142nd G-View: Working!! 2nd season

Hey doods and peeps, welcome to another episode of The G-Views. Yamada is a mini-goddess of comedy and bliss. As long as everyone acknowledges that face, we’re cool.This is the 2nd season of Working!!

Check out my review of the 1st season before continuing with this one:

36th G-View: Working!!

Alternate title:
Wagnaria (English)
Genres: comedy, slice of life
Themes: Workplace
Number of episodes: 13
G-Rating: 9/10

For everyone wondering about why I didn’t put a plot summary this season it’s because absolutely nothing has changed since last season. No progress has been made despite the show introducing new characters this season. For those who care about Takanashi x Inami or Satou x Yachiyo, all 6 of you, (Why anybody else would care is beyond me) no progress is made. Sure there are some developments but in terms of progression into mutual romance…nope. Personally I’m glad there’s no progress because let’s face it, NOBODY WATCHES WORKING!! FOR ITS ROMANCE! It’s all about the humor

As far as animation, music and the like, nothing has changed in terms of quality. The OP/ED are just as good as last season’s and the animation remains as crisp as it should be.

The original cast hasn’t changed either.

-Takanashi’s still a person who has a love for cuteness overload. His alter-ego, Kotori continues to give fela87 wet dreams…or was it ImpRenji?

-Yachiyo’s still torn between her love for Kyouko and her confusion over how she feels for Satou.

That’s right Satou, you deserve to face palm yourself.

-Satou still doesn’t have any cojones to take advantage of the MANY opportunities given to make Yachiyo his. Oh and he continues to bully poor Poplar.

-Kyouko’s still an ex-Yankee, big breasted gourmet sloth.

-Inami has made SOME progress in not punching Takanashi as many times as she used to and her feelings for him have grown. Takanashi’s still oblivious to his growing feelings for Inami…whatever.

-Yamada Aoi is still a goddess of comedy and the greatest anime character ever conceived. All should hail, worship, praise, respect, bow down before, exalt and glorify this girl. Thank the writers for including her early on this season. This made season 2 even better than it already was when it began.

-Soma is still as creepy as ever.

-Otoo-san is still searching for his wife and avoiding signing Yamada’s adoption papers.

-Megane Babe, Maya “Normal” Matsumoto still ONLY gets to shine in the last episode of the season. GRRRRRRRRRR! She’s an awesome character, why deny us from seeing her speak her mind and only have her as an on screen character till the last minute?! I know the whole save the best for last is a good strategy but in this case it leaves many fans either frustrated or sometimes uninterested. In short, more Maya should there be a 3rd season.

-The Takanashi family is still as awesome is ever. All 4 sisters haven’t changed. Oh m Izumi Takanashi, how I love you!

-Poplar, “Everyone’s favorite Shorty”, is still Poplar and we love her for that.

Now for the newly introduced cast members:

Otoo’s wife: That’s right, his wife finally reveals herself and we learn exactly why it’s so difficult for the two of them to find each other.

-The Kid………………………………………………….haaaaaaauuuuuuuuu.

Mitsuki and Yohei Hashiba: Twin siblings and ex members of Kyouko’s gang. they remain loyal to their leader and are both serious, competitive and clumsy at the same time. Mitsuki is very protective of Yachiyo…VEEEEEEEERY protective. It’s understandable.

Kirio Yamada: Could this be a “relative” of the goddess?

With the little change that’s taken place between both seasons you’d think I dislike this show, right? Hehehe…WRONG! Working 2 follows a pretty simple formula when it comes to television, video games and any other visual medium: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”. That’s the philosophy behind Working 2’s success. It amplifies what worked so well in the 1st season by tenfold. This show proves that you don’t need deep, epiphany inducing or mind blowing plots to be successful, all you need is something that works and stick to it. Don’t try to be something you’re not. Working! is a comedy and that’s all it needs to be in order to succeed. As long as the gags don’t run dry, it can keep on going.

In conclusion: It’s as simple as saying, if you liked the 1st season, you’ll LOVE the 2nd one. If you didn’t, you know what to do.

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2 Responses to 142nd G-View: Working!! 2nd season

  1. Rei says:

    I’ve put this anime on hold for the first season. I think I forgot to watch it or something. Or i’m really busy at that time. I’m planning to continue watching it soon. I’ve heard the 2nd season was way better the the 1st. So I’ll give it a watch when there is some time to spare 🙂


    • Overlord-G says:

      That is so true. The 1st season was already great but the 2nd one completely blows it away in terms of greatness, ESPECIALLY because the mini-goddess appears in the 1st episode rather than the 3rd quarter like in season 1.


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