127th G-View: Cosplay Complex

Next up is the lame. This is where my sanity and patience slowly started diminishing, with Cosplay Complex.

Genres: comedy

Themes: ecchi

Number of OVAs: 3

G-Rating: 5/10

Plot Summary: Chako and her friends are members of the struggling club the Cosplay Association at East Oizuka Academy that dreams of going all the way to the Cosplay World Series. Can these girls, with the help of a new member and a magic fairy get well on the way to becoming Cosplay champions. Clothing and costumes will fly as we find out.

Let me start my review (and possibly end it but that wouldn’t be a review at all now, would it?) with one simple question: WHAT THE BLOODY HELL WAS THE POINT OF THIS SHOW?! I mean, nothing happens on this show. Oh it’s not like SoL hater nothing, but nothing, nothing. What am I supposed to talk about? It’s just a bunch of girls (With some diversity thankfully but nothing sensational or memorable) cosplaying in different cliche outfits and doing stuff. I guess they have a goal in mind and their determination to reach it is shown but this doesn’t lead to anything at all. Sure, stuff happens but it’s of so little importance that I don’t remember anything…except Jenny getting what she deserves from the cougar, whose name I can’t remember. Basically she “has her way” with Jenny off screen…OFF SCREEN DAMN IT! Let’s just get to the secondary portions of the review before I bore you to death, just like this anime did for the most part.

Animation: None of the girls appealed to me, except the cougar. That is all.

Music:…you’re kidding right?


Chako Hasegawa
Chako, a primary character of the anime, is a pink haired girl who is cheerful although clumsy. She joins the cosplay club which is lacking official members. She has an overly bubbly outlook and spawns catchphrases, such as “Have a Chako-riffic day”. “Dork”.

Voiced by Sakura Nogawa (Japanese), Larissa Wolcott (English)

Maria Imai
Maria is a dark haired bespectacled girl. A miko, she is one of the original members of the club. She is very protective of her little sister, especially from Jenny. “Some chick I couldn’t care less about, despite being a megane babe fan.”

Voiced by Saeko Chiba (Japanese), Carla Witt (English)

Athena Imai
Maria’s little sister, she is too young to attend the academy but is a part of the cosplay club nonetheless. She is the object of Jenny’s sexual desires, though Maria often has a fainting spell whenever the two interact. “Who is she again?”

Voiced by Ai Shimizu (Japanese), Tiger Darrow (English)

Jenny Matel
Jenny is a foreign exchange student from Italy, though is featured as a stereotypical large-chested and blonde American. She also has a Lolita Complex and is attracted to Athena. “Not even Haruka from Kanamemo was this lame. At least Haruka had SOME points of interest, pros if you will.”

Voiced by Akeno Watanabe (Japanese), Jenny Smolins (English)

Reika Aoshima
Reika is stubborn compared to the other cosplayers, sometimes appearing to be unfriendly towards them. She is the leader of the crew and is often exasperated by their inability to focus on their cosplay goals. “I guess she has the most attractive body of the cast but that’s not saying much”

Voiced by Chiaki Takahashi (Japanese), Jenny Larson (English)

President and only male member of the cosplay club. He has a tendency to over-act, but is the most skilled cosplayer in the group. He is the only one who knows that Reika wears glasses and has a large crush on her. He has a tendency to read dirty stories aloud, often leading to some awkward character interaction between Reika and himself or another female. “The only decent male character on the show”

Voiced by Susumu Chiba (Japanese), Corey Gagne (English)

A small magical bunnygirl, Delmo is able to conjure up cosplay costumes as well as alter the girls’ bodies to fit them. This includes enlarging their breasts. Voiced by Rie Kugimiya (Japanese), Samantha Inoue Harte (English) “This is one role I wouldn’t blame Rie Kugimiya fans for not remembering or knowing”.
A small owl-like creature who is Delmo’s friend and assistant. Helps sewing, ironing and helping Chako and Delmo with costumes and usually acts as a judge for cosplay competitions, despite his inability to speak (though everyone understands him just fine). “Huh? There was an owl?”

Voiced by Kenichi Ono (Japanese), Arthur Tilotson (English)

Coach Kuroba
The teacher sponsor of the Cosplay Club. His frequent hospitalization is a running gag. “It ain’t a funny running gag Mcgee.”

Other characters

Kosuke Tamiya
A male college student who enjoys photography. Chako’s main love interest. “Huh? This show had a male love interest?”
Tsukasa Tomii
A member of the Shin-Takarazuka Cosplay Club, an expert seamstress, and Ranko’s assistant. She is very shy and reluctant to participate in cosplay contests. However, she overcomes her fear with the help of Chako and Ranko. “Pretty lame shy girl imo.”
Ranko Takara
The head of the Shin-Takarazuka Academy Cosplay Club, the World Series champions. She is an extremely talented cosplayer, able to modify the bodies of herself and others as well as inject the characters she plays with personality. She is Tsukasa’s boss and Kazuke’s girlfriend. She is very hard on Tsukasa but sincerely believes in her talent as a cosplayer. “Decent rival type character for Chako I guess.”
Blue-haired woman
A woman who is first seen leaving purple roses at the grave of Sachiko’s late husband. Sachiko is later shocked to see her in the audience at the cosplay battle between Chako and Ranko. “Don’t know, don’t care.”

In conclusion: I know this isn’t a good review but what else can I say about this show? Some people may find a hidden charm within it but I personally found it dull and lackluster. A complete waste of time. I recommend it to hardcore Rie Kugimiya fans and those who are in the mood for B-Rated crap that isn’t terrible but not good either.

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5 Responses to 127th G-View: Cosplay Complex

  1. feal87 says:

    As I said before the post become split up, this was a series I rather enjoyed that unfortunately wasn’t well explored like many other mid 2000’s OVA series like Guardian Hearts, but I understand its very different depending on the tastes of the viewer. 😛


  2. MkMiku says:

    Sadly, this was one of the first anime I ever watched, but I never finished it. I think it was an extra on a DVD or something. D: Whether it’s worth watching or not, the completionist in me wants to finish it, if anything for the nostalgia factor…I guess. xd

    I didn’t think it was that bad. Of course, it doesn’t hold a candle to most anime of today. But, for a 3-episode OVA, I never had high expectations to begin with.


    • Overlord-G says:

      As my conclusion explained, some people could have found more value from this show than I did. I suppose in the end even though I still don’t like the show, I don’t necessarily hate it.


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