105th G-View: The Sacred Blacksmith

Hello and welcome to the G-Views, where creativity is respected and Dokuro-chan is rejected. Today we’re going to take a look at the slow starter, yet fun fantasy show overall, The Sacred Blacksmith.

Alternative title:
Seiken no Blacksmith (Japanese)
Genres: adventure, drama, fantasy
Themes: Swordsman
Number of episodes: 12
G-Rating: 7.5/10

Plot Summary: As the newest head of the prestigious Campbell household, young Cecily Campbell is following family tradition by becoming a Knight Guard of the Independent Trade City of Housman and taking up the family sword. While being attacked by a crazed veteran knight, she was saved by Luke, the Sacred Blacksmith. Alongside Lisa, his assistant, Luke has the power to forge powerful swords capable of defeating the so feared demons. Demons which could once again bring the world close to an end.
This is one of those shows where you have to be patient and not give up on it too soon. Why do I say this? Because I guarantee that one way or another, you will be annoyed by either Cecily or Luke’s cliche anime protagonist behavior, the bad kind of cliche. However, if you’re tolerant and willing to press on, it’ll pay off with some pretty cool moments and character development for the supporting cast. For all the nuisances the show had in the beginning, they are slowly wiped away as the show progresses. The main plot itself doesn’t have any shocking surprises or twists that will leave you flabbergasted but that doesn’t mean it’s bad writing. heck even a preschooler can tell who the main antagonist is before it’s revealed in the end of the 2nd quarter of the show. This is another one of those journey over destination shows. It’s better to enjoy it as a whole rather than place your expectations too high in terms of mind blowing content.

Where the show fails in delivering new, it succeeds in not screwing original formula for action/fantasy/medieval themed anime. The show delves into interesting topics such as the morals and values of a knight, one’s purpose for being, family ties, what people fight for and are willing to do for their loved ones, minor politics and noble debates, war scars, tragic pasts etc.

The action scenes are also pretty cool. There are some battles that will definitely have your eyes looking at the screen awaiting the outcome.

The animation is okay. Nothing spectacular and no excessive fanservice either, despite the multiple boob jokes directed at our leading lady. The magical attacks look nice and the scenery is pleasant to look at as well.

The music is also decent. Not bad, but not memorable.


Cecily Cambell
Voiced by: Ayumi Fujimura (Japanese), Cherami Leigh (English)
A girl with red hair, well-endowed, and a 3rd generation knight from The Knight Guards of Housman, the Third City of the Independent Trade Cities. Her grandfather, a former nobleman who became a knight, was one of the founders of the Independent Trade Cities during the Valbanill War. After the war ended, the Cambell family served as knights protecting the city’s independence. When her father died of an illness, Cecily took up the role of the head of house, and thus became a knight. She believes strongly in justice and the protection of the city and its citizens.

In the manga and light novels, Cecily is depicted as a strong smart girl with great leadership skills, evident early when she leads a group of knights and mercenaries against a band of thieves and monsters. She quickly learns from her mistakes and is a skilled sword fighter. The anime portrays her in the opposite: she is inadequate and possesses mediocre swordsmanship, though she does improve as the series progresses. In the anime, most of the jokes are about her over-sized chest and inadequacies. She usually blushes but lashes out violently only to Luke.

As the above text points out, expect at least 1 boob joke in each episode, which, along with references to her ineptitude, are the show’s running gags.Personally her negative traits are too cliche for my taste, which is why she annoyed me at first. However, she does have her good moments and gets better as the show progresses.

Luke Ainsworth
Voiced by: Nobuhiko Okamoto (Japanese), Blake Shepard (English)
The titular character is a blacksmith of great skill and renown and is also a talented swordsman. Possessing dark brown hair and blue eyes with his left eye made of glass, he is arrogant, private and often insensitive to others. He lives with Lisa, who aids him in his work and often accompanies him on his business. He comes to know Cecily after saving her repeatedly from certain death. Luke wields a Japanese katana and employs a unique sword-fighting style, which is uncommon in a land where most people use a longsword and shield. He also possesses extraordinary blacksmith skills, as well as the magical ability to forge a katana in the midst of a battle.

He starts off as a boring, cold character, but as most animeniacs and movie fans know, this usually means the character has a troubled past that’s haunting him/her. Luke predictably falls into this category. Like Cecily, annoying at first, develops nicely during the course of the show but personality wise continues being a snore inducing bloke.

For those who think I’m unfair to Luke even though he’s a skilled warrior, let me explain. For those not interested, skip this part.

[hide]For my example I will be using pro wrestling to emphasize the my statement’s meaning. You see, there’s a reason why wrestlers with great combat skills don’t make it to the top while those with lackluster skills more often than not, do. This is because the lackluster have charisma. Take John Cena for example, the guy is one of the most hated wrestlers on the internet due to his mediocre fighting style and repetitive moveset. Bryan Danielson is a great wrestler revered for his mad skills. The problem is that although Bryan is the superior fighter here, John Cena is the more popular guy offline and the one who brings in the green stuff, while Bryan’s fanbase is mostly online. A HUGE list of current wrestlers are currently taking a backseat to either legends, veterans or beefy meatheads who range from “skilled” to “why are they popular again?”
My point is that Luke falls into the category of skilled, yet not very entertaining. They tried to pull the classic, cold, uncaring badass type with him at first, but they failed. In anime, you need to have charisma alongside mad skills. If you only have mad skills yet are as lame as Justin Bieber’s writers, (The kid can sing but his songs stink) then you won’t get far with the viewers.[/hide]

Voiced by: Aki Toyosaki (Japanese), Monica Rial (English)
A cute little girl who is a live-in assistant to Luke.

I can’t say much about her without spoiling the “twist”. Needless to say she has a very important role in the story. As a character, she’s an adorable little elf-ish girl whose appeal depends on how viewers handle little girls. I personally like her cheerful personality. Good stuff with this one.

Voiced by: Megumi Toyoguchi (Japanese), Anastasia Munoz (English)

My favorite character on the show. Another character I can’t say much about since she also has an important role in the story. As for the character herself, a sexy brunette who enjoys eating and is almost as cheerful as Lisa but also very mature despite her lighthearted side. She also has a bottomless pit type stomach.

In conclusion, it’s a fun show to check out if you’re interested. Sure it doesn’t contain anything that will make your jaw drop or make you go squee, but it doesn’t do anything wrong either. It’s a decent time killer filled with more than enough great moments. Give the show a watch at least once.

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