for a long time.


    • Overlord-G says:

      That’s one of the reasons my blog exists, yuri.

      I rarely get upset when I watch something that isn’t a harem show. So you won’t see much disappointment on my part.

      Wow, I was right. There aren’t that many gamers in my fanbase. That’s too bad. It’ll make finding PSN opponents harder. Oh well, time to make new local friends.

      Yeah. I should get rid of the 4th question because most will say “other blogs/sites” as their answer. Besides, I either don’t have or barely use any of the above mentioned social media.

      I wouldn’t know people read them because other than recent G-Views, not many people comment on older ones.

      I’ll see which one to get started with next Friday when I’m 100% free.

      I’ll do my best to keep this up longer than a year.


      • Stevie Nix says:

        Don’t get discouraged, I am sure you will find more PSN opponents.

        I’m sure that quite a few people have read your older reviews, I just think most people just don’t comment on posts from before they started following your blog.

        Here is a question you could ask instead: How long have individuals been reading your blog?

        By the way, another very nice picture. Thanks.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Maybe I’ll look somewhere else.

      I guess they have one time or another.

      Thanks for the tip dood. Question 4 has been changed.


  5. Rincewind says:

    1 – I like to read the opinions of people that shares my own interests. And for interests I mean Yuri. 😛

    2 – I like them, plenty of screenshoots. But I must agree with Kyle M. up there.

    3 – Sure, why not? Variety is the spice of life! Im a not-so-hardcore, not-so-casual gamer myself. PC gamer, the last console that I have is the PS2.

    4 – Im kinda new here. I discovered both Yuri-googles and this blog searching for… something about Symphogear. 😛

    5 – You have G-Views? Why nobody never tell me this kind of things? 😛

    6 – I like to play Visual Novels. So, my vote goes there.

    Congratulations on the bunch of views!!


  6. Rei says:

    Urgh. I miss this post -_-

    Congratz and i’ll be answering your question soon. Hopefully by tomorrow. Too busy with Mass Effect 3


  7. FcejJh says:

    jason russell
    Great! I appreciate this spunky Article
    matt flynn


  8. Interesting how you got a number of decent female’s reading your blog 😀
    I wonder how many are there in my blog.

    1. I like the G-Views! It’s what actually makes me follow the blog. Oh and I also like the random game news. It’s just interesting to know what your thoughts are about the news.

    2: I have to agree with Kyle.M and I also agree with what Snippet’s have point out.

    3: Well I think this is a must. For me it’s interesting to have some news in a blog. Ilike i said in my number 1 answer. Your thoughts 😀

    4: I’m not quite sure it has been like for how many months maybe more than 4 or 5 months?

    5: I love the G-Views the most. It’s nice to know you like Yuri stuff and all and your not those kind of person who sounds perverted when you like it lol. Keep if up and I don’t think there is a lot that needs to be changed considering your viewers are already fond with the way you write. My advice if you want to change, change it slowly without them noticing.

    6. No comment on this one. xD


  9. Subarashikun says:

    Its all about the G-Views man! I mean, its where i find out if a certain anime is worth watching or not. And i absolutely enjoy reading your rage ^_^

    They’re great! The number of images and Comments compliment each other. But you need to give more opinions, you know say what you like and don’t like, Like in G-Views.

    Yes! its always beneficial to everybody once you share something awesome. Posting about an awesome game is like telling your friends that this game is awesome and that we should try it.

    As soon as you’ve made your first comment on my blog man. And i am grateful that you read my posts.

    I say you need to make a G-View layout to entertain the readers rather than placing the usual Image then text, Image then text format. But your G-Views are great! you don’t use big words often enough that we, the readers, need to look it up google just to find out what it meant. The Flow of your Likes and dislikes are True and fun to read so Keep it up ^_^

    Sono Hanabira ni Kichizuke!!!!

    oh and Visual Novel reviews!


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