Sugar’s Delight

After finishing the final chapter of Mare (DANG that manga’s weird. Not one of Morinaga’s best imo but certainly an interesting read), the fine folks over at Payapaya scans posted a small add at the lower left corner of the final page. It was a recommendation to try out the following mini-eroge: Sugar’s Delight. WARNING! this game is only for readers of 18 years and up…oh why bother with the pointless warning.

Genres: Romance, Yuri

Themes: Pastry

Length: 2 hours

G-Rating: Okay

The plot is really simple: Ichigo (the Blonde), a rich girl, moves away from her parents because she doesn’t want to follow the path they’ve chosen for her. Instead she wants to follow her dream, to become a baker. So she stumbles upon, gets a job and stays at an apartment complex near the bakery Sugar’s Delight, owned by the oh so gorgeous and “out there” Brunette, “Chocoa” (Real name Unknown). The rest you can find out for yourselves.

For a short (Less than 2 hours if you take your time) Indie yuri eroge, it’s fun to read and the girls are quite fetching to look at. The music is okay but repetitive. Then again I don’t think many people care about the music when playing/reading this genre. Oh, and when I said read, I meant read. Basically a nukige style kinetic novel.

Keep in mind this is Neko-Soft’s first project so don’t expect anything thought provoking like Katawa Shoujo or a Sono Hanabira quality eroge, it’s short, simple and sweet. Speaking of sweet…the story takes place in a bakery…I think you can guess the content of some of the love scenes.

Overall: Give it a shot. I guarantee any yuri nation member who wants to see (use their imagination) a really cute couple, give this one a try. Lastly it’s free.

Sugar’s Delight

P.S.: No voice overs. Not a problem, use your naughty mode!

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8 Responses to Sugar’s Delight

  1. Stevie Nix says:

    Heh, well strawberries, chocolate, and Yuri is always a winning combination.

    Thanks for the heads up. Any trouble with the instillation or is it just run the .exe?

    Also that is a particularly wonderful screen grab of Ichigo and Chocoa you posted there. (I just love pictures of cute, loving girls looking deep into each others eyes.)


  2. Vampire(G)Girl says:

    Me a huge yuri fan myself will give this a try, im bussy drawing a pic with aisaka Taiga and Sono Hanabira’s Reo together.


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  4. Rose Bride says:

    Fun and short. still i wish we could learn Chocoa’s real name. Not that it matter’s though 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      It’s a mystery best left unsolved as Chocoa already has her elegance and beauty along with an adorable girlfriend to continue living the good life.


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