Final thoughts on the Anime Blog Carnival

Somebody better call my momma doods and peeps! WOOO!

So today’s the last day of the anime blog carnival. For those who have no idea what it’s about, D3sk of One Minute of Dusk, came up with the idea of organizing a joint group project where as many members of the blogosphere shared their own opinions of what makes a 10/10 anime. Many entered, all had differing opinions, with some similarities in between.

My thoughts: I personally don’t feel I need to change anything. I started last year and I made my own progress over the years. Each review from #1-147 (as of this post), has showed how much I’ve progressed in the span of a year and each one reflects how my style slowly began changing. They are reminders of how my opinions changed, how my rating system slowly evolved from just throwing 10/10’s everywhere and taking into consideration which shows deserve that prestigious rank of ultimate OG happiness.

Let’s sum up my reviewing career with the following “I still” montage:

-I still think Bincho-Tan and Ikoku Meiro no Croisee are Over 9000/10.

-I still think Zetai Shougeki Platonic Heart is the worst anime I’ve ever seen in my life.

-I still loathe Dokuro-chan with every fiber in my being.

-I still think the 1st season of Magic Knight Rayearth is the perfect anime rendition of an old school JRPG.

-I still think Angel Beats is an incredible show despite being labeled by the hardcore/geezers as the weakest entry in the KEY franchise. Hell the show introduced me to KEY and its legendary Triforce of Tears. (Kanon, Air, Clannad)

-I still think the Black Rock Shooter OVA was awesome even with the School Life segments.

-I still think Jinki;Extend is the worst emo-tastic pile of bad mecha crap I’ve ever seen animated. And I haven’t even anime labeled as the worst entry in the Gundam series, whichever that one may be.

-I still refuse to review mainstream anime like the Otaku Triforce of Doom, Death Note, Code GEASS, Samurai Champloo etc. because what’s the point of talking about anime everyone and their grandmother can’t get enough of and have praised as much as the Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Mr. Mcmahon feud?

My point is, I’ll keep on reviewing my way and if any changes do occur, let them happen. I’ve only begun reviewing anime and I’ll hopefully continue being an animeniac after marriage and children. Whether I can pass down my wisdom of yuri to my future wife and child is a story for another time.

Thank you very much everyone who participated because all the posts I’ve read had very interesting ways of how they view and rate anime. BUT, most of all, I’d like to thank…@FKEROGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! You have made my day dood. More than you’ll ever know.

Take care, spike/wash your hair everyone.

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5 Responses to Final thoughts on the Anime Blog Carnival

  1. hoshiko says:

    Do what you gotta do. Changes, more often than not, comes naturally =)


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  3. Gisei says:

    awww i sure wished i was here back then… i could’ve joined the carnival T_T


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