Chaos World Episode 2

Chaos World episode 2:
Shady awkwardness, part 1:

Boy: Barthlolomew alexander Jones [Bart]
Ice Sage: Krystalia [Krys]
Bobborobbo: [Bobro]

1 month has passed since our heroes have met each other.
There weren’t many events going on in Kryptak.
Until late one evening….
While everyone was asleep, a shady, winged-being was sneaking inside Krys’ room.
But the being slipped on a banana peel that was left on the floor after an all night bar-raising.
Krys woke up after the being let out a big “ouch”.

-Hey, who the heck are you, and what are you doing in my room?
-…..oh my, it really IS you!
You’re coming with me love.
-Say what?
Come here and say that again in my face wench.
Freeze lancer!
The being dodges the attack and uses a hypnotic gaze on Chris.
-Sorry about that honey, but my mistress commanded me to capture you……ohhh, if only I could caress you myself here and now.
But…..the hills have eyes.
Oh well.
Urngh, damn you’re heavy, how many bananas did you eat girl?
The winged-woman flew off into the full moon, with her prey in hand.

The next morning, Bart and Bobro had just woken up from their hangover.
-Uhhh, what happened last night?
I thought I heard a brawl or something.
….Where’s Krys?
She’s usually ordering me to make a banana split right about now.
Better check in her room.
-Oh sheize!
Then that noise wasn’t a dream!
Where’s Krys?!

Immediately, our FAV duo leave the confines of the 40 ft shoe and search the entire city of stinkybottom for Krys.
With little success.
Returning home to regroup, Bart suddenly notices black feather outside Krys’ window.
-Bobro, sniff.
After sniffing, Bobro catches on to the scent, since the feather smelled like eau du toilet.

They kept heading forward until they reached a canyon, with a purple colored palace at the other side.
-Man, we can’t fly.
Plus K9 cannon will only work on you bro.
I need to think.

Then a breeze begins to blow.
A calm breeze, with Sakura petals blowing.
Suddenly, a white haired-little girl, with bright red eyes, appears in front of Bart.
She silently stares at him, not saying a word.
-Ummm, can I help you with something little girl?
……do i have something in my teeth?
Did I forget to give Bobro a bath again?
The girl just kept on staring, her eyes completely focused on Bart’s eyes.
Then she gave a little grin and tossed a bean at Bart.
She then pointed at the palace.
-Yeah, i can see it, so?
The girl just smiled and said….salta, then vanished in a Sakura whirlwind.

-Ohhkay, that was weird.
Hmm, the bean smells pretty good.
Bart eats the bean, and starts turning back to get some tools, when suddenly.
-Whoa, Bobro, I don’t feel so good, huh?
The bean popped out of Bart’s pants, and fell into the canyon.

Suddenly a plungerstalk grew from the bottom of the canyon.

Without asking any questions, they climbed the roots and crossed to the other side of the canyon.

At the entrance of the palace, the door was shut tight.
-Okay Bobro, stand back.
This time I came prepared.
Setting up a bomb, the door was blown to pieces.
-Alright bro, its whack-em time!
Let’s find our frosty little cheesecake.
-Not so fast squirt.
How dare you break the mistress’ door?
You could’ve just rung the bell you know.
Oh forget it, prepare to get your butt whooped.
So, the amazing K9 unleashed a supercharge attack and knocked down the winged guard.
-Take this, hammer of might!
The guard was knocked out cold.
-Oops, I should’ve asked her for directions 1st.
Ah, we’ll manage.

As our duo pressed onward, they stumbled across a bathhouse.
-Ohhhhhh yeahhhhh…..
-Get out of here you perv!
-Ow ow ow ow!
Stop throwing those curling irons at me!
Okay, that was definitely the wrong room.
Wait a minute, it feels a little chilly in this room.
….better keep low this time.

Slowly opening the door, they found Krys, and a scantily clad demoness in what appeared to be a ceremonial chamber.

-Oh my dear Crystarctican, soon you’ll be mine.
-What are you talking about, freak?
-Haven’t you figured it out yet?
We’re getting married today.
-HUH!? what the hell?!
Release me so I can freeze your wings right now, wench!
-Ohohohohoho, feisty aren’t we?
You couldn’t beat me even at your best.
Not in the condition you’re in now, at any rate.

Bart decides to throw a smoke bomb to distract the ladies.
As soon as our duo run towards Krys, the lady blows the smoke away with ease.
-So, the valiant hero and his mighty stead have come to the rescue.
Not bad for a teen.
Maybe I could use you as a “spare” in my dungeon.
-What are you, some kind of sex-crazed freak?!
-50%, I’m a succubus, what do you expect?
You’re annoying me, Erda, dispose of these two nitwits.
At once, lady Embrya.

As the battle ensues, Erda uses her claws and hypnotic charms to try and take down Bart.
But she didn’t count on Bobro’s immunity to pheromones.
Flaming peepee.
-UUURGH, my wings are on fire!
Tough luck schnookie, Hammer whirl!
Sending Erda to a spin cycle, she falls down and cannot continue.

-Hmm not bad at all.
Come here my cold beauty.
-Mmmmm, now I’m ready.
-But how, noone can touch my lips without freezing, so how?
-Hmhmhm, told you you weren’t strong enough.
Look out big boy, cause heeeeeerrrreee’s Embrya!

Embrya quickly summoned vines from the ground and unleashed heart beams at our heroes.
Bobro was struck by a vine and kncoked down for a while.
Bart unleashed his mighty hammer with all his might, but Embrya easily dodged his swings.
-Darn it, Gamma Quake!
Embrya easily flew out of the quake’s range.
-Hmhmhmhm, take this big boy, Freeze Lancer!
Shocked by the fact that Embrya used Krys’ move, Bart couldn’t jump out of the way on time.
-Surprised, when I kissed my little ice angel, I absorbed some of her powers.
Top that uberman.

Just as it seemed all hope was lost, a glow of light suddenly struck the room.
No, it can’t be!
Out of nowhere, a man with a key-shaped sword appeared and opposed Embrya.
-Damn it, how did you find me all the way here…..keymaster?!
I felt a strong “shady” presence nearby and noticed that it was coming the outskirts, so it wasn’t that hard to notice.
-Ooooohhh, you won’t win this time!

Keymaster seemed to be at equal speed with Embrya and could follow her movements and counter her attacks with ease.
-Huff, huff, not so fast, bet you haven’t seen this one.
The heavy snow fills the room, but keymaster counters it with a powerful barrier.
-NO, Impossible!
I will marry the Ice Sage, and our plans will come true!
You won’t stop me!
-Wanna bet?
Keymaster unleashes his special technique, the trigram force blast, knocking down Embrya.
-Well, she’s all yours kid.
I don’t know what just happened but, whatever.
Okay, Bobro, Operation Hotdog!
Get ready, K9 cannon!
Bobro is launched after a super hammer strike and bashes Embrya to olivion.
-Noooooo, I was so close!

Dark Energy emerges out of Embrya and suddenly the whole palace starts to crumble.
-You guys had better scoot.
Later kid.
And keymaster leaps out of the palace window.

At the entrance, Bart, Krys and Bobro suddenly gaze in shock as atthe center of the rubble, they notice a black-haired woman in a white gown.
-Where am I?
What am I doing here?
-Hey, where’s Embrya?
The last thing I could remember was walking down a street one night, when out of nowhere a hooded man throws a black feather at me.
I can’t remember anything after that.
-This is getting weird Bart, let’s just take this lady back to the city and let the authorities handle it.
-Hey, where’s keymaster?
-Probably done already.
Never mind him, let’s go.

Back at the 40ft shoe:
What a weird day.
BTW, Krys, why did Embrya call you a Crystarctican and what did she want with you?
-I have no idea, all I know is she wanted to marry me, but why….I really don’t know.
Look, forget about that and go make me a banana sandwich.
-Uhhh, fine, your highness.
-That’s the way.
And so the day draws to a close with many questions left unanswered.
What was Embrya’s true objective?
What happened to her after the palace collapses?
Where did the weird lady come from?
Who was that keymaster?
Who was the weird red eyed girl who gave me that freaky bean?
Ah, maybe it”l become clear eventually.

Meanwhile, at an unknown location:
-So, Embrya’s defeated.
Such a waste.
-She was too overconfident and took matters into her own hands.
-Yes, we must keep an eye out for the next time.
We must have that Crystarctican t all costs.
Only then……

To be continued.

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