Yuri Awards 2011 Results

The following is a special presentation of The G-Channel.

Alrighty doods and peeps, the moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here: The award ceremony! But first some formalities and a reflection. If you came here for only the awards, skip the red text and it’s right under The Flintstones music clip. I think it’s fitting.

First of all a big thanks to everyone who voted. Sure I didn’t reach the 100 votes goal but it’s nice to see people cared enough to help with my experiment, so I consider this a mild success and announce that there WILL be another award show next year! Speaking of experiments, I noticed my 2nd one, the omega kawaii championship was a failure. I’m not too disappointed because I felt it was rushed and poorly set up. Besides, there’s no such thing as one anime girl who is cuter than all others because every person in the world has their own opinion of cute. I think this championship would have worked a lot better if it were similar to the yuri awards and split into categories. I’ll make note of this failure next time, if I even bother doing it again. Anyway, for those who did vote, the winner was Baby Rin Tohsaka, but it doesn’t count because they’re all too cute to deny.

One last thing. Yes, I’m aware Persona 4 is an ongoing show and I said only shows that ended before Dec 31st are qualified for nominations. Call it a mistaje due to poor research and misinformation…my bad. Besides, the only reason I added P4 was because the game’s really popular and Yukiko/Chie look cute together.

Alrighty, formalities and reflections are OVAH! It’s time, it’s VADER TIME!

Best yuri scene goes to…

Promise Made Through Time with 40.82% of the votes. Aerial Aces came in 2nd with 32.65% and Chitose + Chocolate comes 3rd with 16.33%

Best animation goes to….

Madoka with 55.81% of the votes, Penguindrum comes in 2nd with 13.95% and Horizon with 11.63%

Best Soundtrack/OP/ED go to…

Madoka with the largest % in all 3 categories..excuse my lack of professionalism for mentioning the 2nd and 3rd places for the others.

Hooo yeah baby, now we’re getting to the big guns.

Best co-star goes to…

Ayano Sugiura with 35.9% of the votes…2nd place is…A DRAW BETWEEN Mami Tomoe and Ritsuki Yamamoto with 20.51% EACH, 3rd place goes to Ume Shiraume with 12.82%

Best protagonist goes to…

Homura Akemi with 72.22%, Kyouko Toshino with 16.67% and a tie between Mayu and Yune for 3rd with 5.56% each.

Best antagonist goes to…this is a HUGE SHOCKER, not the winner but who got 3rd place.

Charlotte came in…LAST with only 2.7%, WOWZERS! Everyone else tied in 2nd with 8.11% each and of course Kyuubei takes the win with 72.97%

Alright folks, the top 3 categories of this award ceremony are coming up and this needs REALLY special music.

Best couple goes to…

MadoMura with 35%, KyouYano comes 2nd with 25%, NaruKnight is 3rd with 22.5%.

The Iono-sama award goes to…now this was a close battle between two very promising prodigies, but only the TRUE apprentice won this furious brawl.

Mayu Morita with 45.71%, The Squid of Destiny comes 2nd with 37.14% and Oda Nobunaga is 3rd with 17.14%

Last but not least, the twincest award goes to…wow…of all the categories this one had the bloodiest battle of all.

ChiChi wins with only a 2 VOTE DIFFERENCE! 50%, the two Kyo’s come in 2nd with 44.12% and the Violet Twins came in 3rd with 5.88%

Sadly I didn’t get enough mentions for yuri anime of the year but by this point, it’s a no brainer.

Final thoughts: Well there you have it folks. It was was the 1st ceremony and thanks to all of you, it won’t be the last. Here’s to a hopefully yurirific 2012 with more promising romances or cute moments involving two or more women in love with each other. Take care, spike/wash your hair. WOO WOO WOO! You know it doods!

Backstage: Was anyone surprised the violet twins wouldn’t stand a chance in the twincest award? I mean seriously, as sad as it is, how many people actually saw Kaitou Tenshi: Twin angel? Also, I guess having the one and ONLY 100% passionate kiss in 2011 between actual lesbian lovers wasn’t enough to get NaruKnight over. They’ll try much harder next year. Again, my bad about the Persona 4 mishap. I promise to be more accurate next time.

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8 Responses to Yuri Awards 2011 Results

  1. Stevie Nix says:

    I kind of suspect the order of the first, second, and third place winners in the best couple category reflect quite accurately the relative numbers of Yuri fans that watched Madoka, Yuru Yuri, and Horizon. I think that might explain in part why NaruKnight was in third, the least number of people actually saw them kiss.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Indeed. that does play a large part. This award ceremony does also reflect the number of yuri/animeniacs who saw the aforementioned shows so it did help clear up some things.


  2. yurimylove says:

    Awesome ceremony, Emp… errr, Overlord-G!! Looks like a lot of people have voted and it’s good to know the nation is alive and well. We should definitely have more of these in the future, and let’s all hope that there will be MOAR yurilicious characters and series to vote for in 2012 and beyond!


    • Overlord-G says:

      I tried asking sec to change my name to Overlord-G at SA.com but he hates me so of course he didn’t do it.

      For now all we can do is wait my elder friend. I do try to be a bit more creative with my posts rather than being the usual serious type of poster because many of my fellow bloggers know I’m the happiest and lest pessimistic blogger around…when college doesn’t get in my way that is,


      • yurimylove says:

        you’re in college… AND happy too?! How does that compute? =D Just kidding, but yeah when I was in college I wasn’t having much fun. For one there was no internet yet at that time, and two I was a foreign student so I was trying to finish up as soon as possible to save money. It was rough but after I finished college life got better. So now I’m out of college — and happy XD


    • Overlord-G says:

      Like yourself, maintaining my sanity through college is not easy…AT ALL! That’s why I take pride in that I can still be nauseatingly happy and reserve my anger/sorrow/pain for college and college only. When I’m not in college, I can only express absolute joy in life. Maybe my future job will drain some of my joy away but that’s life. For now I’m doing my best to stay as sickeningly happy as possible.


  3. Fuck Yeah HOMURA!!!

    Hell No Kyuubei!


    Nothing on this list I don’t know, so I am safe at the time being.

    BTW, I agree completely with the votes so yeah…moving on


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