Another episode 2: The Patch

Episode 2 of Another. Let’s get this over with:

I posted a picture of this guy because I have a feeling he’s going to die soon. I may be wrong but odd are high right now.

We start the episode with Sakaki approaching Mei, despite her warning him not to. You know, human curiosity and all. After an art class session and frail boy talking about the dark parts of life and stuff, energetic boy pops up and lets out the cursed class 3. As he’s about to tell Sakaki what’s the curse about, Sakaki sees Mei in the library drawing a girl with wings.  Whether the girl’s an angel or demon is unknown to her. Sakaki asks more questions before the bell rings and they’re approached by the librarian Chbiki. Weird name for a weird person. It fits.

The creepy split second dolls are back and I guess they have their purpose but I’ll figure it out later.

It’s nice to see a megane babe in a dreary show like this. In this scene Sakaki talks to his aunt about Creepy Chibiki and going is thinking of joining the art club and applying for an art school after graduating. I’m not whether the aunt disagrees or not.

Next scene, Sakaki asks a nurse about any information regarding a girl who died last Monday (Obviously asking after the conversation he had with Mei in episode 1.) She agrees to find out more info on this matter.

Hmm, Mei’s not here today.

Uh-oh, creepy student body girl is watching you Sakaki. Now I’m wondering whether one of the school students will tell him what happened or Mei will.

Hoohoo, it’s the two girls I’m keeping a close eye on again. Good stuff.

Creepy twin tails confirms Sakaki was born at Yomoyama hospital and feels she’s met him before, but is annoyed because she can’t remember if it was him or someone else (It’s a suspense/thriller so of course it’s him).

Oh, there’s Mei.

Sakaki goes after Mei, much to twin tails’ anger.

He tries his best to stalk her but is foiled by a stalker’s greatest enemy, a turn.

He notices a seemingly abandoned building named The Hollow Blue Eyes of Twilight sees another creepy doll behind the display window. The difference here is this doll is on screen longer than .5 seconds, scary.

He gets a phone call. It’s the nurse…you can guess what she has to tell him before getting cut off at the most predictable moment.

So he enters the doll shop…this reminds me of the traditional Doll House bonus dungeon in every Shadow Hearts game. Creepy stuff. Personally I’ve never liked porcelain dolls.

Why do I enjoy seeing this girl and hearing her speak? Oh, to answer your question Mei, he’s a stalker.

Yes Mei, dolls like those are creepy but I won’t judge those who like them. They have a conversation about dolls and a certain fav pair of Mei’s where she questions them being calm due to being attached instead of being loose from one another.

Next week, will we get to see what’s behind Mei’s eyepatch?

Overall, the atmosphere’s the same, dreary and creepy. I look forward to next week.

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10 Responses to Another episode 2: The Patch

  1. AceRailgun says:

    If anyone is going to die it’s that art kid. Or the nurse, she knows too much.

    I can’t for next weeks eye patch scene.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Oh yes. Personally I DON’T want it to be interrupted because if they do that, I mean tease the audience by not revealing it right away and saving it for another time, that’s not right. There are times where delaying an important event works because it keeps coming for more, but not this. We want the secret of the eye patch revealed as quickly as possible.


  2. Rei says:

    Damn this cliffhanger. I’m not so sure if the doll store is even real, I think it’s just like Mei where only Koichi can see it. The show was able to scare me a few times, the sound of the elevator which was suddenly going up and when the elevator open there was no one inside, it’s like Mei has the ability to appear and disappear. The show is getting very interesting, hopefully more of this mysterious stuff will be answered soon.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Well, based on the very 1st episode, Mei is supposedly dead so that does add to the scare factor. Add the fact she’s incredibly monotone and adorable and well… The show still isn’t scary but really creepy and suspenseful. The show’s best attribute is still its stellar soundtrack.


      • Rei says:

        The thing we are missing here is the episode 0. Another OVA which have not been aired yet. I’m sure after we have watch it we will be able to get a lot of answers to what is happening in the anime right now.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Hmm, an episode 0 would be very useful in explaining things. Maybe it’ll air after the show’s over or in between.


  3. Stevie Nix says:

    Just got around to watching episode 02.

    So… WHAT’S UNDER THE EYE PATCH! Her other normal eye? A fake eye? A swirling void of chaos and non-Euclidean space?

    That said, am I the only one that kind of thinks Mai is cute? I wonder if we’ll get to see her really smile.

    Also is she the girl that died last Monday, or the girl that died 26 years ago? Or both?

    Anger Tails needs to just spit it out instead of glaring.

    Actually I kind of feel that art kid might be the only survivor of the main cast, but he will be completely insane, or labeled as such.

    I’m not quite sure what nickname to give those two girls, but I think I’ll call the megane cutie with the thick brads “Yomiko” after Yomiko Readman from Read or Die. At least until she gets a cannon name (funny if that is her name).


    • Overlord-G says:

      You seem to mess up names a lot. MEI is kinda cute…but that’s only because I have a thing for depressed looking anime girls.

      That’s the big question. Most fans, myself included believe her to be the ghost of the girls who died 26 years ago. If she isn’t I’d be interested in seeing how the anime will capitalize should that be the case.

      Hmm, that’s an interesting prediction for the art kid.

      Anger Tails’ evil glare, while amusing, will hopefully come to an end soon.

      Megane cutie…which one? Anger Tails’ friend or the one you told me about last week?


      • Stevie Nix says:

        Did I? Yep I did. Anyway Mei kind of looks more like an emotionless girl to me.

        Honestly, I also thought she was the ghost of the girl that died 26 years ago. But then what is her connection to the girl that just died? Maybe Mei is in fact related to the girl that just died. Perhaps that girl was the daughter of Mei’s twin (sister or brother, I’m not sure). Maybe the truth is that Mei’s twin killed her. That might explain the bit with the conjoined twin doll and Mei saying they would be more calm if they were separate.

        What if after killing Mei, Mei’s twin was the one that came up with “pretend Mei is still there” idea.

        Yomiko is that quiet, reading, megene cutie with the long thick braided (whoops spelled that wrong too) hair we saw last week in the montage of 9-3 students.


    • Overlord-G says:

      I do enjoy shows that give people something to talk about every now and then. Sure I get a kick out of comedies but why not enjoy shows like this as well?

      Depressed, emotionless, they both have the same look to me. It isn’t a happy or angry face. Heck, Lan has a depressed look as well.

      Anyway, it wouldn’t be surprising if both Mei and the murdered girl are related.

      Yup, I figured you’re talking about the other megane cutie and not Angry Tails’ buddy.


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